New Flower Alert!

I’ve been checking the Japanese Peace Lilly in the bedroom every day, searching for signs of new flowers. Today that search paid off!


I had the little point and shoot in the room so I used it for that picture (with the flash). After two posts last night, can you guess what’s coming? Oh yeah, DSLR (no flash) Vivid vs Monochrome comparisons! WOOHOO!


I then got carried away and took a couple more…

What’s up, autofocus? I must have moved.

I didn’t edit these in Apple Photos at all. I usually just use the auto setting as a tiny little tweak, but I left these alone.

One final pre-work-morning note. Two days ago I ran for a minute at the end of my 30 minute walkies. Yesterday I ran for two minutes. You might expect that I ran for three minutes today but no… I ran for five.

Who am I?

Camera Settings

All this film photography crap has me wondering if I should shoot black and white film. I think black and white might be a little cheaper, but I’ve always been a color guy. In the name of research I might set my DSLR to monochrome and pretend I am a black and white guy for a while.


My DSLR also has a Vivid color setting. I’ve always left it on the Standard color setting so I’ve never tried vivid before. I’m leaving it on vivid for now. Not sure if I like it or not. We’ll see.



I took this picture at the start of my lunch break, a few minutes after 1:00pm, on Wednesday August 17, 2022:


August… not September or October. It’s still summer and this prick of a tree (along with one additional tree in the back yard) is already turning.

Screw that. It’s summer, stop turning! Fall foliage happens in the fall, or didn’t you get the message, asshole.


I want to take a long exposure shot of the sky and get some little star trails happening. I put the better of my three lenses onto my DSLR. I even cleaned the lens for good luck and I found my polarizing filter in my bag and I cleaned that and put it on too, not that it has anything to do with anything, but I put it on anyway.

Then I looked out the window just after sunset and there was nothing but cloud cover in every direction. Shit.

So here’s a picture of a candle that I took to make sure the lens was on correctly. You can do that with a digital camera though it’s a pretty bad waste to do it with a film camera.


Flash Plant

I used the flash to get this. Can you tell? This plant has been alive, sitting by this window for three months or so. I am kinda shocked.


I used the flash on this one too. I never use the flash, but I used it today. Why? I don’t know. This plant has one very healthy looking leaf, and a bunch that look like they are dying from the edges in. Sad plant is sad.


Cellar plants. I want them to live forever, but I don’t think I have the ability to make that happen. Come on, plants. Thrive!