It’s Home


See that black thing with the word, “Fender” on it?

Know what that is?

That’s my favorite amplifier. That’s my Fender ‘65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue. It’s been at Mike’s house since late January 2020 and it’s finally back home where it belongs.

Kevin, Mike, and I were pretty terrible tonight but not nearly as terrible as I expected. We took turns throwing out song titles and then hoping muscle memory would kick in so we would remember how to play them. For the most part we did.

For most of the night my signal chain was 100% things that had never been to a Lizardfish practice before. My new Les Paul into the Ryra The Klone into the Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter into the Vox AC15. I sounded okay. A little too toppy but okay. I mostly did the Clapton Les Paul thing (not “Woman Tone”, the other thing) where you run both pick ups but lower the volume on the neck a little. It sounded pretty good.

I was pleased with the AC15. I had been a little concerned that the little 15 watt guy would struggle to keep up with the bass and drums. I need not have worried. It cooked right along with lots of headroom to spare.

As well as the Vox preformed tonight, the biggest take away is still the Deluxe Reverb coming home. At last.


What do I want to do tomorrow? Besides the 0.75% of a band practice. I don’t know.

Visit my mother? I could use a little of that. I saw dad today but it’s been a week since I’ve seen mom.

Work on the 50 songs in 90 days thing? Maybe. Probably not.

Get up at sunrise and mess around with cameras again? That would be fun, but where would I go? I’ve hit my favorite spots in town. Maybe downtown Lowell? Maybe the river walk in Lowell? Maybe the Shawsheen river in Tewksbury? I know a couple of good spots, but if the Shawsheen there is as dry as the Spicket here it might not be worth it. Boston? Too far away.

Stay in bed constantly refreshing eBay all day? I’m still the highest bidder but there are 22.5 hours remaining.

Pet the kitty all day?

Finish Umbrella Academy and start Stranger Things or Orville or Westworld or….

I don’t know. In the immortal words of Traffic, from their second record, Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring?

Partial Band Practice

So maybe we won’t be having a full band practice tomorrow. One guy can’t make it. The rest of us will be there though. We’re just going to plug in and think of christmas.

I’m going to see my Tumnus pedal and my Phase 95 pedal and my Deluxe Reverb amp. It’s going to be so wonderful to see those guys again. I am also going to see a fulltone pedal but that one’s going straight into the trash. Fuck that guy.

New Strings Day: Addendum

After seeing everyone post pictures of their new stuff I have made the guitar player command decision that I will be bringing my Vox AC15 and using that for no reason other than no one in the band has heard it before. It, along with my Les Paul Standard, is a Covid Lockdown acquisition. Further, I’m bringing the big pedal board because the Ryra The Klone pedal and the Cry-Baby wah are also Covid purchases.

Rock and roll, kids. Groovy.

New Strings Day

I still don’t know what time we’re getting together tomorrow, but our drummer just posted a picture of the new kit he got since last we played together. The bass player posted a picture of the new bass he bought since the last time we played together. Now I am posting pictures of the new guitar I got since the last time we played together.


I had to crank the ISO a little in order to get the shutter speed fast enough to not take overly shaky pictures. As if I knew what I was doing, right?

Lizardfish? Please?

That picture was taken on February 1, 2020. It was the last time the band got together.

The other day I told the guys that if I didn’t have a band practice soon I was going to die. The bass player, Mike, said he was free on Sunday. I said I was too. Today, the drummer, Kevin, suggested 5:00 or 6:00. Mike and I both said sure. A few minutes ago the singer, Greg, said he was in too.

I am not getting ahead of myself here. There’s always the chance it could fall through, but… Oh thank the merciful fates, the band could be getting back together again this weekend.


Fifty Songs Time

Today is July 4th. It’s a national holiday even though there is nothing left to celebrate here.

There is that summer music challenge thing that I’ve done the last couple of years. Write fifty songs in ninety days. That one. I am not signing up for this on their website because last year another user pissed me off. So I am doing the 50/90 thing but not officially. I guess I am doing a Faux 50/90.

I have one song under way. It’s just bass and drums, it’s in 7/8 times and it might possibly be a 2:55 rocker. We’ll see. I have no idea when I am going to get to play the guitar again, and my voice has still not really recovered from whatever happened a few weeks ago. I need to seriously hydrate on car music days. Things are different now and I have to learn how to do everything again.

While I am on the subject of music… I think I am going to ask the guys in Lizardfish if they want to get together. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Quick Musical Thoughts

Just jotting down a couple of quick music thoughts.

Car music tomorrow? I have three songs ready for vocals so why not? It’s the last day of my sick leave too so again, why not?

The day after tomorrow is the day I go back to work. I think it’s also the day I reach out to the guys in the band and tell them I’m feeling ready to get together. I mean that from both a recovery stand point and a Covid standpoint. I just think it’s time.

If a practice is in our future, I think I’ve changed my mind on what gear to bring. I was going to bring the new pedal board but now I think I’m going to bring the old one. I might add an extra dirt pedal or two as well. We shall see.

Okay, it’s time for bed. I need to get some sleep if I want to car music in the morning. G’night, folks.

Tube Amps are Heavy

There was some talk between a couple of us in the band of trying to get everyone together sometime in June and seeing if we can have a band practice or something. I’m really hoping we can make that happen.

I started figuring out what to use for gear for this hypothetical jam. My new Les Paul is a given. The new pedal board I put together a few weeks ago is a given too. For the amplifier I was going to bring my AC15. There’s a problem with that though.

I’m under doctors orders to not lift anything heavy. I’m maxed at 25 pounds. That continues at the minimum through mid-June. Unfortunately tube amps, even little ones, are freaking heavy. My AC15 weighs about 50 pounds. Okay, so that’s out. I’m now planning on taking my MV50 and my Fender 1×12 cab. That’ll work.

Once we get into July I’ll bring the AC15. I want to bring my Deluxe Reverb home from the rehearsal room so I can use it on home demo goofiness. That amp is even heavier, so it’s going to stay where it is for now. I could use that at the first practice, but I’m afraid something might have happened during the 2+ years it’s been sitting and I don’t want to rely on it.

So NuTubes it is.