Off Day


How can the Red Sox have a day off when the season started three months late?

I get it… work place… they are only people too and they deserve a day off now and then…

I was just hoping for a Red Sox game tonight. Also, the Bruins are off until Wednesday.

I am sad. Sports sad.

The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 56

Windows! Driving me nuts!

My company uses an in-house designed calendar/scheduling application. We use it to book meetings, conference calls, vacation time, everything. We’ve been using it for years and it works great.

In two weeks we’re junking most of it in favor of Google Calendar. I’m okay with the move. The transition is going to be annoying, but I’ve been using Calendar pretty much since Google released it and I know my way around pretty well.

One thing our app does is push notifications onto the Windows desktop. Five minutes before a meeting starts we get a little pop up box on the lower right corner of the screen and it stays there until you either click it off, or five minutes after the meeting’s start time.

Google Calendar has a similar function. In our early testing it would sometimes show up in the browser window and sometimes on the desktop. I think someone was tweaking our system under the covers because now it’s always on the desktop. Weird. For me, it was disappearing after a few seconds though. That isn’t good. If that notification goes away as soon as it displays, I’m going to end up being late for a lot of meetings. I mentioned it at our daily group meeting today and everyone seemed to have a different experience. Some aren’t getting it at all, some are only getting it for a few seconds, and some are seeing it stick around for a while.

Well… it’s gotta be a Windows thing then, right? I’m not anywhere close to what you’d call a power user on Windows 10, but I can usually fake my way around. I brought up the notification settings to see if there is a way I can change the length of time a notification displays. Nope. Nothing. Well that doesn’t make sense. I spent a good 10 minutes clicking around trying to find this parameter setting that I know should be there, while admitting that it might not actually exist.

Eventually… off to The Google. The notification parameter wasn’t under notifications, it was under display. Muthapussbucket! I set it to five minutes, which is the max, even though I was hoping to set it to 10 minutes. It worked.

I feel Windows dumb. Of course the notification setting was not under notifications! Of course! Dummy.

I’m not sure how this relates to being stir crazy due to COVID-19, but the two things have to be connected somehow. Everything connects back to The ‘Rona.

Planning for the Future? What?

I just had a chat with my wife. There is something I might want to do in the future if everything works out right.

What needs to work out right?

  • A COVID-19 vaccine is thoroughly and successfully tested
  • A COVID-19 vaccine is approved and made available to US citizens
  • A COVID-19 vaccine that is available to US citizens is actually attainable by US citizens (those are not the same thing)
  • We all take a COVID-19 vaccine
  • The COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t have side effects that cronenberg the crap out of us and turn us into flipper babies
  • Biden wins the election.

I asked her, if all those things happen, does she want to drive down to DC and attend the Inauguration? Can we swing bringing the kids?

Loser Day

The Bruins lost.

The Red Sox lost.

Jen baked cookies, I mowed the grass, I did a lot of 5090 stuff. Karmically speaking, today was probably a wash, but pro sportsily speaking?


Well, That’s too Bad

I started watching the new season of The Umbrella Academy yesterday. I just watched episode four. During the big climactic fight scene at the end the soundtrack made a kind of unfortunate choice. I was Made for Loving You by Kiss. Possibly my least favorite song by my least favorite band. Disco Kiss. It’s kinda shameful. Even worse than that terrifying period when the Rolling Stones went all disco.

So I’m watching the fight. Good guys kicking the crap out of bad guys, you know, and the song comes to the guitar solo. My first thought was, tonally speaking Ace Frehley (assuming it was Ace Frehley playing) sounded a lot like Alex Lifeson on the first couple of Rush records. Gibson guitar, cranked Marshall amp. Classic. Then it hit me… the actual solo he was playing… the phrases sounded a lot like… well… they sounded a lot like me.

Well… that’s too bad.

Not surprising that Ace and I steal from the same people, just kinda painful to learn that one of the people I steal from is actually someone I don’t even like very much. Not that I’m saying he’s not a good guitar player, he’s very good. You won’t hear me say a bad word about any of them. It’s just… Kiss… ugh. My guitar playing sounds like the guy from Kiss. Ugh.

Game Day

There’s a Bruins game today at 3:00 against the Flyers and it counts.

Teams on the playoff bubble when the season was suspended get themselves a play-in playoff round while the remaining teams at the top of the standings get a lame round robin seeding round. This means that if the Bruins have a couple of off games at the start they could end up being the first President’s trophy winner that isn’t the #1 seed in their conference.

Still, it’s better than having the four best teams in each conference wait while the rest of the league plays 3-5 games leading into the actual playoffs. We get the Flyers today at 3:00, the Lightning on Wednesday at 4:00 and the Capitals on Sunday, time TBD. All of the games will be played in an empty rink in Toronto and that’s perfectly fine with me.

The only thing I would do different, and this is purely selfish of me, is that I would add the numbers from this faux playoff round to the regular season. That’s really just so we can give David Pastrnak three more games to hit the 50 goal mark.

3:00pm. NESN. 98.5 The Sports Hub. Watch it, listen to it, whatever. Just be happy that the NHL is back and there are meaningful Bruins games coming.

ADDENDUM: Sorry, it’s on NBC Sports Network, not NESN.