GarageBand to the Rescue

Harry needed to record a piano piece for school. He was going to put his headphones up against his iPhone’s mic.

Oh no, my good sir. No.

I hooked him up to a two channel USB interface and got him up and running in GarageBand on his Mac.

He’s recording tracks like a pro* now.

*Okay, maybe not a pro. More like an avid amateur, like his step father.



I went to my parents house before noon on Friday and stayed until Sunday evening. I’m going to spend my work days there for the next week but I won’t be staying over. That will probably happen a few days a week starting in two weeks or so.

For now though… I’m home.

Clever Phisher

I saw a pretty clever phishing scam today. It went a little something like this…

I got a text saying that the USPS had to reschedule a delivery that was supposed to happen tomorrow. I’m not waiting for anything right now so I clicked the link in the text to get more info. Hint: that was a mistake.

The page the link took me to was not a post office page as my quick glance had implied. Instead it was an Amazon page. At least it looked like an Amazon page. It was asking me to login. As it turns out, I have a lot of experience trying to view my order history while not being logged in, and it wasn’t the page I’m used to seeing.

Pretty sure if I had logged in they would have had my user name and password. In the immortal words of the game keeper from Jurassic Park, clever girl.

Next time I need to be more careful before clicking the link in the text. As it is they’ve likely marked me as a sucker and will target me again.

In the immortal words of Madeye Moody, constant vigilance!

Another Sort of New Song

I mixed another re-recording today. I don’t think I like it. It’s originally from the 2016 RPM Challenge when I wrote a bunch of songs about people dumb enough to believe the Earth is flat. This one was supposed to be part of an argument between a flat earther and a person with a brain. Five years ago it was the idiot point of view. When it came to re-recordings I couldn’t really use it out of context so I wrote new lyrics. Can you guess what they are about? I wish they were better. They really suck. The vocals suck too. The guitars are okay, I guess.


My brother has been working from my parents house off and on for the last few months. Starting tomorrow I’m going to be doing the same. He has a workspace setup in the dining room that has not one, not two, but three monitors. I told him I was going to hijack it. He said it was okay. I’m test driving it now.

Three monitors might be the most awesomest thing ever.

He mentioned he wants to add a fourth monitor. I think that would require a bigger dining room table, but it sounds good to me! More monitors!

Now I just have to be careful and not break anything. Fingers crossed.