Bathroom Work: The End May Be In Sight

I spoke to the contractor who is fixing the bathroom in our primary bedroom suite. He said the plan for today is to paint in the morning and start putting things back together again in the afternoon. Sounds like the end might be in sight. Probably another day, maybe two? It’s going to be nice to have two bathrooms again. We haven’t been a two bathroom house for too terribly long, but boy did I get super spoiled, super fast.

Fingers crossed.

Feeling Better Again

For the second time in a week I followed a really sick day by waking up the next morning feeling pretty much all better. This is annoying as hell. I didn’t hit my liquids goal yesterday. I missed it by 10 ounces. I need to make double sure I hit it today. I did manage the protein goal. I was a little nervous that pushing it last night would screw me up today, but I am okay. I did my exercise already this morning but I haven’t had breakfast yet. I want to get a little more liquid in first.

Today will likely be a messy day at work as I catch up from being out yesterday. It will be okay though. Tomorrow and Thursday are both in the office days for a huge management seminar. I am really not looking forward to it. Two days in a row, all the way to Foxborough. I have to do it twice next week too, again all the way to Foxborough. The week after I have to go into the office yet again, but this time I get to go to the closest building to home, which is still 40 miles away. Suck, suck, and suck.

The moral of that story is let’s enjoy working from home today before I go through two far away days. Here’s hoping my stomach issues don’t have another relapse. Driving 10000 miles to Foxborough feeling like I felt yesterday would be pretty much the worst thing ever.

Fingers crossed we’re done with all of that.

Make Up Your Mind, Stomach

By mid-afternoon I was feeling quite a bit better. Jen finished work a few minutes before 5:00 and asked me to take a ride with her. We got home by about 5:20 and as we were approaching the house my stomach started hurting again. Insert the frustrated sigh here.

It’s starting to feel better again and I think I might try to eat something dinner-ish in another 10 minutes or so and see how that goes. I should probably drink something first as I am feeling pretty dehydrated again. That’s what I was doing when the discomfort started coming back again though so… who the fuck knows.

On a totally unrelated note, I worked on the Great Re-Recording Project of 2015 today. Just a little. I edited one song from a past RPM Challenge and redid the bass and drums. That was nice. I still have eight songs from November to work on, but I figured it would be fun to get back into the re-recording stuff too. Fun, right?

On another unrelated note, the contractors did some painting in the bathroom today and the smell is a bit overpowering, even in the bedroom. I think we’re sleeping in the living room tonight. Jen will get the couch, I’ll get the chair. I plan to think of it like a camping trip. Fun, right?

On a final unrelated note, cat:


Sick Day Update

How’s it going, sick person?

I feel better. Not all better, but better than I was when I was doubled over in pain while I was trying to take a shower this morning. I feel like I got my ass kicked by a locomotive or something, but my stomach isn’t hurting like it was before.

I managed some food. It was sort of like breakfast at lunch time, but I ate some scrambled eggs. I’ve had some water too, and in 13 minutes I’ll be able to have some more. I still feel pretty dehydrated, but nowhere near as bad as I was when I wrote the last post.

It’s a safe bet I won’t be hitting my protein and liquid goals again today, but now it seems like I won’t get virtually shut out like I did on Thursday. I just missed a bunch of time while I was hurting and I don’t think I will be able to make it up. I’ll get as close as I can without overdoing it and just let it go from there.

I’m also not sure what to do for today’s photo a day thing. I will probably used the bathroom construction again. I could use xmas decorations but I’m tired of that. I’m pretty tired of the construction stuff too, but what can you do. We also need to find things to put us into the holiday spirit. I don’t know about the rest of you, but getting sick twice in December has put a damper on my festiveness. Jen found this yesterday though and it might help:

I wonder why our house isn’t on the list?


There’s also a light display at the Stone Zoo. That feels more like a weekend thing to me though. Maybe we could wait for the kids to be home for that one.

Feeling Sick Again

I took the morning off today because we were at one point considering staying over in Burlington last night. We didn’t, but I kept the time off request in place in case something came up. Turns out it did.

I woke up feeling about the same sort of gas pain that I had when I woke up on Thursday. In that instance it got steadily worse as the day went on and I wasn’t able to feel better until I slept it off over night. Today started the same but quickly got much worse. Gas pain like never before coupled with some nausea. It was awful. I haven’t had anything to eat or drink yet today because the pain feels like my stomach telling me in no uncertain terms to not even try. I extended my time off request to the full day so I can just curl up in a ball on the couch and hope it passes.

The questions I have are as follows:

  • Is it the same bug Harry had last weekend and Jen had yesterday?
    • Is it possible for me to have had that bug, then been fine for three days, then have it again?
  • Did I eat something yesterday that set this off? Also, did I eat the same thing on Wednesday night that would have set it off on Thursday?
    • I have a theory. I tried some Atkins brand protein potato chips. They don’t have any sugar in them so they should be okay, but I think I had a small bag on Wednesday and I know I had a couple of small bags at various times yesterday. If it was something I ate, I bet it was those chips. That sucks because they are really, really good.
  • Is it dumping syndrome?
    • I really don’t think so. Dumping is when your stomach gets too much sugar and literally rejects it in both directions (TMI?). I haven’t experienced that specifically, but could this be related somehow?

I haven’t had any liquids since about 10:30 last night when I had a sugar free popsicle. I am feeling crazy dehydration right now. I might have to force myself to drink something soon but I want to give the pain a little time to see if it lessens at all.

This sucks.

There and Back

We got into the car at around noon and headed North to Burlington, VT. We were about 20 miles away when the stomach bug hit for reals and we had to turn around. We are home now and everything is okay. Just taking it easy on the ol’ tummy.

In all of that time I took two pictures with the DSLR and two pictures on film. Wanna see ’em? We were stopped at a gas station.

This one used a little exposure compensation as if I knew what I was doing (I don’t, not even close).