Sleep and Stomach Stuff

I wanted to go to bed early last night but I ended up staying awake until almost midnight. Dumb ass. The numbers my Apple Watch collected were pretty weak. I didn’t have a lot of restful sleep and my heart rate didn’t drop very much. I managed to keep the CPAP mask on all night. That’s been a trial for me lately. I have to put it on super tight to keep the seal from letting go. I’ve had two days in a row without problems, but the previous four or five days all had me taking the mask off at some point in the night because the bad seal kept waking me up.

I woke up with some stomach fun this morning too. Yesterday I had a big lunch. It was way more food than I can handle post-bypass. Then at dinner I did it again. I had way more food than I could handle. It resulted in me feeling uncomfortably stuffed for hours last night. Eventually it passed and I was able to have some water and a snack before bed. It did result in me waking with a stomach ache. Not one of those really bad curled-up-in-a-ball-on-the-floor type stomach aches, just a normal bad stomach ache. I tried to work through it while exercising but I had to stop. I spent some time in the bathroom (TMI) and eventually it passed. I had some breakfast and it didn’t come back. I feel a little worn out this morning, but I don’t feel any pain now.

And that’s the health update for today. I’m going to have lunch about an hour from now. I don’t expect any problems, but I should probably make sure I don’t overdo it again, right?

Just Like the Bad Old Days

This is why I hate working in the office. Well, it’s one of the many reasons why working at home is infinitely preferable.

I drove for an hour this morning on both route 93 South and route 128 South without coming anywhere near the speed limit. From Methuen, MA to Waltham, MA at an average of probably 20 miles per hour. My 40 mile commute should have taken me about 40 minutes on the highway. Instead it took about 95 minutes.

No reason for it, just volume and gridlock. It’s infuriating. The best part is that I get to do it again tonight at around 5:30pm. Hoo-friggin’-ray.

May/June Music

Music was made this morning. I started a song idea (#2 for June) on my iPad late last night and put guitars on it this morning. That’s probably going to be the plan going forward. I did not use my Deluxe Reverb as my amplifier, even though it’s in the pictures, I used my Vox MV50’s direct output and speaker simulation into my USB interface. No speakers involved at all. That makes me sad, but it also let Jen sleep so that’s a huge win in my book. I suspect the only chances I am going to have to put a dent in music projects this month, or even this summer, will be to do it before work and that means we’re going direct.

Now I just need to write 10 songs within the month of June, and finish all 10 that I started in May. Yeah. Right.


Fear the Walking Loose Ends

As usual, spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead (Season eight, episode four specifically but also a couple of episodes of the original show, The Walking Dead, including the pilot).

I started jogging (pronounced “yogging”) this morning while watching season five of Star Wars The Clone Wars. Season four was weaker than I expected. Much of season five was weak too, but I’m down to the last five episodes and a big story line is just ramping up so it’s better.

As I was trot trot trotting to Boston, trot trot trotting to Lynn (get it?) a notification popped up on my screen. The Talking Dead podcast released its recap of Sunday night’s Fear the Walking Dead. I was doing a good job pretending the episode didn’t exist but seeing that notification just made me have to watch it. Shit.

There was potential for this episode to be something really special. I still have 15 minutes to go but it’s turned into its usual dumb failure. Congratulations, Fear. You suck again.

The premise is that Morgan went back to the setting of the original show’s pilot to tie up a loose end that has been hanging since that very first episode of The Walking Dead. Well… technically it’s been hanging since season three when Rick and Carl and Michonne went back to Rick’s home town looking for guns and found Morgan out of his brain insane, but it still sort of ties back to the pilot so we’re going with that.

The current show takes place in Louisiana, I think. It might be Mississippi. Someplace in the South, East of Texas, that’s all we know for sure. The genius writing staff hasn’t seen fit to tell us specifically, but we know that much. In this episode, Morgan goes on a secret mission back to Georgia. He doesn’t tell anyone where he’s going. He doesn’t tell anyone that he actually is going, he just goes. Magically, five of the season eight regulars and two expendable baddies find him. I say magically, because the reason they find him is the walkie talkies. Oh, and at one point the expendable baddies use the walkie talkie to call from Georgia to wherever the bad guy headquarters are in Louisiana or Mississippi or wherever. I’m guessing that particular piece of utter stupidity is the real reason the writers haven’t told us exactly where the baddies live.

This show blows. What a waste.