Marketing Fun

Jen sent me a text today asking if I had made an appointment to have work done on my beloved 1978 Gibson Les Paul. Her message used the exact phrase, “Les Paul.”

Fast forward to bed time and she tells me that her Facebook feed is filled with ads for Les Pauls. Including some custom shop models. She was surprised by the high prices. I was not. I told her about a ‘59 I saw for sale online today for $400,000.

That doesn’t matter though. What matters is she typed and Facebook tried to sell.


Are We Down?

I just tried to upload a couple of cat pics and the images failed. I replaced them with Flickr links and tried to upload the post and that failed too

Is down? Will this post fail too? In the grande scheme of things, does it matter?

Friday Dinner on Thursday

We have a little thing going on in 2021. Friday dinner with Jen and Harry is burgers and fries with a side of super hero tv shows.

Unfortunately this week Friday is a nana sitting night and I won’t be here for dinner. Harry suggested we do burgers and fries and super hero tv today instead.

If I haven’t said this before let me say it now. My step son is really good people.

Hidden in the Ceiling

This morning before work I went to the cellar to do some laundry. While there I took a few minutes to do some walking and start today’s exercise.

I was shuffling along, looking at the recently repaired duct work in the ceiling and checking out where they removed the ceiling tiles. That’s when I found this….

Huh? What the hell? What could that be doing there, screwed into the joist, hidden by the drop ceiling. I have no idea.