Never Get a Haircut in New Hampshire

It happened again.

If you dig through the past entries on this blog I am pretty sure there is at least one mention of my bad luck with haircuts in New Hampshire.  I live right on the state line so it’s easy to cross back and forth for any reason.  In the past, almost every time I’ve crossed the state line to get a haircut it has turned out to be terrible.

Today I went to a Supercuts in Methuen, my usual haircut destination.  They told me the wait would be an hour.  Ah, I think I’ll go somewhere else.  There is another Supercuts on the other side of the city.  I could have gone there.  Instead I went to the branch in Salem, NH.

There was no wait in Salem.  Good.  I sat right down.  The nice woman who cut my hair was almost immediately inturrputed.  Apparently they have been having computer system issues over the last couple of days and their IT folks were on the phone.  She had to leave her station, and my head, a couple of times.  I don’t think that caused a bad haircut.  I think it’s just the combination of the state and my stupid head.  I don’t blame the nice lady who cut my hair.  I blame myself.  I blame myself for getting a haircut in the state of New Hampshire.

Never again.

Never again.

Okay, I don’t care about this enough to really mean never again.  If I have to I will without hesitations but…

Never again.

Gmail Spam Filter Fail

Has Gmail’s spam filter stopped working over the last 36 hours or so?  All day yesterday and so far this morning I have been getting bombed with emails from accounts that I have had marked as spam for ages.  Either every single one of these spammers created a new email to harrass us from on the same day, or the spam filter has gone to shit.