The Final Weekend

You can sing the title of this post to the tune of The Final Countdown if you want. I choose not to, but now that I’ve said it I probably will.

Saturday February 27, 2021. It’s the start of the final weekend of this year’s RPM Challenge. Eight songs need lead guitar. A total of 12 songs need to be mixed.

Can I do it?

I can do it.

Bring it on, oh my brothers and only friends.

#RPM2021 DAY 26

ohmygodohmygodohmygod there are only two days left. oh no oh no oh no.

I mixed two songs tonight. That brings the total of completed songs up to eight. Interestingly enough, because I’ve been overdoing it with the length of each song this year, it puts me over the 35 minute mark. I’m at 37:50, to be exact. That means I officially qualify as a winner of the RPM Challenge. Remember, RPM defines an album as 10 songs or 35 minutes. Hooray, eh?

I didn’t record any guitars today though so that means I still have a whopping eight songs left to finish, and then I need to mix those eight and another four that already have their lead guitars finished. By the time I pack it in on Sunday night my ears are going to be reduced to mush.

Here are the songs I mixed tonight. This one is okay. I don’t think I will drop this one from the final album:

This one isn’t terrible, but it’s definately in danger of being dropped:

One Year Ago Today

I keep doing this but here’s something I posted one year ago today:


Just in case you forgot that society fell apart in March 2020 and here we are in February 2021 and it still hasn’t come back online yet.

We are only 15 days away from the one year anniversary of my last day in the office. It’s been a brutally long two weeks.

Screw you, Covid-19.

Methuen Vaccine Clinic

Methuen is setting up a vaccination clinic of it’s own. It’s at The Loop and it’s open on March 2nd. I just looked at the appointment sign up and it’s all booked solid. If you qualify, keep an eye on this site and maybe you’ll stumble on a cancelation or something. I don’t see anything about it being open beyond March 2nd, but I guess we’ll have to see. There are only so many vaccine doses available, and anyone with a brain wants one.


Today is the magical day.

Back story: I’ve been working from home for over 11 months now and there hasn’t been a single instant, not even a nanosecond, when I’ve missed commuting. Not one. I do not miss cramming my fat ass into a metal box for 80 minutes or so, working 8.5 hours, and then getting back into the metal box for another 80 minutes. I don’t miss it even one tiny little bit.

However… When I was commuting there was one day of each year that was sort of magical. It was sort of a light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel of which I speak is winter. It does not involve a groundhog or anything like that, it only involves the sun.

My shift ends at 5:30 PM. That’s 1730 for you military time folks. During the winter, when I left the building to go home it was dark. During the summer it’s light. You know how the sun works and seasons and all of that, right? You know what I’m talking about.

The one special, magic day each year was the first day when the sun set at the same time my shift ended. 5:30 PM. The sun would, of course, be down by the time I actually go out the door, but that’s not the point. The point is from that day forward, the days were not only getting longer but I could actually perceive them getting longer. Does that make sense? Sunset at 4:30 or 5:00 didn’t affect me at all because I was inside the whole time and I didn’t actually get to experience the extra minute or so of light each day. Once the sun started setting after 5:30, I did get to experience the extra light.

So every year I would check the times of the sunset and quietly celebrate the symbolic moment when the sunset started happening after my work day.

Today is that day. It’s Friday February 25, 2021 and the sunset in Methuen, MA today will happen at 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Happy 5:30 day, everyone. Enjoy.

Bed Time

I had a crummy nights sleep last night and the night before. I should have gone to bed two hours ago but what can you do? Looks like I’m in for crummy sleep again tonight.

But at least there’s a new WandaVision out tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, everyone!

#RPM2021 DAY 25

Day 25 is coming to a close. There are only three days left. Am I panicking?

In word…


I got a nice bit of work done tonight, but it’s nowhere near enough.

I put lead guitar onto five songs and mixed one song.

Right now I have six songs finished, six songs ready to mix, and eight songs still waiting on lead guitars.

Three days left… that’s it. Oh boy.


Massachusetts is going to allow people into arenas for sporting events starting March 22nd. Yet they can’t offer vaccines to people under 65 years old unless they have two of a short list of comorbidities.

I believe they are going to allow entry to 12% of the building capacities. That’s 2107 Bruins fans, 2234 Celtics fans, and once the season starts, 4553 Red Sox fans.

A gathering of 2,000 people… yes there will be social distance and masks and all of that… still… If the Bruins play three games in a week, that means we could have three super spreader events in town in a single week.

We’re never going to get out of this covid mess, are we.