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I am very pleased that I was able to cast my ballot in the presidential election early and safely. My state and my city have seriously come through for me in these unhealthy, uncertain times. I am proud of what we the people have accomplished in this regard and I am proud that as an American I was able to have my opinion heard.


The downside of voting early is that November 3rd, election day, is kinda irrelevant to me now. Maybe not irrelevant, but more like unimportant. At least until the returns start coming in. I go on social media and have a thousand people asking thousands of other people, what are your voting plans, or how are you going to vote, or are you excited to vote, or everyone get out the vote, etc, etc, and my response is… been there, done that. I took election day off, just in case. I should have taken the day after so I could stay up all night watching returns. On second thought, that would probably be a bad idea. I tend to get a little… animated when fascism is taking over my country and I don’t want to put any added stress on my ticker, or wake up the neighbors, or anything like that.

Basically though… I’m done, there isn’t much excitement about the process left.

Counting today, there are nine days left in October. At the start of the month I decided I wasn’t going to do an album in a month. A few days ago I changed my mind. I’ve got 10 songs in the pipeline. They are all short. They are all weird. They are all simple things based around little poly-rhythmic tricks, or guitarmonies. I haven’t written any lyrics or melodies yet. None of the songs will be instrumentals, but they will all be mostly instrumentals. There aren’t going to be any hooks. Vocal tracks will be short and simple and lyrics will probably just be a line or two. The point of it all is to hear a guitar playing in 4/4 in your left ear, and a guitar playing almost the same thing in 7/8 in your right ear, and how they occasionally line up with each other. Or, songs where the “melody” is just three guitars with tons of fuzz playing in harmony.

In other words, October Music is Robbie’s “I’ve been listening to King Crimson” month.

I still can’t believe that Massachusetts had 1,000 new Covid-19 cases yesterday. The last time we’d had 1,000 cases was in May. All of the progress we made has been flushed down the toilet. How are we as a society capable of landing a space ship on an asteroid 300 million kilometers away and bring it home with a sample of asteroid rocks, but not able to stay in our houses so we don’t get sick. Why are we incapable of just wearing friggin masks and washing our friggin hands?

I thought I was going to have more this morning, but I’m letting myself get distracted. In closing, let me paraphrase my favorite line from this week’s episode of Archer.

I’m your rampage sherpa.

Talk to you all later. Happy Friday.


MethuenLive Magazine posted on Facebook today that the city has 35,465 registered voters. So far 1,496 people have taken advantage of early voting. On top of that, 4,649 mail in ballots have already been received.

Early voting is still open for another 10 days, and who knows how many more absentees will arrive.

It’s October 20th and 17.2% of the city’s registered voters have already voted.

Keep up the good work, Methuen. Let’s send the fascists packing.


I have given a little bit of money to the Biden campaign. I have also given a little bit of money to a Senate campaign or two. During the primary, I gave a little money to the Warren campaign. I’m also a member of the ACLU.

I am pleased with myself for all of those things. I’m a little tired of the spam it’s generated though.

Yesterday I received 11 spam emails for various Democratic causes, all asking for money. Today I have received seven and it’s not even noon yet.

I want to do my part and all, and I understand the reasoning. Also, I haven’t routed any of these addresses to my spam folder yet, just in case. Having said that, I am really ready for this crap to be over.

Vote Biden/Harris. Vote Democrat in the House and the Senate (especially if you live in Kentucky) and for any local offices. We need the Nazis to go away so that the Democratic fund raises will leave me alone for a while.

Town Halls

Tonight was supposed to be the second presidential debate. It’s not. Instead we get dueling town halls with each candidate on a different network.

I’m not watching either, but the Twitter machine on the internets is telling me that Biden appears intelligent and presidential while the Cheeto is coming off like a hyper active asshole of a three year old throwing a tantrum.

America, right?

Good News

A small piece of happy news during these dark, annoying, assholy times.

I just visited the Track My Ballot page I posted a few days ago. My ballot for the 11/3 election is in “accepted” status. Meaning it’s been received and is ready to be counted.

That’s one vote closer to the end of fascism in my country’s government. Up your ass, trump/pence.

Track My Ballot

In the spirit of receiving our absentee ballots in the mail earlier today, Jen and I were wondering whether or not there is a way to track your ballot’s status after you send it in. Like… a UPS tracking number for the election.

There is. Well, for citizens of Massachusetts there is. For the rest of ya, I don’t know.

Track My Ballot

I ran the search for myself. My General Election ballot was mailed to me on 10/6 and it has not yet been returned. I knew that already since it’s sitting on the table next to me, but it was nice to know that the city knows too. It also said my September Primary ballot was received and is in Accepted status, meaning it was submitted for counting. Kick ass.

Methuen Life Magazine had a post on their bookfayce page two days ago that reported the absentee ballots were ready to be picked up by the post office. Allow me to quote:

10,000 BALLOTS HEADED TO POST OFFICE, THEN TO RESIDENTS: At 4:45 tonight, piles and piles and PILES of mail-in/absentee ballots (each requested by a registered voter) were outside City Hall waiting for the mailman to arrive for pickup. Standing guard are (from left) City Clerk Jack Wilson, Mike Rubino of the Clerk’s Office and Julian Almanzar of the DPW who is lending his services at the super-busy Clerk’s Office. “In years past, we’ve had 300 or 400 absentee ballots (for an election). This year will be closer to the 15,000 range,” Wilson told MethuenLife. The Clerk’s Office just received the ballots from the state yesterday. You can return your ballot to the secure ballot box located outside of City Hall’s lower entrance or drop it in the mail. YOU CAN STILL APPLY FOR A MAIL-IN BALLOT:…/early-voting-by-mail.htm YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE by visiting by Oct. 24.(ML photo by Melissa Fili)

That’s a lot of ballots. One of them is mine and another one is my wife’s. We’re coming for you, fascists.

American Life is Exhausting

He said that catching covid was a blessing from god. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the 210,000 corpses likely disagree. Or they would if they weren’t so dead.

I don’t have the energy to do anything. I just watch TV and doom scroll twitter. I could be playing the guitar right now but instead I’m watching TV and doom scrolling twitter.

We’re less than one month from the election. It’s a goal to work toward. The results are irrelevant because the election will be rigged again, just like 2016. Until that time though it is this pie in the sky future seen through rose colored glasses. Our absentee ballots haven’t arrived yet. I heard a report on the radio the other day that said the ballots should all be in the mail by the end of the week. What happens after that, we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m so tired of this.