The cars are packed. Harry just left. I’m giving him a smidgen of a head start then I’ll follow.

I have a metric tonne of gastric bypass friendly food and drinks piled up in the cab of the transit van. 95% will be ignored, but it’s there if I need it.

I have music, podcast, and audiobook playlists armed and ready but I haven’t decided what to listen to first. Maybe the new Stephen Stills live record?

A coworker said yesterday, after I shared the events of the road trip fun with him, there’s no denying that empty nest now. Yup. As of today it’s officially official and once again I am equal parts excited for the kids and sad for me and Jen.

Okay…. Time to get rolling. Burlington, VT here I come.


Just reading over posts from the last few days and noticing a marked increase in swearing. Yes, lots of naughty language of late.

Are you, dear readers, okay with that shit? I mean, I don’t want to fucking offend anyone, you know?

NHL Stanley Cup Final Predictions

You know something? This NHL playoff season has sucked. Suck Suck Sucked. My predictions have sucked, but they always suck. This year the teams and the matchups suck. It’s like the universe has been letting teams advanced based mostly on how little I care about them.

How did my third round predictions work out? Badly. As usual.

Eastern Conference, Whalers vs Panthers: I fucking hate the Florida Panthers. I hate the Whaler-canes too, but I hate Florida even more. As if that nazi prick Desantis weren’t disgusting enough, now the Panthers advance to the Cup Final? Fuck them. I picked the Whale, of course, and I guaranteed they would lose. Pricks. That makes me six out of 13 for the post season, which drops me below 50%. Asshats. The coin flip picked the Whale too so it is now five out of 13. Suck.

Western Conference, Golden Knights vs Stars: I feel almost redeemed here. I picked Vegas. I thought they were going to sweep but they blew two games and made it look like a series before winning in six. They bring me back to 50% at seven out of 14. Thankfully. The coin flip picked Dallas and lost yet again. That’s five out of 14 for a pathetic 35.7%.

So that leaves the final, and I am guessing based on my statement in the Eastern Conference Final recap you can guess who I am going to pick.

Stanley Cup Final Round, Vegas Golden Knights vs the Fucking Florida Panthers: Can you guess who I am picking? Go on, guess. Vegas. Hockey Gods willing, they’ll win it in four, but I can’t be that lucky. The coin flip was heads, so it picks the higher seed, and that is Vegas. We’re both picking the Western Conference champs because Florida sucks. Fuck Florida. Fuck them right in their fucking ears.

If Vegas wins, I will have picked more than half of the matchups correctly. If Vegas loses I will have picked more than half of the matchups incorrectly. Given the results of the first three rounds, I can pretty much bank on Vegas losing because hockey as a living entity hates me almost as much as I hate Florida. Fucking Panther pricks.