Motivation is tough to come by right now. I woke up at 5:40am, did my 30 minutes of exercise, ate some breakfast, watched an episode of Pennyworth and a bunch of film photography youtube videos, and that’s it. It’s almost 8:00am now and motivation is sort of escaping me.

The whole getting up early to get my exercise in before anyone wakes up thing is kicking my ass. Both in the exercising sense and in the not sleeping enough sense. I kinda feel zombiesque this morning. The background music on this particular grainydays episode isn’t helping.

It’s not like I have a lot on the agenda at the moment. The kids aren’t coming until late morning so all I really have to do is take a shower and clean off the exercise sweat. I could maybe put up some more outdoor christmas lights too, but other than that and prepping some lasagna for dinner there isn’t much on the docket this morning. Really all I need to do is stand up, walk upstairs, and take a friggin’ shower. I just don’t wanna.

Oh, and yesterday I said I needed to do car music this morning or NaSoAlMo was going to die a slow, painful death. Re-read the above three paragraphs and take note of how I did not mention car music at all. Rest in Peace 2022 NaSoAlMo… we hardly new ye.

Okay… wake up, asshole. Go get some shit done.


This shot kinda sucks. The film version required me to walk down the street a little way. I had to leave the shutter open for five seconds. I got to use my little cable release thingie. It’s going to look like black and white shit, but it’s still kinda cool in theory.


Oh yeah, and I bought more lights tonight. So… we’ll be doing this again at some upcoming date.

Surprise Temptation

Jen and I just started making lasagna together. I’ve never made it before. Possibly because I don’t like it at all. While we paused to let the sauce cook I tried to have some lunch. It’s my second attempt. The first attempt ended at two bites of chicken when my stomach rebelled. I’m doing a little better now, but my stomach is starting to complain so we’ll pause for a few minutes and type up a post.

Jen had lunch while I was failing and then almost two hours went by. She asked me if I could cut her a slice of leftover Thanksgiving pie. Sure thing, love. She asked me to put a little Cool Whip on top. You know, you can’t have pie without Cool Whip. Or should I say Cool Whhhhip.

I brought out the bowl, grabbed a spoon, opened the container and was seized with an overwhelming urge to scoop out a huge spoonful and eat it.

Huh… I didn’t see that coming. I could practically taste it and I seriously wanted it. I wanted that Cool Whhhhhhhhip badly. I successfully fought off the urge, but it was so strong it was disturbing.

Unrelated note: I want to snap a picture of the new christmas lights after the sun goes down. Should I also take a film photo? It will be black and white but it will also need the tripod. With the zoom lens I’m using for this roll I may also have to stand across the street.

We’ll see.

Ah, the Weekend

Saturday… at last. Actually, I was convinced that Thursday was Saturday, and then further convinced that Friday was Monday. Man, Thanksgiving is the best but it messes up my internal calendar like crazy.

We need to buy a christmas tree today. The kids will be here tomorrow to do some decorating before they go back to school. I want to have a tree up in the living room before they get here, and I want to give it a little time to shake itself out too. Ideally I would have put it up a few days ago but say no to pre-Thanksgiving christmas stuff.

I also need to go out and buy myself a warm jacket that actually fits me, unlike the warm jacket I own now. Our Saturday in New York plan is still on for now. We haven’t chickened out yet. Jen actually booked a hotel room yesterday. It’s outside of the city but near a commuter train station. It’s going to be cold out there in the big city and I need to stay warm. You see, one unexpected side effect of losing a shit load of weight is that I am cold all the time. All of that built in insulation I used to have is gone and now I find that the world is a very cold place. Jen was teasing me about it yesterday. I was teasing myself too. Brrr, babie.

I’m down to five days left in November, including today. How’s the album in a month project going? Well, it’s going to fail, but other than that it’s going well. Eight songs, about 33 minutes. The goal for this project is 29:09. None of the songs have vocals yet and only two have melody and lyrics. See? I’m going to fail. I want to do car music tomorrow morning and get some singin’ in. I’m not sure what the forecast looks like so I don’t know if I’ll be singin’ in the rain or not (hardy har har). That means I have to crank out melodies and lyrics today. Once the lyrics are done (which will likely take two or three car music attempts) I will have to do leads. That should be terrible. First, I am grossly out of of practice and brutally drowning in rusty. Also, I have no calluses on my finger tips so the playing will also be painful. It’s sort of a lose lose, right? I might not get it done by December 1st, but I’ll finish these eight songs (and maybe add a couple of minutes of instrumental noodling to get myself over 35 minutes).

Okay, folks. It’s 7:08am. My exercise is done for the day. I’ve watched an episode of Pennyworth and a couple of youtube videos on photography. Now it’s time to get my shite together and start my day. Happy Saturday, everyone.