Getting There

As of 20 minutes ago, all of the rhythm guitar parts are done for what is passing for an October album in a month this month. I’ve got four songs with vocals (barely) and six to go. Two of the songs already have lead guitars too. Sort of. I guess.

Another Song

Maybe I should hire a singer. I think I hurt myself singing this one.

What’s Freddy Mercury doing these days? Ian Gillan? Ronnie Dio? Brad Delp? Hell, Graham Bonnet? Joe Lynn Turner? Naw, not Joe Lynn Turner. Whatever.

You are a Nerd, Robert

I just did something super nerdy. I went to my page and counted the number of songs I’ve written and recorded since February 1st. The re-recorded songs are in the recorded list but not the written list. Also, a few of the songs written in February were recorded twice. That’s why the two totals aren’t the same.

How many songs have I written since February?

I have written 112 songs.

How many songs have I recorded since February?

I have recorded 130 songs.

How many of the 112 new songs are worth listening to?

There are between zero and three songs that are worth listening to. Probably zero.

You are a nerd, Robert.


All of the non-MIDI tracking for the re-do’s is done. All that’s left to do is clean up some bass and drum things and mix.

For October’s album-or-whatever in a month, I have five songs underway and they all have rhythm guitars. I’m not really going for normal songs, more like little exercises. They are all about two minutes long and for the most part have a little twist to them. One has two guitars playing the same thing but off by one beat. A couple have one guitar playing in 4/4 and another in 7/8. It’s all just goofy fun. They might all end up instrumental, I don’t know.


Four out of nine songs on the current re-recording list are now complete. I think this is the first one of these things that doesn’t live up to the original (which was from the 2012 RPM Challenge and sounds like a dog turd). I lost something here and I’m not sure what.

The drums at the very beginning… if you speed up the tempo, is it “I Feel Fine”? I think it is but I’m too embarrassed at my possible theft to go and listen to find out for sure.

New, New Music

Last night I said the pics I took of my guitar were better than the guitar playing. Today they are about even, maybe.

I worked on four songs. Three of them are new. I wasn’t going to do an album in a month this month as I was going to dedicate the whole time to The Great 2015 Re-Recording Project. Instead I started messing with some lame little proggie ideas. I’m thinking I could sneak in five of them by Halloween and call it a half an album in a month. Something like that.

Why Didn’t That Work

Why didn’t the audio file I added to the post last night work? The one from the night before worked, but not the one from last night. Why?

I tried re-adding it a couple of times, but nothing. I tried adding it to a new post, nothing. I tried adding it and the song from the night before to another new post and the older song worked. Weird. I don’t know what I did.

I just re-uploaded it to the site. Does it work now?

Wah Wah Pedals are Fun to Step On

Just in case you were wondering if I owned a wah wah pedal or not. Once again, I’m not sure about the mix here. What I need to do is line up all of these suckers in a play list and then drive somewhere that’s 2-3 hours away. Listening to mixes in the car is pretty much the source of truth for the entire recording industry. I’m actually a little bit serious here.