My Music

When my older sister was in 5th grade she started playing clarinet.  I was in 2nd grade and thought it was pretty cool.  I told her that when I was old enough I was going to play clarinet too.  She told me that wasn’t a good idea.  Boys don’t play clarinet, girls do.  She suggested I play the saxophone instead.  During the summer before I started 5th grade I started playing alto saxophone.

So my entire musical existence stems from a little elementary school sexism.

While I was in grade 5 I also heard Rush for the first time… and a lifelong obsession was born.

During my stay in Junior High I was becoming more and more fascinated with the guitar.  I was still playing saxophone and loving every second of it, but guitars were just so… awesome.  At some point during that time I heard Cream for the first time.  Eric Clapton changed me.  I went from thinking that playing guitar would be fun to absolutely needing to play guitar.  On my 15th birthday my Uncle Johnny gave me a guitar.  My whole life changed that day.  I took lessons for a while.  My lessons mostly consisted of my teacher telling me stories about when he was my age and got to see all of my favorite bands in their heyday.  The Who, Yes, Blind Faith, the original Jeff Beck Group.  He saw them all and really dug the fact that I was crazy about those bands as well.

Throughout High School I played in a couple of bands.  The best was Tempest Fero.  A fun band with a god awful name.  After graduation I was a music major at UMass Lowell, although it was still called University of Lowell when I started.  I was a sax player in school.  I think I was a better sax player than guitar player at that time, but I definitely loved guitar more.  I wanted to study audio recording and become a producer/engineer and be the next Eddie Kramer, or Terry Brown, or heaven forbid George Martin.  I dropped out in my third year.  I then went to Northeast Broadcasting school to study audio recording.  I graduated with a certificate and got a tiny bit of work here and there before growing up and getting a real job.

I continued to play in various short lived bands along with my good friend Mike the Bass Player.  We wrote our own songs and had fun but none of the bands lasted very long until 1997 when we met Maria the Drummer and formed Prime Meridian.  That band stayed together for three years and never really worked anywhere but we had a ton of original songs and it was outstanding fun.  In 2003 I gave up on my original-music-only pledge and joined my old friend Jeff the Drummer in Break Even.  We were a cover band mostly, but we did some original music.  We made a CD which stands as my only officially released, bar code and all, recording.  We broke up in 2005 and since then I have for the most part been a basement songwriter/demo recorder only.  But wait, there’s one more!  In 2015 I reunited with Mike the Bassplayer and joined Lizardfish.  We’ve amassed quite a few decent cover songs and have been gigging a few times a year.  Come and see us!

Now after reading about my musical history, I will bombard you with actual music. What follows is a number of playlists containing finished projects. There are some RPM Challenge submissions as well as some other things that I did without the constraints of an album in a month situation.

Before I post anything I want to say that many of these playlists come from my site. They are all for sale. Bandcamp gives you the option of selling your music or just streaming it. If you just stream there are bandwidth constraints. If you sell, you have unlimited streaming. Because of this, I put my music up for sale. Please, please, please, please, please, whatever you do… DO NOT BUY ANY OF THIS MUSIC. It is not worth the money, I promise. Listen to your hearts content, but don’t buy anything. If you really want to download something, you can get it from my site (there is a link on the Links page). I don’t want your money, I just want to stream my horrible music online. Okay? Got it? Okay.

This is an EP of songs written during Hurricane Irene’s visit to New England…

This is my 2012 RPM Challenge Submission, Showdown at Canobie Lake Park. Recorded entirely on an iPad 2.

This is my 2013 RPM Challenge Submission, Rock Music for Old People.

This is my 2013 NaSoAlMo Submission, Radio.

This is a collection of songs that were written years and years ago, mostly for bands I played in back in the 80’s and 90’s.

This is a collection of songs that were started since 2007 but not finished for a few years at least. It’s sort of an album of left overs.

These four songs were recorded in a 24 track studio in 1994 or 95 or so. I rerecorded them in Garageband because I’m weird like that.

This is my 2014 RPM Challenge Submission, Things and Stuff.

This is my 2014 RPMarch, March Music project. An Album in a month thing that took two (non consecutive) months to complete.

This is my 2014 April Music project. Again, an album in a month thing that took two (consecutive) months to complete.

This is my 2014 June Music project. An album in a month thing that I finished on time, but needed a few extra days to add in a few last minute songs.

This is my 2014 submission for the 50/90 challenge.

This is my 2014 October Music project. It was supposed to be an album in a month but it failed. Now it’s an ep in a month, I guess.

This is my submission for the 2014 NaSoAlMo, November Music.

This is my submission for the 2015 RPM Challenge, Welcome to Methuen, Massachusetts.

This is my submission for the 2016 RPM Challenge. Flat Earth Songs.

This is my submission for the 2017 RPM Challenge. Foaming at the Mouth.

This is my submission for the 2018 RPM Challenge. It’s Always Raining in Connecticut.

This is one half of my submission for the 2019 RPM Challenge.  The Not-Spooky

This is the other half of my submission for the 2019 RPM Challenge. The Spooky

This is my submission for the 2020 RPM Challenge.  I Only Believe in Truth

This is some alternates and outtakes from my 2020 RPM Challenge.  I Only Believe in Alternates and Outtakes

This is my March Music 2020 project, RPMarch, because I didn’t want to stop when February’s RPM Challenge was over.

Thanks to COVID-19 we had an extra RPM in 2020.  This is my April Bonus RPM Challenge album.