The Last Day

Today is the final day in which we live in a Disney+ free Universe.  I am honoring this significant date by doing something I’ve thought about doing since the Spring.

I’m watching Infinity War and Endgame, back to back*.

Avengers today, The Mandalorian tomorrow.


*At least I am starting to.  After a few hours I might get tired of it and change my mind.  I could always watch a ton of Star Wars to celebrate too.


I was expecting the worst, but it wasn’t that bad. I had a slow start but it ended up okay. I had some gear issues that annoyed me, but nothing I couldn’t handle. The pedal board is getting really noisy and it got worse as the night went on. I’m going to have to tear it down and rebuild it. Hopefully I can reduce the noise.

The new string experiment is underway. I played a set from Stringjoy and I liked them pretty well. I could handle sticking with them long term.

We only have two rehearsals left before the next gig and we still haven’t settled on a set list. We won’t be winging it on the night, but there are still wildcards.

Before practice we tore down the recording setup I had put together. In its place, we mic’d up the drums. I need to get a few adapters to get the full kit into the board, but we had the kick, snare, and hi hats going into the PA. It was pretty cool.

One last gear nerd moment:

For the first time since I started playing with dirt pedals (I think), tonight was the first time I didn’t have some sort of Big Muff fuzz pedal on the board. In fact, the board was 100% fuzz pedal free.

Sad face.

Bad Vibes

I feel like I’m having a bad weekend even though everything is going well. My sleep hasn’t been good and I’m head to toe aches and pains, but that’s not it. I just have this sense of impending doom and I can’t shake it. There’s no reason for it, but it’s there. What the hell, brain?

We have band practice tonight. I just spent an hour practicing. It’s going to be bad. That isn’t just a feeling, it’s a judgement based on the last hour. I’m going to suck tonight.

I hate 80’s glam metal with the fury of a thousand exploding stars. Just sayin’.