A middle child with red hair?  What chance did I have?

Early 50’s, married to a brilliant woman, step father to two brilliant college kids.

Supervisor for a group of programmer/analysts at a company that writes software for hospitals.

Guitar player who plays in a cover band that gigs a few times a year.

Amateur photographer wannabe who wishes he had his DSLR with him 24/7 but settles for his iPhone.

Apple enthusiast who manages to use mostly Google services on his Apple phone.  Weird.

Really tall with a serious weight problem that if I don’t get it under control soon will probably be the cause of the heart attack that will someday kill me.

I never read comics as a kid, but now that I’m old and lame I find myself watching comic book TV shows and movies all the time.  I’ve even read all of The Walking Dead comics because I couldn’t get enough of the TV show.

Did I mention that I had red hair?  50 years old and I still have red hair.