Major League Baseball Post Season Wrap Up

The Dodgers are World Series champions.

I have mixed feelings. First, I was hoping they would end up being the new breed of eternal losers. Now that the Red Sox (and the Cubs, I guess) have ended their futility streaks, it was time to replace them with a new team that consistently comes close but never wins… well. So much for that.

On the other hand, Mookie Betts. I want Mookie to win it over and over again. I want the Red Sox to constantly be reminded of how they screwed up by letting one of the best players in the game go. I don’t want the Dodgers to be a dynasty, but if that’s the price I have to pay to see Mookie be a dynasty then so be it.

Anyway, there is the coin flip predictions to wrap up. The coins picked seven out of 14 series leading up to the World Series. Exactly 50% correct. With an odd number of picks to make it was never going to finish off at 50%. It was either going to be one above or one below.

How’d it turn out?

One below. A final record of 7/8. The coin picked the (Devil) Rays and they lost. That leaves the final success rate at 47%. Good job, totally random coin flips. You did exactly what you were supposed to.

An Avalanche of New Music

Now that the October Music is complete, I can get back to The Great 2015 ReRecording Project with this little ditty from all the way back in February.

Allow me to add this little note from the alonetone page:

Lyrically it’s fitting to upload this today as we are one week away from the 2020 presidential election where we will do our best to rid the Federal Government of the fascists and their collaborators. This song is about a particular nazi prick. I won’t name names but it’s Bill Barr.

Suck it, nazis.

October Music – Finished

October’s album in a month project is complete. That means nine months in a row I’ve managed at least 10 songs. That is nuts. That is crazy.

This one isn’t really meant to be songs. It’s more like little rhythm exercises, or little harmony exercises. It feels more like a music theory class than actual songs. The first three are okay listens, I think, but the rest are pretty dull, and the last song is a complete turd. You’re welcome.

Here’s the official alonetone playlist link because we all know the thing embedded in the post isn’t actually going to play more than the first song.

Now I have a few days to mix the last five re-recorded songs. Quarantine Tunes Volume 2 will be completed, then next month we do National Solo Album Month again. Something different… an album in a month challenge.

Dig it.

One Week to Go

So the Senate contributed to the end of our democracy yesterday through sheer political hypocrisy. Seven days until we vote a bunch of them out.

Seven days until we remove the fascist from the white house. One week to go.

Seven days until I stop getting avalanched with spam email from Democratic candidate campaigns, all asking me for money. I’ve had 27 of them today, not counting the ones that actually went straight to my spam folder. A month ago I decided I wouldn’t mark any of these as spam until after the election. I’ve held to that out of some misguided superstition… but I really, really wish I hadn’t made that decision. Give me a break!

Don’t Start This Crap

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this but here we are. No one wants to read about my weight. Sure, there’s more than enough of it to go around but no one cares but me so don’t go posting shit about your weight, Robert. No one cares.

Today was my eighth weigh in since I started intermittent fasting and I hit the 20 pound mark. Now I just need to mind the words of the great Han Solo who once said, “great kid. Don’t get cocky.” I still have about 500 pounds to go. 20 pounds isn’t anything special in the grand scheme of things.

Still… feels pretty good.

Shit Hole Country

We are shit. We as a nation are shit.

What kind of shit hole country allows the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice eight days before an election after brick walling the previous administrations nominee for 11 month because it was an election year.

Every republican in the senate needs to rot in whatever hell best suits them.

Donald Trump is a Pussy

Four years removed from grab them by the pussy, I finally watched the 60 Minutes interview.

It’s clear that Donald Trump is a pussy, He’s a wining little pussy. He’s a spoiled brat of a pussy. He’s a little bunker bitch pussy. Plain and simple.

What do you say, eight days from now we kick his pussy ass out of office?