Found It!

Two nights ago I wrote about how my Apple AirPods charger case magically disappeared forever by diving out of my hand and flying under the bed where it escaped into Narnia never to be seen again.

Well that was then, and this is now….

Take that, infinite unknown.


All of the non-MIDI tracking for the re-do’s is done. All that’s left to do is clean up some bass and drum things and mix.

For October’s album-or-whatever in a month, I have five songs underway and they all have rhythm guitars. I’m not really going for normal songs, more like little exercises. They are all about two minutes long and for the most part have a little twist to them. One has two guitars playing the same thing but off by one beat. A couple have one guitar playing in 4/4 and another in 7/8. It’s all just goofy fun. They might all end up instrumental, I don’t know.

New, New Music

Last night I said the pics I took of my guitar were better than the guitar playing. Today they are about even, maybe.

I worked on four songs. Three of them are new. I wasn’t going to do an album in a month this month as I was going to dedicate the whole time to The Great 2015 Re-Recording Project. Instead I started messing with some lame little proggie ideas. I’m thinking I could sneak in five of them by Halloween and call it a half an album in a month. Something like that.

Happy 10th Adoptaversary

10 years ago today we went to the MSPCA in Methuen and met a new friend.

She’s still with us. She’s family now, even if she is a little snooty, skittish, and noisy.

Happy 10th adaoptaversary, Panic Panache Patches.

The End is Coming?

My absolute favorite headphones… The ones I use when I’m mixing music…

…Are starting to fall apart.

I don’t even know what model they are. We have another pair that no one is using these days. I don’t know what kind of shape they are in. I may need to start looking into a replacement at some point, but for now they are still sounding great.

…but for how long?