Games Recap

The Red Sox won tonight, which is good, but so did the Blue Jays so we failed to move up in the standings. Oh well, we will get ‘em next time.

The Lightning won so the Stanley Cup final moves on to game six, which is mostly what I wanted. That’s good too.

The supreme court still over turned Roe vs Wade thus removing critical healthcare from millions of American citizens and thus enacting a literal death sentence upon countless women, so that’s about as evil as you can get.


I’ve been bouncing back and forth between the Red Sox and game five of the Stanley Cup finals.

The Sox are up in the eighth and the Lightning are up in the second intermission.

The Sox are amazingly only half a game out of second place in the AL East. The Lightning are down three games to one and are facing elimination.

Also, the supreme court fucked over all american females today.

Light Meter

Dad’s camera has a built in light meter. It runs on a little watch battery. The battery hasn’t been changed since the 80’s (if ever). Luckily I had a pack of the correct batteries (thanks to the pocket watch reclamation project from last year) and it turns out the meter works!

I took a couple of pictures, despite my microscopic knowledge of full manual camera operation. I’d use one of those pics for my photo a day thing but… you know… film. No instant gratification here.

The film in the camera has been sitting there since the 80’s. I don’t know anything about expired film besides the fact that it does expire. When the roll runs out, will anything be developable? Will anything work? Who knows. Also, there were six or seven shots taken before I got involved. I’m a little afraid to find out what they were. I haven’t a clue.

I think I’m going to try to put the other lens on next. Sweet!



Yesterday, while eating lunch, I bit my lip. It swelled up like you wouldn’t believe. It hurt like a bastard. It took all night for most of the swelling to go down. It was still sore this morning.

Wouldn’t you know it, I bit my lip again during lunch today. It was exactly the same spot. All the swelling is back. All the pain is back. Two pints of blood are gone. I’m feeling really lucky that I brought some paper towels with me today because I needed them to mop up the gore.

Stop doing that, asshole.