Donald Trump has been Arrested

It’s not as awesome as I would have thought, but it’s still pretty wonderful.

CNN Reports: Donald Trump under arrest ahead of historic court appearance

The arraignment was scheduled for 2:15pm, which was about 25 minutes ago. The hearing will not be broadcast so we won’t get to watch live. I don’t know if there will be video released after the fact. I hope so.

There are apparently 34 felony counts. They are all business related though, at least in part due to the Stormy Daniels hush money. None of them are related to his attempted coup on January 6, 2021. The nazi prick needs to go away forever for that, but I’d be okay with him already being in jail when that particular sentence is announced.

I was also hoping we’d get a mug shot to revel in for a while, but some of the stories I’ve read say he is not going to have one taken. Other stories say it’s unclear if he will or not, but it’s seeming a little doubtful. Oh well.

Happy Trump has been Arrested Day!

Florida is a Fascist State

I just read an article about a bill that was submitted to the Florida state legislature that would require bloggers who write about state government officials (like that prick DeSantis) to register with the state and face fines for posts made while unregistered.

DeSantis is a nazi and the state government is a fascist, un-American body.

I guess if the bill passes I won’t be going back to Florida. That’s okay, there’s a Disney park in California too. Watch me as I refuse to surrender my rights to free speech to a nazi institution. Go on, watch me.

I was thinking about posting another film picture to close out my lunch break, but then I read that article and now I am too pissed off.

Fuck you, Florida state government. You nazi shits.

Election Day

It’s funny. I took part in the Massachusetts early voting program this year and cast my mid-term election ballot a couple of weeks ago. While I am very grateful to be able to vote ahead of time, it does really suck the life out of the actual election day. It’s like opening your Christmas presents early. When the big day comes, it’s not a big deal anymore.

As a Democrat in Massachusetts it’s safe to say that my votes were not really necessary. The polls and the fund raising all point to landslide victories for all of the Democratic party candidates. That’s fine with me. If you live in a state with more closely contested races, I really hope you make it to the polls today, if you haven’t already, and I hope you vote Democrat. Say no to nazis disguised as republicans.

Fascism = bad.

Happy election day. Here’s hoping it’s not the last one we get.

Primary Day

I cast ballot #5 in precinct #5 in Methuen, MA today.

We had planned to apply for a vote by mail ballot, but we forgot to send in the application. Next time, for sure. So today I went to the poll just after it opened. They moved my precinct to a new location. I was a little nervous about the very small parking lot, but I was early enough that it wasn’t an issue. The city has a new check in/check out system so hopefully that all goes well and there aren’t any hiccups.

My civic duty is done once again. While I was out I also dropped my two rolls of film into the mail to get developed. I’m using the same New Hampshire based lab as last time. Here’s hoping the turn around time is as lightning fast as last time. Also, here’s hoping my Ebay Nikon’s A (basically aperture priority) mode works and I didn’t ruin a roll by test driving it.

I’m back at work after the holiday. My exercise ring is closed. All is right with the world… except for the whole empty nest thing and my parents’ health situation and all of that stuff. Other than that, all is right with the world.

Happy Tuesday.


I don’t want to spend too much time ranting about politics, but for years we have been wondering how far Cheeto Trump (I heard him called Mangolini today, as in Mango colored Mussolini… get it?) has to fall before his cult would stop backing him.

Looks like it will need to be further down the shitter than potentially selling nuclear secrets.

Trump committing espionage is forgivable to the cult, but Obama wearing a tan suit is unforgivable.

Welcome to America in the 21st century.

Pondering the State of the World


Patches is thrilled that Steve Bannon was found guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress today, but she’s also pretty disappointed that the minimum sentence is 30 days in jail per count. She’s hopeful though that the judge will not stick to the minimum due to Bannon’s general nazi-assholishness. We shall see.

January 6th Committee Hearings

I want to write something bitter and mean and viscous (with a solid foundation of “I told you so”) about today’s Congressional hearings on January 6th.

I want to, but I am too heartbroken by the whole shit show. What the hell happened to my country?

My country used to be a beacon of light to lead the way for the free world. Yeah sure we were always a little fucked up in the head, but compared to this? This is insanity. This is absurd. We are a total shit hole country now.

I just want to close the shades, get into bed, and pull the covers over my heard and pretend it’s not over.

Games Recap

The Red Sox won tonight, which is good, but so did the Blue Jays so we failed to move up in the standings. Oh well, we will get ‘em next time.

The Lightning won so the Stanley Cup final moves on to game six, which is mostly what I wanted. That’s good too.

The supreme court still over turned Roe vs Wade thus removing critical healthcare from millions of American citizens and thus enacting a literal death sentence upon countless women, so that’s about as evil as you can get.