New Song

In honor of the cheeto getting impeached for the second time, I mixed a song tonight! It has nothing to do with the cheeto, or any cheetos for that matter, but it’s done so there.


Tonight’s guitar playing was much better than last night. Still not very good, but better. I put leads on two songs and both lead and rhythm on another. Eight songs still to go and six are ready to mix. A fuzz box was used extensively.

Yes, everything is dusty. If you don’t like it you can lick my sack, m’kay?

A Little Better

Through the 10 months of lock down, whenever shit got too much I would play guitar and it would help me to feel better. Last night shit got too much and I played guitar and I was so bad I felt worse. This morning I tried to rectify that. I redid everything on the song I was working on last night when it got to be a little too much. Jen asked me if I wanted to check something out on youtube with her and instead of asking her to give me a little time to finish I just shut it down.

Today was a little better. I finished everything I left hanging yesterday. I wasn’t exactly Jeff Beck or anything. I wasn’t exactly equal to Jeff Beck playing with one finger, but it was okay for me. I do feel a smidge better.

Now we just need to remove the president from power. That’s all. Nuttin’ much.

Volume Four… and Five

So the United States is crumbling all around us. The president was impeached 11 months ago and guess what! He’s likely going to be impeached again either today or tomorrow, depending on whether or not the vice president grows a set of balls and removes him from office via the 25th amendment. Life is pretty strange here in the good ol’ USA.

So here we are, trying to go about our normal day to day as our little baby 245 year old nation implodes. What’s a red head to do to keep from just screaming 24/7?

Well, he works on The Great 2015 Re-Recording Project, of course. Also, he pretends to work on a January album in a month. I’ve done almost nothing on that one. Just a couple of little bass riffs. I need to get back onto that but I have a ton of work still to do on volume four of the re-recordings. For some dumb reason my plan to redo old songs in batches of eight has turned into a batch of 14. Oops. One of those songs is done, eight more have the vocals done and are ready for lead guitar. Two of those eight will need to have the rhythm guitars done over. I used some effects that I thought were cool at the time, but now listening back they were mistakes. After that, there are still five songs waiting to start.

So I’m calling it. The nine songs underway are now the total of volume four, and the remaining five will be the start of volume five. I’ll dig through the piles of awful songs and pull three more for a total of eight, and then I’ll wait until after RPM in February to work on them. This is the way. I have spoken.

Now, back to the source of stress that sits on top of the mountain of stress that is Covid-19… will Pence do his fucking job today or will he let trump get away with LITERALLY SENDING HIS CULT TO ASSASSINATE HIM. Do your job, Mikey boy. Cut the crap and grow a pair. Then Nancy can impeach the prick at her leisure. There are only nine days left in Cheeto McClownshoes’ term and nine days is too long to wait. He and the cult cannot get away with this. No unity without repercussions. This is the way. The people have spoken.

Bye Bye Cheeto!

Did the nazi Cheeto really concede? When did my phone’s autocorrect start capitalizing Cheeto?

Whatever, he’s evil and he’s gone. Fuck him right up his orange ass.

I played guitar tonight. At first it was stress relief but then it was celebration.

Tied for the Most Uploaded Song

I mixed a song today for the re-recordings volume four. This song has been recorded and uploaded to my alonetone account three times, which (I think) ties it for the most re-uploaded song ever.

It was written in 2008 (I think, it might have been 2009, but I’m pretty sure it was 2008) and it’s a little ditty about what a putz The Boy King George W Bush was. We didn’t know how good we had it when we were stuck with that schmuck for eight years.