Patriots Day

Today is Patriots Day. It’s a state holiday in Massachusetts and Maine*. It’s the day we remember how this dude (and at least one other dude)…

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went for a ride one night, which lead to some farmers and other dudes getting into a shooting fight with a bunch of foreign dudes in red coats at this spot…


*At the time Paul Revere went for his ride the area now known as the state of Maine was part of Massachusetts. It wasn’t until 1820 that Maine became a state on it’s own. Massachusetts has spent the last 201 years lamenting the loss of Old Orchard Beach and Bar Harbor and (eventually) Stephen King.


I went to my parents house before noon on Friday and stayed until Sunday evening. I’m going to spend my work days there for the next week but I won’t be staying over. That will probably happen a few days a week starting in two weeks or so.

For now though… I’m home.

Stop Lights

This used to be the chain you pulled to turn on the lights at my father’s aunt and uncle’s place in Brighton. It was my second favorite part of that apartment. My favorite part was Uncle Jimmy’s little model trollies (he drove the trollies on the Green Line in Boston). Those are on the mantle in my living room.