I am in the habit of going to sleep later and later and then waking up later and later. That habit needs to end right now. Right this minute. I was doing so good. I was going to sleep around 11:00pm and waking up at 6:00am. Four of the last five days have seen me push those times up an hour at least. I need to get up early enough to get my morning walkies in and still have time for breakfast. I don’t like eating breakfast while I work. This needs to change.

Also, I am tired and I don’t want to be. The tiniest change to my sleep schedule messes me up for days. Days, I tells ya.

Okay, I have to go make my breakfast and then go back to work. Ugh.

Fun With Weigh Ins

Today is Wednesday and I have stepped on the scale… even though the last two weeks have made today’s number kinda irrelevant.

I am down 1.4 pounds since the last weigh in, which was four days ago. It looks like a crappy number, but when you add in the previous weigh in, which was six days ago, it comes to 4.2 pounds which is pretty good and it is still missing a day. Even though 1.4 looks like a super small number compared to all of the other check in numbers on my spreadsheet, I am still very pleased.

Progress is progress and if I hadn’t fudged up my weigh in schedule it would look like a really good week’s results. So there you have it.

The total amount since the surgery is now 103.2 and the total since the first appointment is 123.8. I am also 28.2 pounds (approximately) away from the sleep apnea experiment I mentioned last night. Suddenly I am really excited about the idea of not having an alien face hugger stuck to me head every night. Finally, it’s a big moment from the BMI perspective. The value is only down 0.2 but the digit in the 10’s column changed. That’s worthy of celebration, right?

One of the reasons I am happy with today’s results is I have been eating more at each meal. Instead of capping myself at about five ounces of food I am letting it creep up to six or seven or, like two nights ago, eight ounces. I’ve been trying to not be afraid of between meal snacks as well. Mostly I want snacks to be fruit, but sometimes sugar free pudding is hard to ignore. That was the case last night. If I had avoided that 3.5 ounce cup of pudding at 8:50pm last night I might have been down 10 pounds today. Who knows. I am not worrying about it though. I am happy with how things are going. Very happy.

So now I am going to stay on schedule and not even think about the scale (yeah, right) until next week. Wednesday August 17, 2022: The next weigh in day.

Until then, my readers and only friends.

Sleep Apnea Thoughts

I was tested for Sleep Apnea because I couldn’t get a good nights sleep to save my life and I was snoring so loud that I couldn’t stay in the room with Jen anymore.

When I started looking into Gastric Bypass I was told that the surgery would result in enough weight loss to cure my apnea. That sounded good to me.

101 pounds later I’m trying to decide how I’ll know when my apnea is cured if I never stop using the CPAP machine. It seems the only course of action is to just stop using it and see what happens.

But when? I asked Jen what she thought, given that my snoring keeps her awake even more than it keeps me awake. We were both on the same page. If I lose 30 more pounds I’ll do an experiment where I don’t use the machine for a night and see what happens. I’ll be curious how it affects Jen’s sleep, and what the sleep numbers my AppleWatch records look like.

At this rate that will be 4-5 weeks from now. Until then I’ll keep sticking that mask over my face.

Good Morning

Good morning everyone. How was your weekend. Did you do anything fun?

I didn’t do any of my exercising yesterday until after 10:00pm. I then did this morning’s exercising at a little after 8:00am. I suspect that is going to result in some issues throughout the day today. I also failed to do any weight training over the weekend. Let’s say that today is the day it starts for real.

Jen and I finished Stranger Things last night. The last episode is about 2.5 hours long. For a TV show, that is looooong. We’re up to date now though. Harry still has to run that particular episode marathon, but once that’s done we’ll all be up to date. The show is now clear to start working on season five (I think they’ve already started without my approval).

I have decided that, after season five is over, I want to see a spin off series that is just Nancy and Robin in the X-Files. I think I smell a hit. Steve can show up and be their muscle from time to time, and the rest of the cast can make cameos (except Mike, he’s kind of a douche). Oh! Now that I think of it, Will and Dustin and Lucas can be the guys from The Lone Gunmen! This show is going to rule!

I tried out the new toaster oven/air fryer last night by trying to air fry some potatoes. The results were less than stellar, but I don’t know if it was my fault or the oven’s fault. I think it was a combination of the two. The potatoes were one part bland (my fault) and one part… squishy? I guess? That’s probably the oven’s fault. I want another crack at it tonight (with maybe some broccoli too?) but we ran out of olive oil so we need to hit the store for a resupply. Challenge accepted.

I brought up the idea of maybe Jen and me taking a day off on a day when Harry doesn’t have to work so that we can all have an extra shot at doing something fun together before he goes back to school. There isn’t a whole lot of time left with him this summer and I feel like we need to do something to take advantage of what time we have. We also need to get up to Vermont to visit Bellana and steal some additional time with her as well.

Okay, Robert. Back to work with you.


Two days ago I weighed myself and my weight loss since the Gastric Bypass surgery was at 99 pounds on the dot. I was positive that I would not be able to wait a full week to weigh myself again because I would not be able to handle waiting for that number to tip over 100.

I weighed myself today. I have lost 100 pounds since the surgery.


Three months and two days and I am down 101.8 pounds. Queue up the marching band and the parade and the circus animals and the fireworks, babie! I’ve lost 100 pounds!



Today at lunch I took a few minutes to do a little liftin’. I put 10 pounds on the two little dumbbells and test drove a suggested weight training routine.

Ten curls with my right arm followed by 10 curls with my left arm. Repeat the entire thing four times.

Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

Three Months

Today’s a big day for me. Three months ago today I had my Gastric Bypass surgery. Three months. One quarter of a year. Let’s check in, shall we?

When I left the hospital on May 5th I was given four prescriptions. One was a pain killer and I never even opened the bottle. Another was a pain killer that I took for the first few days but (with the doctor’s approval) I stopped taking because it was making me really light headed. Another was an anti-nausea med and I never opened the bottle. The fourth and final med was an antacid. I took that one. They gave me two refills and I filled them both. This morning, I took the last pill from the last refill. I am officially done with post-surgical medication. From now on I will just be taking vitamins by the fist full. Happy no more prescriptions day!

I weighed myself this morning and I am a little ticked off about it. Wednesday is my “official” weigh in day, but I waited one extra day this week so that I could celebrate the monthiversary. Last week I weighed in a day early, so it has been nine days since I stepped on the scale. I lost 7.4 pounds. That is awesome. Seven and four tenths pounds. Epic. I was actually a little nervous that the number was going to be lower than normal. Since my last nutritionist appointment I have been eating more with each meal, and I have been having occasional snacks. I figured with the intake increasing a little, the weight loss would be down. Nope. This week’s results are really great.

If the numbers looked good, why am I a little ticked off? Well I’ll tell you. My total weight lost since the first check in is up to a gigantic 119.6 pounds. Wow. Just… Wow. My total weight lost since (four days before) the surgery is… ugh… 99 pounds on the nose. Ninety-nine. So close. So very close to 100 pounds. Ugh. You know what this means? It means I am going to have to weigh myself every day until I hit 100. Maybe every other day. I don’t know. I am definitely not going to be able to wait until next Wednesday to weigh in again. I am going to need to have that third digit.

Overall, the update is about the same as last time. I feel great. My back is starting to act up a little. I need to do some back strengthening exercises to combat that. My legs are feeling tired more often these days too. I need to do some more exercise there as well. My arms are looking flabby. It is definitely time to start lifting weights. I have a weight set and a weight bench and all that goes with it, but I haven’t set any of it up yet and I am still not sure what to do with it when it is set up. Google and YouTube will point me toward something, I am sure. I just have to do it.

Here’s hoping that month four feels as good as month three. I am really looking forward to it. Happy days, folks. Happy days.