I want to take a long exposure shot of the sky and get some little star trails happening. I put the better of my three lenses onto my DSLR. I even cleaned the lens for good luck and I found my polarizing filter in my bag and I cleaned that and put it on too, not that it has anything to do with anything, but I put it on anyway.

Then I looked out the window just after sunset and there was nothing but cloud cover in every direction. Shit.

So here’s a picture of a candle that I took to make sure the lens was on correctly. You can do that with a digital camera though it’s a pretty bad waste to do it with a film camera.


Flash Plant

I used the flash to get this. Can you tell? This plant has been alive, sitting by this window for three months or so. I am kinda shocked.


I used the flash on this one too. I never use the flash, but I used it today. Why? I don’t know. This plant has one very healthy looking leaf, and a bunch that look like they are dying from the edges in. Sad plant is sad.


Cellar plants. I want them to live forever, but I don’t think I have the ability to make that happen. Come on, plants. Thrive!


I need to play guitar. That’s my lunchtime truth-bomb for the day. I need to play guitar.

I haven’t played in weeks. I have been focusing on screwing around with cameras so much lately that I have completely neglected music and that needs to stop. I need to find a balance between work, sleep, spending time with my family, goofing off with cameras, and goofing off with music.

I have a few songs queued up for car vocals and I think I want to try and get to them tomorrow, then I can add more guitar parts to the songs. That’s my entry way into getting off of my fat, quasi-musical ass. I also want to swap an overdrive pedal off of the pedal board and I want to put the attenuator back onto my amplifier and after I see how all of that works together, I want to play. I also want to play with the band, but at this point I just want to freakin’ play!

Fifty songs in ninety days is no longer in place, but an album in a month for September? That could happen. Then back into the re-recording project. Also The Lizardfish. There are things to do and things to work toward but I just have to play. I need to play guitar.

No Thanks, Hacker Bro

Someone just tried to change the password to my BestBuy account. Nope. Not today.

Unless they want to buy me cool camera gear. Like a 50mm prime lens for my D90, or even a 35mm prime lens for my D90. I don’t think The BestBuy sells a fully manual 50mm prime lens for my FG-20. If they do, then I’ll take one of those too.

I guess I have to change my password now that someone has tried to change my password. Oh, internet.

A New Week

Hello and welcome to a new week. It’s Monday. I definitely have a case of the Mondays. Urgh.

I had some work to finish up this weekend. I wrapped it all up at a little after 10:00pm last night. Way to wait until the last possible minute, asshole. I then watched the season finale of Westworld (WhatWhatWhat Happened??) before turning in. It was a lot later than I had hoped to get to sleep and as a result I overslept quite a bit this morning.

I was still up early enough to get to most of the stuff I needed to do. The exercise is done, breakfast is made, but the bed is not made and there is laundry to put away. I sort of lived out of a laundry basket today and I don’t like that.

Harry is off work today. Jen is sort of off work too. I am not. I have a lot of stuff to do. I was hoping we could all take a day off together and do something fun, but I am not sure it can happen now. I’m kinda sad about that. We only have about two weeks left with Harry, and half of that time will be spent at his dad’s house. I think we might have run out of time for an extra adventure type day. I guess we’ll just have to drive up to Vermont some weekend day next month and just kidnap him for a while. Sure, that sounds like a plan.

What else? I don’t know. I have work to do. I’ll try and think of something else to write about that can fulfill my goal of boring the internet to tears. Huzzah, boys and girls.