Cats and Sports

First, pointless pictures of cats:


Second, sports:

We listened to a chunk of the Bruins game on the radio in the car today. They beat the Penguins, a likely first round playoff opponent, thanks to a Pastrnak hat trick that put him over 100 points for the season. Glorious.

Right now I am watching the Red Sox. For the second game in a row they let the Orioles build a huge lead early and then started clawing their way back. They fell short by a run in game #1. Here in game #2 they train 8-6 in the seventh but are rallying. I’m not going to call this glorious, but it is pretty fun to watch.

Mostly Missed

The Red Sox game started a little after 2:00pm this afternoon. I had planned to listen to it on the radio while I worked. I got pulled into a critical meeting at 2:00 and didn’t get out to around 3:15. I had a few things to clear up after the meeting but I was just turning the game on at around 3:30 when I got pulled into a critical meeting for a different customer and didn’t get out until almost 5:30 when the game was over.

They lost to the Orioles, 9-8.

One game down. 161 to go. The statistical probability of losing 162 games this year is small, but really not small enough.

Go Red Sox!

Oh, and just for the record, the Bruins are tied at 1-1 with the Blue Jackets after two periods. Just so you know.

Opening Day Freeze

As expected, the Red Sox are getting trounced early in their opening day game.

It’s the fifth inning. It’s 39 degrees out. Call it baseball in the frozen tundra. I am honoring those who are freezing at the game by turning on the space heater while I work because I am really cold. At least I’m not outside while the Orioles hold an 8-2 lead.



World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic starts tonight in Taiwan.

Do I care?

Whenever they put on one of these tournaments, I always want to follow along and be a fan, but I always fail. Will this be the year that I finally catch World Baseball Classic fever?

The first two games are in Pool A. Cuba plays The Netherland tonight at 11:00pm in my time zone. Panama plays Chinese Taipei tomorrow at 6:00am in my time zone.

I kinda want to watch a game or two, but I doubt I’ll be watching either of those games at those times.

We will see.

Here’s a look at the pools and the bracket (sort of).

NESN on AppleTV

Why didn’t anyone tell me that NESN has an AppleTV app?

I just installed it and now I am watching spring training Red Sox baseball on my AppleTV! Will regular season games be blacked out by MLB? Will regular season Bruins games be blacked out? I have the account I’m using for the app tied to our Verizon cable account and NESN is in that package, so I don’t think so.

The next B’s game is Thursday. Fingers crossed until then.

Random Thoughts

How do you tell if your two cats are playing with each other, or actively tying to kill each other? One second they appear to be trying their hardest to tear each other’s throats out with their teeth, and the next second they are curled up together, grooming each other. I don’t get it. All I know for sure is that the kitten likes to stir up shit any chance she gets, and every now and then the bigger cat will turn the tables and ambush the kitten in ways that nearly make her shit herself. It’s scary and entertaining at the same time.

Harry’s coming home tonight. Just for one night. He’s having computer troubles and Jen is going to troubleshoot with him. That’s all. It’s going to be great to have him here though, even if it is a super short visit.

The weather sucks. It’s going to be super cold tomorrow, and we have another snow storm on the horizon. Hopefully I’ll be through with the car music by then. Hopefully the weather will start to improve once February ends, but we all know that Spring doesn’t come to New England anymore until mid-May at best. I want Summer. I want to move to San Diego where it’s summer all the time.

The Red Sox are playing their first Spring Training game right now. The annual beat-the-hell-out-of-a-college-team kick off to the grapefruit league season. They have a 5-3 lead over Northeastern University in the middle of the sixth inning. I am looking forward to the Red Sox season, even though it is clear we have another last place finish in our future. The fun part about Spring Training is the clean slate. Sure, our roster is a nightmare, but until you start losing games that matter, the possibilities are still very much endless. Speaking of San Diego, now that Xander Bogarts is a Padre, maybe it’s time to become a fan for real. I mean it is one of only three non-Boston stadiums I’ve ever been to. There’s personal history there. Maybe.

So television. I am currently trying to keep up with the following shows: The Last of Us, Star Wars The Bad Batch, Star Trek Picard, Poker Face, The Flash, Extraordinary, and You (season three, I am a full season behind). I may also get back into Star Trek Discovery but I’m a full season behind there too. The Mandalorian is coming back next week so we’ll add that to the mix as well. Yellowjackets season two is on the horizon too. On top of those shows, I have a weird compulsion to start binge re-watching The X-Files and Star Trek Deep Space Nine as well. Why am I torturing myself like this?

I haven’t shot any film since Disney World. I blame the weather. I still have a bunch of rolls saved up. I had way more than I needed for Disney so there’s still a nice supply available. I want to get some more black and white film to play with too, and once the weather starts clearing I am going to go WAY off the deep end, with both film and digital. I just need to find a way to convince people to go with me. Like a photography club or something, but just with people I actually know rather than random folks in some online club.

I want to go wander around Boston. I want to go wander around New York. I want to go wander around the mountains in New Hampshire and Vermont. I want to go wandering around the coast of Maine. I want to go wander around the coast of Massachusetts. I want to go back to Washington. I want to go back to San Diego and Los Angeles. I want to go to San Francisco for the first time. I want to go to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington for the first time too. I just want to go places. Covid screwed us out of three years of exploring. I want to make up for lost time.

Okay. Back to work, Robert. Only 2.5 hours to go until the weekend when you’ll see Harry and do a mountain of work on music and spend quality time with the love of your life. Get on with it!

Saturday Morning

I slept late today. I didn’t get up until almost 8:00am. The temperature outside at that time? 31 degrees. Shit. Winter is here.

I did my morning exercise before breakfast today. Over the last couple of weeks I have been walking in place for a bit then running in place for a bit and alternating until I hit about 5k in simulated distance. Yesterday I just ran the whole thing About 32 minutes, I think. Today I did the same except I actually used the indoor run workout in the workout app instead of the indoor walk setting. I went a little over my distance goal so that I could get up to 700 calories. I ended up at four miles (simulated). My feet and my calves are hurting, but I feel like I accomplished something.

The plan for today is another small kitchen improvement project, a visit to my mother, and a visit to my father. Beyond that, I don’t know for sure. Guitar, I hope. Bond movies, I assume. I want to watch yesterday’s That Pedal Show but the topic is a Boss pedal and I don’t really like Boss pedals, generally speaking.

I just stumbled over the new clock app in the new MacOS. I opened the clock on my phone and it came up on the laptop as a handoff. Sweet. Now I can track my time between bites on my computer instead of my phone.

I started a Bond movie while doing my faux running today. A View to a Kill. The last Roger Moore. It’s better than I remembered it, but it’s not very good. Christopher Walken as the bad guy. Can he play the bad guy in every Bond movie going forward? That would be fun.

I haven’t done my pick for the World Series post yet. Game one was last night. No spoilers on my pick, but the Phillies won and I am happy. I’ll do the real post later today. The UMass Lowell Riverhawks won too, and the Bruins are off to their best start in 10000 years at 8-1-0 after another win last night. I failed to watch/listen to either game, but I followed the scores as best I could. It was the first time I didn’t listen to at least a few minutes of either team’s game. Oh well.

Last night Jen and I both threw our names into the hat to be beta testers for Jack Dorsey’s new social network, Bluesky Social. Over the last year or so this page has been the only sort of social networking service that I’ve really been using. Actually, that isn’t entirely accurate. I stopped using Facebook and I’ve nearly stopped using Twitter, but I still use Flickr and lately I’ve been using the Flickr Groups more than normal and all of that counts as a social network. I have no idea what Bluesky Social is going to entail, but if it lets me thumb my nose at Musk and Twitter a little then sign me up.

Okay, time to wrap this post up. Bond and Tanya Roberts just stole a fire engine and jumped a draw bridge and that’s not cartoonish at all, right?

World Series… Someday

The matchup for the World Series is set and I am both happy and sad.

First, the bad news. I told Jen we were going to go to San Diego to see a World Series game if the Padres won the pennant. They did not win the pennant. Can we still go to San Diego? Please? I friggin’ love that city. The Phillies beat them in five games (I think… it was five games, wasn’t it?).

Now the good news. THE YANKEES WERE SWEPT AND IT IS AWESOME!!!!! The Astros have not lost a game in the post-season. Let me say that again… The Astros have not lost a game in the post-season. They beat Seattle in three games and the Yankees in four. I picked them to win, but only because they are not the Yankees.

Now for the World Series. The Phillies vs the Astros. Who should I back? Who should I root for? On the one hand, I don’t particularly care for the Astros after they eliminated my Red Sox last year, though I am very happy for the way they crushed the Yankees. I could go either way, I guess. I have been a Phillies fan in the past, though I know nothing about this year’s team and I am pissed at them for cancelling our San Diego trip. I could go either way with them as well. Does the possibility of the Astros running the table make me want to back them? Naw, I’m going to be a Phillies fan. Screw the Astros and their trash can crap*.

The only question that remains… why the hell are they waiting until Friday to start the series? Is the goal to stretch it out until Christmas? What the hell? The series is set, let’s play the friggin’ games!

Go Phillies.

*Yes, I know the Red Sox did the trash can shit too. Leave me alone.