Happy Five Months

Today is October 4th. Five months ago today I had gastric bypass surgery. In honor of the monthaversary, let’s weigh in. Yes, weigh ins are supposed to be Wednesdays and today is Tuesday, but the 4th of the month is a special occasion, right?

My weigh in last week was good but a little underwhelming. I lost 1.6 pounds. This week is a little more like it. Five pounds exactly. From 295.8 to 290.8, Sooooo very close to flipping that 10’s digit. Yesterday I said I might skip this week’s Wednesday weigh in. Now that I know I am less than a pound away from the 280’s, I might actually do it. You know, just in case.

The 10’s column did flip on the totals. My total weight loss since the surgery is now 140.6 pounds. My total weight loss since the first appointment back in January is now 161.2. Sweet Christmas, that’s a lot of weight. I’ve lost the equivalent of an adult human. I googled “weight loss equivalence” and found two sites that compare your weight loss total to something relatable. Neither had a value for 160. They both had the same value for 150 that wasn’t all that relatable. They both said the complete Oxford English Dictionary. Eh. One of them had an entry for 185 that was Hugh Jackman. I guess I have a goal now. It also had an entry for 235 that was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Again, goals.

This morning before work I did my daily walkies. I watched last Friday’s episode of The Rings of Power. I was planning on going the equivalent of 3.2 miles (about five kilometers). I was so into the show that I wasn’t paying attention to the data on my watch and I was over 3.8 miles before I realized I could stop. I thought about pushing it up to four miles, but I think that would have stretched a little beyond 9:00am so I stopped. Maybe we’ll do that tomorrow. Maybe going a little extra today will shave off that 0.9 pounds and get me into the 280’s by tomorrow. Who knows. I just feel silly with this whole thing now. Hugh Jackman, here I come.

Week 21 Weigh In

It’s Wednesday so it’s weigh in day, and it’s pretty underwhelming this time. That’s okay, after the celebrations last week, I was due for a slow week.

I am down 1.60 pounds. In the weight watchers days I would be thrilled with this. In the post-surgery days I am still pretty thrilled, even if it’s a great deal less than what I am used to at this point. We’ll see if we can have a bigger drop next week. As long as we keep going in the negative direction, I’ll be pretty stoked.

I had a bad time with dinner last night. It was just a split second’s worth of forgetting the new normal and it screwed me up for hours. In the old days I was a super fast eater. Bite-chew-chew-swallow. My teeth are pretty screwed up, so the less chomping I did, the lower the chances for dental issues. I can’t do that anymore. I need to chew the holy hell out of every small bite before I gulp. Last night I cut myself a small bite of chicken and forgot to chew thoroughly and swallowed it after just a few chomps. I realized the mistake immediately and knew I was going to have a bad time.

I tried to eat a little more, but soon enough that stomach pain and nausea hit me. I gave myself a 10 minute break. That didn’t help so I turned it into 20 minutes. Nope. 30 minutes. Still nope. 40 minutes and I was starting to feel like the end was in site. I put my dinner plate away in the kitchen and went grocery shopping. When I was home again I restarted eating dinner and everything went smoothly. I can’t mess up like that anymore. Pay attention, Robert!

Okay then, in summation, here’s hoping for a bigger bang for our bucks in week 22, and also don’t forget to chew your food. At least 32 times, just like Nana used to say.

Week 20 Weigh In

Line up that marching band, babie! Kick off that circus parade! Today is a gigantic day! A huge, massive, gigantic landmark of a freakin’ day!

It’s been 20 weeks since the surgery. I think today is the day that I am going to share just how much I actually weigh, and along with that I am going to share how much I weighed on day one. That number is huge. It’s embarrassing. We’re talking about someone who has been grossly overweight his entire life and never really been shy about the numbers, and this number is too high for me to have shared because it’s so embarrassing. So this post is going to be a big deal for me. I’m not doing it for anyone but me so please don’t comment or anything. Just let me stew in it, okay? Right.

Last week I said I was 4.2 pounds away from flipping down the hundreds column of my total weight. I think I also mentioned that waiting a whole week to step on the scale was going to be impossible and it was. I actually weighed myself on Sunday but didn’t update my records. I was 0.8 pounds away from flipping the hundred. Close but no cigar.

Last week I was 304.2 pounds. Today I am down to 297.4. That’s a drop of 6.8 glorious pounds, and the hundreds column has changed for the second time! I am so fucking insanely happy right now. Pardon the Eff-bomb, but it’s the only adjective that fits the feeling. I never thought I would be here again. Never. My whole adult life I have been over 300 pounds. This is a really big deal. A super big deal.

Now for the embarrassing part that will be topped off by a seriously exciting part. On January 19, 2022 when I walked into the weight loss clinic for the first time I weighed 452 pounds and my BMI was 55. On April 29, 2022 when I walked into the clinic for the last time before having the surgery on May 4th I weighed 431.4 pounds and my BMI was 52.5. Today I am 297.4 and my BMI is 36.2. That’s a drop of 154.6/134 pounds and 18.8/16.3 points. Are you kidding me? ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR POUNDS!

Prior to the surgery they gave me an estimate of the amount of weight I could reasonably expect to lose. It was between 130 and 170 pounds. I’m over 130 since the surgery so it’s safe to assume the leveling out will start at some point soon. I am nowhere close to being done though. I did the math a few weeks ago and in order to get my BMI down to an actual healthy point I will need to get down to about 190 pounds. That means I still have over 100 pounds to go.

I’m not concerning myself with what still remains right now. Today I am just feeling happy and I want to stay with this mindset for a bit before I start focusing on the future. The day I flipped from the 400s to the 300s (May 16, 2022) was a great day. It felt so good. Today, as we flip from 300s to 200s is just indescribable. I can’t put it into words. It’s epic. It’s magic. It’s majestic.

Just wait until the 200s flip to the 100s (fingers crossed I can get there). Oh boy will that be a crazy day.

Happy 20 weeks, and happy 200s! WOOHOO

Rough Morning

This one might venture into TMI territory. I’ll be careful not to overshare, but given that this blog is more like a personal weight loss surgery journal just for me (sorry) I feel I need to document today’s fun. Again, sorry.

A couple of times over the last two months my digestive system has rebelled. I go a few days with nuttin’ but chirping crickets and then a very difficult, rather painful morning of struggle and teeth gritting and all sorts of fun. That’s me today. I have spent a lot of time in the bathroom with… very little reward. Is that skirting the TMI line? There has been success, it just took a lot of work and a lot of discomfort and now that things are… well… moving (wink wink) I don’t think it is going to stop for a while. How’s that? Did I give enough detail for me to know what I am talking about when I review this post five years from now without maybe grossing out all of you fine people who happen to read this? Would it make you all feel better if I say that people who read this page are among the finest people on the Earth? You are all kind hearted, generous, strong, good looking folks who are respected and looked up to by all who meet you. Given that, I hope I didn’t gross you out.

In other news, Jen is in the office today and it sucks. She’s going to be in the office tomorrow too and that is going to suck. Suck for me, at least. I miss her. She also has an after work, work function tonight and she won’t be home until late. I’m on my own for dinner, which isn’t a big deal, but I am going to be sad without her around.

I’m thinking of taking the camera into Boston tonight. Maybe I could get some pics of all the signs and lights in the theater district. That little area has been on my photo-to-do list for a while. Unfortunately there are thunderstorms in the forecast. We’ll have to see how it goes this evening. It would be nice, and I’ve already started researching how high I can set my ISO before the digital noise gets too obnoxious.

Here’s hoping the weather forecast changes and things clear up.

It is Wednesday Again

Yesterday was Tuesday, so you know what that means… It’s weigh in day. The numbers were excellent. I am down 5.4 pounds. Can you dig that crazy sound, or what? I am 4.2 pounds away from flipping my total weight’s hundreds column. If next week is as good as this week was… then we could be a week away from that wonderful moment. To quote Clark W Griswald, “Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where’s the Tylenol?”

It’s been a tough week food wise. I wrote about the stomach problems I had on Monday. Yesterday I was okay on that front, mostly, but I came up super short of my protein goal. I need 60 grams a day and I only got to 50. I will remedy that today, thank you very much.

I am working in the office for the second half of the day. My new hire lives in the mid-west and he is in town so we’re going to meet up with him after work and actually exist in person. That means I am going to a public place where people are. I’m okay with this even through my nervous Covid-19 paranoia. It just means I will have to deal with my Covid-19 paranoia, you know? We’re going to get some dinner and that means I will have to order something and then not eat most of it. I plan to bring my little digital scale and not over do it. I’ll have the stop watch on my phone too. They are all going to laugh at me, but I’m okay with it because I lost five and four tenths pounds this week.

I Gave In to The Facebook

I had a rough afternoon today. My stomach was feeling off all day and when it came time for lunch it went bad. Not to get into TMI territory, but there was a small amount of vomit involved. I was trying to have three ounces of turkey and I only got through 1.7 ounces. I did much better with dinner. Jen made beef stew and it smelled so good. I needed to get over whatever was wrong so that I could have some and fortunately I did. It was delicious.

Before dinner though I did something I don’t want to do anymore. I spent a little time on the Facebook. I got today’s Wordle in two tries. If I get it in three tires I post it to Twitter. If I get it in two I post it to the Facebook. So I logged on and posted my success story. Then I checked notifications. Then I joined a couple of Nikon camera groups. Then I vented my food frustrations on a Bariatric Surgery group. Then I perused my timeline a little. Then I came to my senses.

I went to the Nikon groups to ask for suggestions on what the next camera should be. I went to the surgery group to say that my stomach revolted but that I will get through it. I also saw someone who was afraid that he weighed too much and let him know that when I started I weighed even more. I don’t know if it helped at all, but I hope it did. Hell, I’ve lost 140 pounds. If my dumb ass can do it then his can too.

So I cheated on my Facebook ban. Sorry about that. I’ll do better. I just had a tough day but I’m better now.


Today is weigh in day and it is the most underwhelming weigh in day yet.

I weighed myself early, three days ago, because of the monthiversary. The results were wonderful. Today, I knew it was going to be sort of a waste of time. There just hasn’t been enough time for anything interesting to happen. It went exactly as expected.

In the last three days I have lost 0.2 pounds. Now before you think that I am bitching, I am most definitely not. Down two tenths of a pound is progress in the right direction and therefore is AWESOME.

Here’s hoping for another few pounds next Wednesday. We’re one small step closer to flipping that hundreds digit. Let’s go, babie!

Things From This Afternoon

There was a pretty monumental occurrence this afternoon. For the first time since the surgery…

I ate peanuts.

One ounce of peanuts has seven grams of protein. Sweet!

I kept the bite sizes super small and chewed them until my head was about to fall off, and then I waited a full minute after finishing one bite before taking the next. In other words, I was uber careful.

And it all went fine. I can officially eat peanuts again. What a happy day!

Let’s celebrate with a picture of the cat!


Also, here are some flowers that I picked up at the grocery store because I am ALL CLASS, BABIE!


The flowers in the photo were back lit. Did I use exposure compensation again? Oh, you bet your sweet ass I did!

Happy Return to Peanuts Day!

Four Months

Today is the fourth monthiversary of my Gastric Bypass surgery. That means it’s a bonus weigh in day. Are you excited? I am!

I needed to lose more than three pounds in order for the 10’s column to change. Did I make it? Will I have to wait until Wednesday?

I lost 3.2 pounds.

Oh, hell yes! The 10’s column just barely changed! I just ate a bite of chicken. I bet if I weighed myself again it would go up again, but there ain’t no way I’m doing that! Wanna hear something truly absurd? The next time the 10’s column goes down… the 100’s column goes down too.

That’s going to be a shock. Seriously. If things keep going the way they’re going that could happen in maybe three weeks or so. I am not banking on it. I have to level off at some point, right? Still… that would be Earth Alteringly awesome.

All of the other numbers I am tracking had their 10’s columns drop too. My BMI went down 0.4 points. My weight lost since surgery (approximately) is now 121.6 and my weight lost since the first appointment is now 142.2.

The last week or two have seen an increasing number of difficult meals. I think I am starting to get arrogant in my eating habits and maybe not paying attention to the details closely enough. I am trying to cut back on the amount of food at each meal, in the hopes that it will in turn make it less likely for me to feel any stomach issues. Yesterday was free of issues, and I’m eating breakfast as I type this and not having any problems yet today. Here’s hoping all remains positive on that front.

Over all though, I feel so good. I can’t put it into words. I feel great.

Next weigh in is the usual Wednesday weekly weigh in. The numbers will be small but hopefully they will continue moving in the right direction.

To sum up… WOOHOO! Four Months!

Bad Lunch

I made some mistakes with my lunch today. I took a little chicken and a few grapes. Probably a little too much of each. Then when I was getting near the end of the chicken I guess I was biting off too much and along came the stomach discomfort. I don’t really think I was nauseous, maybe a bit, but not really. No, it was mostly just discomfort. It didn’t feel good. I got up and walked around and ended up in the backyard where I saw this:


I didn’t finish the last 0.2 oz of the chicken, and I haven’t touched the grapes. I might, but probably not for another half hour or so. I need to make sure I recover before I try to eat anything else.

I need to be smarter about stuff like this. If I had been in the office… that would be tough to deal with.