Happy Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day, everyone!

Now for me personally, I really don’t agree with having a holiday celebrating the fact that we have had presidents. I would rather have a day celebrating some specific person from our history, but whatever.

Over the last four years Presidents Day has been extra hard to stomach, given that the guy sitting in the office was a fascist, racist, cheeto whose very existence soiled the position in which he “served”. Now that the scumbag is gone though we can enjoy the day again.

Happy day that celebrates 45 out of 46 US presidents, and thanks again to President Biden for literally being alive.


Is Today the Day?

Is today the day that the US Senate once again vomits on the US Constitution by casting not guilty votes in the impeachment trial of former president cheeto McFuckface?

The first time around they put party ahead of country and voted to set the precedent that it’s okay for a sitting president to enlist the help of a foreign country in rigging an election. Today it is likely that they will once again put party over country and vote to set the precedent that it is okay for a sitting president to enlist the help of armed thugs to overthrow the US legislative branch. Also, they will set the precedent that a lame duck president can break any law he chooses because they cannot be found guilty in an impeachment trial after they leave office, even if they are actually impeached prior to leaving office.

It’s going to be a great day for America, he said with total sarcasm.


Now that trump is ancient history I have been able to take my eyes away from the White House without fear of it resulting in atomic annihilation. Words cannot express how good that feels. The adults are back in charge.


I haven’t watched the Impeachment proceedings, but every so often I check on the news (or, worse, twitter) and I read something about how insane the Republican party has become. Moscow Mitch says they should vote their conscience. What if they have no conscience?

Is the impeachment constitutional? Yes. Obviously. He was still president when he was impeached. Is inciting a deadly attack on the US Capitol impeachable? Duh. There you go. Constitutional scholar, QED.

I am more interested in Georgia opening an investigation into his election tampering. The punishment for that should have some teeth. We’ll see.

Until then, just keep repeating to yourself that the grownups are back in charge.

The grownups are back in charge.

The grownups are back in charge.

First Day Recap

It’s going to take a while for President Joe to undo all of the fascist shit that his nazi cheeto predecessor screwed up. In his first day in office though, he took some serious first steps.

He rejoined the World Health Organization because he’s not a moron. He instituted a mask mandate for all federal employees and anyone on federal property. He also created a covid response coordinator position. He signed an order preserving DACA, he reversed the muslim travel ban, he ended the idiotic ban on diversity training because he isn’t an idiot, he canceled the Keystone Pipeline permit and announced we will rejoin the Paris climate agreement.

As first days go… not bad, Joe. It’s definitely a good start.


First time in four years I’ve woken up and not felt a sense of dread over what he might have done while I slept. Is this what peaceful feels like?

President Biden

The world has been dealing with a global pandemic for about a year now. For the first time, the United States of America is actually going to take the situation seriously and implement a unified national response.

We’ve lost 400,000 lives so far and we are going to lose many more. For the first time though, we are going to do something about it.

What is that I’m feeling? Is it optimism?

Wow… I forgot about that one.