New Water Heater

We have gone through almost a full day with a new water heater. I just worked up the courage to go down cellar and see how things are looking after everyone finished their morning showering routine.

Spoiler alert: Everything is dry. Oh high praise to the plumbing gods and goddesses, our cellar is dry.

They left the bucket right where it was:

They capped off the old pipe when they took the old heater away:

They added some new piping:

They added some more new piping:

They added the new tankless water heater. They did have to remove one of the shelving units that some previous owner had built. I’m a little sad about that, but not having a flood in my house every day makes up for it, big time:

One day down and all is well. I still need to check on the back of the house to see what the exhaust they installed looks like. Other than that… and the enjoyment of our very hot showers this morning… I think that’s all she wrote on the Lake Asshole story. Fingers crossed, knock on wood and all that crap.

46 Songs Down

46 songs down, that’s 92% of the way to a complete 50/90. Yippee.

Here’s one of them. If this sounds punky to me, does that imply that this is what punky sounds like to people who don’t understand what punky sounds like?

I have three more songs that are ready to mix. That brings me to 49. After that there are three songs that need lead guitar tracks and then a mix. That will bring me to 52 and most likely to the end of this year’s 50/90 story. After that I will probably just delete my account because one guy Fucked With My Stuff Without Permission and now I just don’t give a shit about the entire site.

The Water is On

The new tankless water heater is installed and hooked up and we’re getting hot water in the farthest reaches of the house’s plumbing.

Oh happy day. Now if we can just never have water flooding the cellar again. Please, oh please, oh please.

How water with fewer carbon emissions for everyone! WOOHOO!

The Water is Off

21st century life, in a house where the water is shut off while the plumbers install a kick ass tankless water heater.

If it’s yellow, let it mellow
If it’s brown….


If it’s brown… hold on, I’ll come up with something.

If it’s brown… hmmmmm

Oh! If it’s brown, Drive in to town!

Just call it what it is: Poetry, babie.

Don’t Touch My Stuff

The folks who will be installing our new water heater are here. Work is underway. Please, oh gods of plumbing and water heating, allow this to be Lake Asshole’s (more recently known as Bucket Asshole) final day. Oh please, oh please. Thank you.

I mixed another song while I was waiting for them to get here this morning. Song number 44 of an expected 52.

50/90 is officially not fun anymore. At least the 50/90 website portion of the project. Last night while I slumbered someone commented on the song I posted before I went to bed suggesting that he could remaster it for me and asking if that would be okay. Then without ever getting a response he remastered it and posted a link to it.

Ummmm… No.

I know we’re all amateurs and trying to get better at what we do and all of those good things, but Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Fuck With My Stuff Without Permission. It’s really that simple. I made all of my song links private so no one can get to them but me. 99.999% of the people I’ve dealt with have been wonderful and supportive and the few comments I get are always great, but one guy had to Fuck With My Stuff Without Permission and just utterly ruined the whole experience for me.

I plan to keep posting songs there as private so that I get the little trophy next to my name, but that’s it. If I play the game again next year I will probably do it alone, without using the website at all.

Red Eyes

Someone on twitter mentioned a Throwing Muses song called Like a Dog.

I was immediately transported back in time to the mid 90’s and the Bright Yellow Gun single on CD. The best b-sides in single history. Crayon Sun (which was a cover from… I want to say Los Lobos, but is that right?), the previously mentioned Like a Dog, and possibly the best b-side in recorded history, Red Eyes…

Song Number 43

43 songs down, seven to go, and nine more are in the pipeline. We’re going to finish this year’s 50/90 Challenge and we’re going to go a couple of songs over the goal. I’m feeling pretty good about it this year. It’s going to take something major to stop me from finishing, though I am positive I just jinxed it so we can all expect to read a headline in tomorrow’s news: Red head struck by lightning in freak indoor thunderstorm.


I was thinking about taking a handful of less sucky songs from this year’s batch and making a stand alone album of some kind. Maybe pick 8-10 songs and redo them to make better sounding recordings and package them up as a sort of quarantine tunes spin off thingie. Maybe I could add a song or two from the Record Every Month RPM project too, as technically all of the 50/90 songs qualify for that too.

We’ll see.

Will this song make it? I don’t know. Let’s say it’s on the bubble and leave it at that for now.

Ready for Tomorrow

Remember a few months ago when I moved everything worth saving in the cellar into the storage areas? That was because one side of the cellar was flooded and there was water damage everywhere. Well, now there is water damage on the other side of the cellar and I have to move all of the shit from the storage area back into the cellar proper so that they can install the new water heater in the morning.

Two items of note. First, those shelves are likely going to have to go. I don’t know how much room a tankless system needs.

Second, I expect to have super powers by morning because I’m pretty sure I got bit by a spider and isn’t that what happens when you get bit by a spider?

Fresh Leak Hell

We have an appointment to have a new tankless water heater installed tomorrow morning. I still have a bucket under the leaky pipe in the current water heater and it’s kept the floor dry for a week now.

Or has it.

(insert ominous music here)

My wetvac is falling apart. Whole chunks of it have fallen off. It still works, and I could probably change the filter and all would be well, but now…

I emptied the drip bucket by stickin’ the wetvac hose into the bucket and sucking it all up. I’ve been doing that for a week now. Today, a few hours after emptying the bucket, I went downstairs for laundry reasons and saw water on the floor. WHAT THE HELL?

A little investigating has lead me to believe that the wetvac is actually leaking now. The water this time was next to the wetvac but a little down hill. I cleaned it up, knowing how goofy it is to use the source as it’s own fix, which clearly will have to be done again later tonight.

Oh well. I will be spending some time down there tonight to clean out the storage area where the folks will be working tomorrow and while I’m there I will empty the bucket and the wetvac and hopefully that will be the end of it. When the bucket gets emptied some time tomorrow, the water heater will have been replaced.

Fingers eternally crossed. I am so sick of having water issues in my cellar. It’s enough to make me want to move into a house that doesn’t have a basement. Houses in San Diego generally don’t have cellars, do they? If that’s the case, let’s go!


Last Friday I burned my hand on one of the racks in the oven. I posted a picture. That night the burn blistered over. It wasn’t too gross, just a little unpleasant to look at. Jen said to me, “don’t pop that blister.” and I said in return, “no, I won’t pop that blister.”*

The next morning the shower had other plans. I took the band aide off, got into the shower, and next thing I knew the water had ripped that blister right off. Well that’s too bad. It looked pretty grody after that. I tried to keep it covered but somedays the band aides just wouldn’t stick. Yesterday was one of those days.

When I woke up today it had blistered over again. Finally. Heel, you sucker! Then I took a shower. Once again the water pressure ripped it off. Once again I didn’t see it happen. This time though… I looked down at my hand and it was covered with blood**.

I cleaned it up. Reverted to Boy Scout training and applied direct pressure until the bleeding stopped. I put some medicinal goop on it and got a new band aide to stick. All is well now.

Come on, you stupid injury. Scab over and heel, ya creep.

*Those may not be exact quotes. I tried to capture the spirit of the thing.***

**When I say covered in blood, that’s probably an exaggeration based on the fast approaching end of September and the imminent start of the month long Halloween season. Halloween is getting all like Christmas these days. Every year it starts earlier. HoHoBooHo.

***That is a direct quote. Dickie Dun, sports journalist covering the Charlestown Chiefs in the movie Slapshot.****

****Yes, I did put footnotes into my footnotes.