I was worried about getting my 30 minutes of exercise in today but I was able to pull it off. Did you know that riding a stationary bike uses a different set of muscles than walking in place? Who knew, right? So now I’ve got two different sets of muscles in pain. Nice.

Speaking of pain. I had a slightly positive outlook on the whole tendinitis in my thumb thing this morning. I still can’t really bend it at the knuckle without that weird getting stuck feeling, but the general, constant pain seemed to have passed. Progress, right? Then I put together an exercise bike. Oh, there you are, constant pain. Welcome home, my constant friend.

That Sucked

We got flu shots today. We went to a drug store in Salem, NH. Talk about a horrible experience. We did everything right. We stayed safe. The rest of the people? Some were. Some weren’t. The putz without the mask inside. The dick having a smoke in the parking lot. What the hell.


I told my wife as I was walking out the door for car music that I’d be back after five songs or a full bladder, whichever came first. Funny enough, they both hit at exactly the same time. As I was finishing the fifth song I reached the point where the bladder was at emergency status and raced home. Pretty crazy, huh?

The current status of the 50 songs in 90 days challenge is, I’m done with vocals! I have nine songs that need lead guitar and a mix and that’s it!

Still a good chunk of work to go, but the singing hurdle has been jumped! And there was much rejoicing!

Happy Seven Million Day

The United States is up to seven million Covid-19 cases as of today. Aren’t you proud, America? Four more years!

I’d say that I was in favor of deporting all trump voters, but where would they go? Who but a trump voter would be stupid enough to give refuge to a trump voter?

My step son’s school district has opened up sports again. Yippee! Are Covid-19 tests required? No, don’t be silly. Are masks required? For indoor events, yes. For outdoor events, yes for players on the bench but not for players on the field. Apparently, you can’t get Covid-19 by tackling someone who has Covid-19. Who knew, right?

Officials don’t have to wear masks either because, you know… whistles. I can’t remember if cheerleaders need to wear masks. Oh yeah, cheerleaders at home games. Maybe the band at a couple of games. No visiting team spectators though, and each home team player can allow four guests to watch. They have to wear masks though. Thank heavens for that, right? >whew<

Officials need to have temperature checks to be allowed on the field. Not Covid-19 tests, just temperature checks. Teams will have to have temperature checks before they leave for away games. What about home games, you ask? Apparently those are thermometer free! Hooray!

Some days I just want to take a fire hose to this whole idiotic country.

A Streak is in Jeopardy

An epic streak might come to an end today. For 16 days now I have been able to exercise for at least 30 minutes. I don’t know if I’ve ever pulled anything off in that scope. All I’m doing is walking in place at a quick pace. I work up a sweat, my heart rate rises, my legs burn. It’s not much at all, but for someone as painfully out of shape as I am, it’s something and something is better than nothing.

It was tough yesterday. My legs were killing me. I had to do it in five minute chunks because I couldn’t keep going any longer than that. Wuss. I haven’t done anything today, but already my legs feel like lead. I’m a little nervous I won’t be able to keep the streak alive.

Come on, fat boy. Git’er done.

Also, I looked at all of my past blog posts from September 24ths (yesterday) in history. Last year on 9/24 I finally saw Steve Hackett in concert. Awesome. On 9/24/14 I finished 50/90. Wait… what? The last time I finished 50/90 I did it with six days to spare? Why didn’t I pull that off this year? I’m behind schedule! Yikes!

Anyway. Hopefully I can get my 30 minutes of walking in. Ouch.

Quick 50/90 Update

Yesterday I put lead guitars onto two songs, but I didn’t have a chance to mix them. I also wrote lyrics for the last song that needed lyrics. That brought me up to 50 repetitive, pointless, songs worth of meaningless lyrics. Yay!

I also did something wasteful. I added another song. I have the rhythm section and the lyrics done so it’s ready for some car vocals. Where do we stand now? 40 songs complete, 11 more to go. Two of them are done and just need to be mixed down. Four more need lead guitars, and five more need vocals and lead guitars. I was planning to do some car music today but I failed to get out of bed. I’ve been falling asleep later and later and it’s harder to get up early enough to get anything done before work. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Today is September 24. There are six days left this month. I can do this. It’s not going to sound good, but I can do this.