The cars are packed. Harry just left. I’m giving him a smidgen of a head start then I’ll follow.

I have a metric tonne of gastric bypass friendly food and drinks piled up in the cab of the transit van. 95% will be ignored, but it’s there if I need it.

I have music, podcast, and audiobook playlists armed and ready but I haven’t decided what to listen to first. Maybe the new Stephen Stills live record?

A coworker said yesterday, after I shared the events of the road trip fun with him, there’s no denying that empty nest now. Yup. As of today it’s officially official and once again I am equal parts excited for the kids and sad for me and Jen.

Okay…. Time to get rolling. Burlington, VT here I come.

Road Trip #3

Raise your hand if you’re about to head out on your third trip to Vermont in less than two weeks.

*Raises hand.

Also, raise your hand if your current plan includes going back for a fourth trip two days from now.

*Raises hand.

I love me some road trippin’.

That was a Day


Her old apartment was on the second floor. Her new apartment is on the third floor. So many stairs.

If today’s events had happened a year ago, pre gastric bypass, I probably would have died of a massive heart attack by lunch time. I was very pleased that I got to help Bellana in a time of need. I’m also very pleased that I was physically able to pull it off without dropping dead. That felt good, though I’m in tons of pain tonight and I’ll probably sleep until dinner time tomorrow and tonight’s very late dinner gave me the foamies and I’ll probably need another hour to recover.

I wish Jen had been with me, but outside of that it was a really good day.

Return Trip

Weren’t we in Burlington, VT just the other day?

Why yes, yes we were. And tomorrow, I’m going back. My step daughter needs help with something and I’m dropping everything and running to her aide.

So Friday through Monday in Vermont, then Friday in Vermont, and next week we’ll have Thursday in Vermont as well. Sounds like a lot of driving for ol’ Robbie, dontcha know!

I love it!