Bathroom Work: The End May Be In Sight

I spoke to the contractor who is fixing the bathroom in our primary bedroom suite. He said the plan for today is to paint in the morning and start putting things back together again in the afternoon. Sounds like the end might be in sight. Probably another day, maybe two? It’s going to be nice to have two bathrooms again. We haven’t been a two bathroom house for too terribly long, but boy did I get super spoiled, super fast.

Fingers crossed.


The internet asks, hey Robert, did you hit your 60 ounce liquid and 80 grams of protein goals for today? Did you also take all of your required vitamins?

Why yes, internet, yes I did hit my goals for today. I’ve had 64 ounces of liquids and 81.01 grams of protein. I have also taken all of my vitamins today. I’m all set for tomorrow’s weigh in, celebrating my seventh surgery monthiversary.

I might celebrate with a sugar free Popsicle, also known as 1.5 ounces of liquid in frozen form.

When I cleaned all of the stuff out of the bathroom so that the contractors could do their thing I accidentally buried the bathroom scale under some stuff. It’s okay though, I dug it out tonight. I’m good to go for tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck.