Interesting View

The scenery on the drive home tonight was interesting.

I hit my protein and liquid goals before I left work. I decided to have some french fries (salt delivery units) as a tiny dinner-like-entity when I got home. Five minutes later I was gagging up saliva with something stuck. I’m at almost two hours and counting now. I should have given it a miss tonight and just gone without.

Record Every Month – Tracking Complete

I got up a little early-ish. Not as early as I’d planned, but early enough to get the trash out to the street, close my exercise ring for the day, have some protein supplement breakfast, and watch an episode and a half of The X-Files before 7:30am. That gave me enough time to record lead guitar tracks for the two songs I’m working on for Record Every Month this month. Tracking is done for both songs. Boom. I just have to mix them, and I have 3+ days left to do it. Nice.

My playing was rusty so I kept my leads simple. Nothing special. I did have some timing issues at the end of one solo, but not enough to redo it when the rest of the solo sounded pretty good. Part of me wants to push myself to do more than two songs next month. I don’t know if that would be 10 songs or five songs or three songs or what, but I’ll probably just do two… or one.

Here are a couple of pictures…


Photo a Day/Lunchtime Pics

I took my Z5 upstairs at lunch time to see what was going on. I also tried to guilt myself into playing guitar tonight by taking a picture of my amplifier… again. Weird how that never works, yet I keep doing it.

I assume the crap on the floor is because Lily put it there. She’s kind of a menace.
Robin napping on Harry’s bed.