National Holiday

As of about two days ago, today is a national Holiday.

I think the first time I heard the term Juneteenth was last year. Forgive me, please. I’m a middle aged white guy whose lived his whole life in suburbia. I am not what one would call worldly. I think the first time I heard about it was about the same time I heard about the Tulsa massacre so I thought they were the same thing. Nope. I like the Juneteenth story a lot more.

Now that we have a national holiday celebrating the end of slavery what is next? How about police reform? We have a holiday, so now let’s end the system that gets people killed because their skin is the wrong color. You know, something real that will improve people’s lives? How about we pass voting reform so the jim crow 2.0 bullshit happening all across our idiot country can end and all Americans can have their say in the process? You know, something real.

Go To Sleep

Around 10:00 tonight I was too tired to keep my eyes open. My wife and I went to bed but sat up with our iPads and did a little reading/surfing.

Next thing I know it’s 1:00am and I’m pretty much wide awake. What the hell, Robert?

There has been a handful of short interviews with Alex Lifeson on YouTube, a couple of blog posts, a little bit of music, an hour long episode of That Pedal Show and a couple of episodes of a couple of TV shows.

My iPad’s battery has dropped 50% since I first opened it up.

Any time you want to feel tired again is fine with me, Robbo.

July is Coming

After working on a couple of seriously atrocious song ideas tonight it’s got me wondering about the near future. The 4th of July is right around the corner, and for a musical net nerd like me, the 4th of July means 50/90.

Should I do 50/90? I’ll definitely do Record Every Month, so there’s three songs. Should I try to bang out the other 47 as well?

I’m not sure. I’ll be pulling shifts at my parents house again probably starting next week, so there’s a lot of time where I won’t be recording. I’ve used that time to put initial ideas down, and to mix, but I can’t do guitars or voices.

I guess we will have to just wait and see where my head is a couple of weeks from now.

Missed Chance

I cooked burgers on the grill tonight. Jen made the patties from a package of ground beef and some other awesome stuff and I grilled them.

I totally forgot to take pictures for the ‘gram. Like, dude… missed opportunity. They were really good.

My wife Jen is basically the most awesome awesomeness in awesome town.