I’m Not Complaining, Just Observing

I promise that this post is not me complaining or whining or bitching. I’m just a stats nerd and I notice stuff like this.

I watch the stats for this page. Always have. Back when I was using Blogger (from 11/08 through 12/12) I didn’t have stats available so I signed up for third party apps that kinda sorta let me view stats. One of the reasons I moved off of Blogger and onto WordPress.com was all of the visitor and page view stats.

In March of 2021 my view counts started to grow. I don’t know why, they just did. I always say this and I’ll say it now. When I talk about numbers on this page I am not talking about large numbers. I am not comparing viewer engagement here to any other site. This is not a real site and it’s not meant to pull people in. I tag and stuff, but that’s it. My numbers are teeny tiny compared to real blogs. I only compare my current numbers to my previous numbers. In March of 2021 I went from very few viewers to slightly more than very few viewers. Things grew steadily for a few months, then in February 2022 things started to sort of trend downward again. I don’t know why.

For some reason, unknown to me, last month’s numbers were super low compared to the prior year and a half. It wasn’t the lowest hit count for a month over that time period, but it was close. Similarly, this week my weekly numbers have been super low. I had one good day and every other day has been down to almost nothing. Today’s count right now (4:41pm) is less than what I would have woken up to at this time last year. I don’t know why and I don’t really care. This page is really just for me, you know? I have fun with it even when no one reads any of it. If my numbers were flat zeros (sorta like the film blog) I wouldn’t care.

The really interesting thing for me is, while the page view numbers seem to be evaporating steadily here, the view counts on Flickr have never been higher. I know why, theoretically at least. I am posting tons of stuff to Flickr and I am much more active on that site than I’ve been maybe ever. I joined in 2009 and at that time I was up to my eyeballs in the facebook and maybe up to my chin in the twitter, not to mention being a few months into the original Blogger page. Social media engagement wasn’t really the point of Flickr for me. Today though, Flickr is pretty much it for me as far as social media is concerned. I’m still using instagram a little, but I’m not really engaged with it. I post a pic a day and follow a bunch of photo and guitar centric users and I double tap on things that I see that I like, but mostly I just post the day’s picture and then leave. Over the last six months or so I have been posting photos to Flickr groups like crazy and then following up by viewing everyone else’s posts to those groups (within reason… I am not viewing everything that goes to the 10 Million Photos group, just a tiny fraction) and I have been viewing and faving and following tons of stuff on each day’s explore page. I should leave comments more often, but I never know what to say… sort of like real life, right?

What’s the point of this? There is no point. I post a ton to this page because I enjoy it. I post a ton to Flickr because I enjoy it. If people check my posts out then that’s great. If they don’t then I am still going to post a ton more. It doesn’t matter. I’m just a stats nerd and I feel the need to share my pointless observations. That’s all.

I mean really what it all comes down to is that we should all just prepare ourselves for season three of The Mandalorian, right? This is the way. I have spoken.

Fabric Paranoid

I bought all of those clothes on Saturday. Today I got up early and did my trot/jog/faux run and then started some laundry. It’s the first time new clothes have gone into the wash.

Holy shit, this is going to be the lamest blog post in the history of lame blog posts.

Anyway, the washing machine is done so it’s time for the dryer. It’s also time for my laundry paranoia to kick in. Nothing I bought is 100% cotton, so I shouldn’t need to worry about shrinking stuff in the dryer, but I still feel compelled to air dry any new clothes. Why?


I don’t know why. I just feel like I need to. I’ll probably feel compelled the next time I wash the new stuff too, but after that I’ll get over myself and put it all in the dryer.

And there you have it folks, the lamest blog post in blogging history. Huzzah, right?


I gots me a raise today. Just a little one. Every little bit helps. It will let me shoot and develop an extra roll of film when we go to Disney World in January (he said, sarcastically)*.

We got the first level of buy in on a coding project at work today too. It’s been a pretty good day so far.

My exercise and move (calorie) goals are both complete. I’m just two stand hours (stand for one minute of an hour, 12 times a day) away from a perfect week on the old activity app.

We had talked about going leaf peeping tomorrow. That’s off the table. I don’t know if it’s on the table for Sunday, but I don’t think so. Next week is the busy week, but this week is probably too early in the season anyway. I’d still like to go, but only if Jen goes with me. It would suck without her.

I did not try to run one of my USB audio interfaces into my iPad at lunch today. I think I am too scared to try. Sad face.

I am a jerk. I manipulated the internet today and I am sorry. I was looking at the stats on the new film-only blog and I was very close to seeing September get more total page views than the two previous months. I opened the page in July so there are only three months worth of data, but I really wanted to see September with the highest hit count. That’s why I put up a second picture today. I apologize to all involved for sort of gaming the system as it were. I’m a stats nerd. Sometimes I can’t help it.

On a related stats note, last October I went through the most amazing page view stats run on this page that I have ever seen. It lasted four months before slowly coming back down to Earth. This month’s stats are okay, but nothing compared to what I was seeing at the end of last year and the start of this year. I don’t get big numbers here even at my best, I ain’t no SEO pro or nuttin’, but it was fun to pretend for a while. I do appreciate all of the folks who come and visit still, even the bots and the spammers. Like I said: Stats nerd.

Hmmm… working on a project for work where the data does not match the spec. I need to dig in and do a little research on this one. Weird.

What else… nothing. I think I’ll click post now. I’m sure I’ll be back later. There are songs to mix and share tonight, even though they are AWFUL.

*Want to know what I did when I got my first raise from this company back in 2005? I bought a camera. Yup. Some things never change, babie.

Happy Nerd News on a Busy Morning

Today has been a touch on the nutso-busy side. Not a complaint, just a statement. Good things are going on, they are just taking up time.

I haven’t had the opportunity to post anything yet today, which is a little unusual. I haven’t been able to comment on how trading off one of my favorite Red Sox players has resulted in two wins against a World Series contender. What? How does that work? I haven’t been able to mention how I am suddenly kind of a San Diego Padres fan. Holy murderers row, Batman!

I had to take a second and write this post though because I just got an email from the photo lab and they sent me the scans of my four rolls of film. I’ve only looked at a couple of images so far, just to make sure they came out, and WOW do the ones I’ve looked at look good! Pics from Dad’s Pentax and from the Ebay Nikon both look excellent. My lunch break will see me getting everything up onto Flickr, but hot damn am I happy right now! Film-Photographically-Happy to be precise.


New Theme?

I changed the blog’s theme and layout. I don’t think it’s new though. I scrolled through the wordpress.com themes and found one that looked interesting. I activated it… and it was already customized. Huh? I think I must have used this one before. I’ll live with it for a little while and see if I want to keep it.