Sunday Night

Sitting in my room waiting for the new episode of the walking dead spin off, World Beyond to start. I had a horrible sleep yesterday, but an epic super sleep last night. I raked a chunk of the front yard this afternoon and I did my 30 minutes of exercise, and somehow all of these things have combined to make me super tired tonight. I’m so tired my eyes are blurring.

I just started tonight’s fast. I’ve been playing with intermittent fasting for 82 days. This is my 82nd fast in a row. I haven’t missed a day. Who woulda thunk it? I doubt my weigh in on Tuesday will go well but given that it’s Thanksgiving, I think anything that isn’t a huge increase will be a win. Also… I might be imagining this… I can’t say for sure… but I think my jeans might be feeling a smidge loose today.

Is Walking Dead World Beyond good? We get the last two episodes of the first season tonight and I still can’t tell for sure. It’s not bad, I can say that with some certainty. I just can’t figure out if it’s good. Gimple, am I right? I just wish AMC would have more variety in their commercials. I mean, if you’re going to blitz us with a commercial break every four minutes, the least you could do is mix it up a little.

Okay. Shows on and my eyes are giving up the fight. I, your humble narrator*, will talk to you tomorrow.

*The “your humble narrator” is a reference to A Clockwork Orange. David Prowse was in that movie. He passed away today. He was in another memorable movie. He didn’t have any lines but his character did. He played the character on screen and then some guy named James Earl Jones added the voice later. What was the character that David Prowse played?

Darth Vader.

Rest in peace, Lord Vader.

How Was Your Thanksgiving

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Was it socially distanced? Did you stay safe or did you ignore the pandemic and spread the disease far and wide? We stayed safe. If you didn’t, fuck you.

We moved some furniture around to prep for Christmas decorations. One of the things that got moved was the Apple HomePod. Ever since they announced the HomePod mini, I’ve been kinda jonzing for one but Jen wanted to upgrade our Sonos system. Either way is fine with me, but I just like being an Apple fanboy.

Well, after moving the HomePod last night Jen has seemed to be a little inspired. She did a lot of cool stuff with the Home app, including setting it up for our Hue lights, and the new intercom function. I had taken the HomePod Mini off of my Christmas list, but now… woah. Are we getting on the HomePod bandwagon for more than just listening to music?

Have you watched the episode of The Mandalorian that came out today? I didn’t think they could top last week’s episode, but holy crap did they ever!

I was going to do some car singing this morning but given the choice between that and sleeping a whole lot, I chose sleeping. We just got some new flannel sheets and oh the comfy.

That’s the kind of news you get when you read this bloggie… you learn about the new flannel sheets on our bed. Kick ass, dude!

Now, go and watch The Mandalorian while I do a little walking in place exercise and watch the new episode of That Pedal Show and think about all the cool reverb effects that I can’t do without spending hundreds of dollars. Also… is a Wampler Plexi Drive Mini a good alternative to the racism that an OCD pedal represents? Questions, babie. All the questions.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving/First Day of Christmas.

Take the Bad, Take the Good

I have a bad feeling about tomorrow. I’m not sure why, but I think tomorrow is going to be a grade A shit day.

On the plus side though, there will be a new episode of The Mandalorian.

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have the facts of life. Yeah, the facts of life.

This is the way.

I have spoken.


Between watching The Flash and playing guitar and writing a few songs worth of lyrics and watching 30 Rock with Jen and Harry I have successfully managed to avoid stressing out of the coup trump is attempting. Mostly.

So Georgia is going to do a hand recount. What is cheeto going to do when the results come back for Biden again? Is he going to want a second recount?

Oh so there I go paying attention again.

Fucking nazis.

A Good Start

I just watched the first episode of season two of The Mandalorian. It was good. No spoilers but Baby Yoda on a speeder bike is my new favorite thing.

So that’s step one.

Up next is eliminating the fascist infestation from our government. Election day 2020. Tuesday, 11/3/20. Yeah I’ve already voted, but I’m so excited/nervous/thrilled/scared/hyped/terrified that I can’t even think straight.

Star Wars and Democracy, just a few days apart. Brilliant!

Fall To-Do List

Hockey is over and it won’t be back for a while. Baseball is over and it won’t be back for a while. Movies are over and they won’t be back for a while.

What’s to look forward to?

The Mandalorian comes out tomorrow. Season two. That’s something to look forward to. I have spoken. This is the way.

Star Trek Discovery is back. We’re a couple of episodes into season three but I haven’t watched yet.

The first Marvel series on Disney+ is coming out in December.

I have a new guitar pedal coming. It shipped this morning. National Solo Album Month kicks off on Sunday. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Christmas? Thanksgiving? Covid-19 vaccines? That’s all up in the air still.

Election day? I’ve already voted, but I am cautiously optimistic that the fascists will be eradicated.

‘Tis the Season

I was thinking of celebrating the last week before Halloween by watching a scary movie before bed each night. Hulu has a film version of Clive Barker’s Books of Blood (how? Is it an anthology thing? Is it based on a single story? Books of Blood is a short story series (six books if you live in the UK, three if you live in the US) that I’ve wanted to see. Speaking of Mr Barker, I still haven’t seen the director’s cut of Nightbreed. I have heard good things. I think there’s a film version of Midnight Meat Train too… is that from Books of Blood? I can’t remember. What about Dread? I think they made that into a movie too. That one is definitely from Books of Blood (volume 2, if memory serves) and it scared the living shit out of me.

I have one more episode of Haunting of Bly Manor and that show is so freakin’ good. I’m also mid-way through Lovecraft Country. I could use both of those shows as my scary movie-fest each night.

Having said all of that, Jen and I are blitzing our way through Schitt$ Creek and only have a few episodes left. We’ll watch some of those tonight and then I’ll go to sleep because I got little to no sleep last night… so spooky fest is dead before it starts.

Sorry, horror fans. I’m old.