How to Spend Election Day

So how have you been spending your election day? In lock down, I hope.

I rewatched The new Mandalorian episode and a few recent Archers and a South Park. I popped into work for an 11:00 meeting. I played quite a bit of electric guitar. I used my new bluesbreaker clone paired up with the Klon Centaur klone I bought back in May. With both pedals set to really low gain, they add up to a pretty freaking wonderful mid-gain tone. With the Klone gain off and the Blooze Maker set very high it’s… not as wonderful, but still pretty cool. I put guitars on two new November songs and three old re-recording songs. My fingers are screwy now so I’m taking a break in case I need to blow off stress steam later.

I’ve done a little doom scrolling on twitter. Not much. I’ve managed to stay away. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay away for long. The draw of rumor and speculation is strong. Very strong.

Vote out the nazis.

Vote Them Out

We’re getting really close to election day. It’s 10:00 here in New England. I think the polls open at 7:00am. You might not hear from me again before then.

I’m stressing out like mad. I’ve got a bunch of songs that are ready for me to record guitar parts. I’m hoping to spend some time working on them tomorrow so that I can do something other than doom scroll the twitters while crying at the destruction of my country’s government.

The temptation to eat my fears is very high but I’m going to try to stick to the intermittent fasting. I need to be good. on top of all the election day stress, it’s also my weigh in day. Who is the add wizard who came up with this campaign?

I’m not freaking out yet. Okay, I am freaking out now, but only a little. Hang in there, America.

A Good Start

I just watched the first episode of season two of The Mandalorian. It was good. No spoilers but Baby Yoda on a speeder bike is my new favorite thing.

So that’s step one.

Up next is eliminating the fascist infestation from our government. Election day 2020. Tuesday, 11/3/20. Yeah I’ve already voted, but I’m so excited/nervous/thrilled/scared/hyped/terrified that I can’t even think straight.

Star Wars and Democracy, just a few days apart. Brilliant!

Fall To-Do List

Hockey is over and it won’t be back for a while. Baseball is over and it won’t be back for a while. Movies are over and they won’t be back for a while.

What’s to look forward to?

The Mandalorian comes out tomorrow. Season two. That’s something to look forward to. I have spoken. This is the way.

Star Trek Discovery is back. We’re a couple of episodes into season three but I haven’t watched yet.

The first Marvel series on Disney+ is coming out in December.

I have a new guitar pedal coming. It shipped this morning. National Solo Album Month kicks off on Sunday. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Christmas? Thanksgiving? Covid-19 vaccines? That’s all up in the air still.

Election day? I’ve already voted, but I am cautiously optimistic that the fascists will be eradicated.

One Hour to Go

The polls in Massachusetts will be open for another 51 minutes or so. If you haven’t voted yet, get off your ass and vote!

Of course, the best part of election day is that we get another year or so without any political adds. Oh the bliss! This year has been especially bad because Eastern Massachusetts has been blitzkrieg’d with New Hampshire Senate race adds featuring the former underwear model turned modern day carpet bagger Scott Brown. Oh how I hope he gets his electoral ass handed to him so that he can just go away again.