I was worried about getting my 30 minutes of exercise in today but I was able to pull it off. Did you know that riding a stationary bike uses a different set of muscles than walking in place? Who knew, right? So now I’ve got two different sets of muscles in pain. Nice.

Speaking of pain. I had a slightly positive outlook on the whole tendinitis in my thumb thing this morning. I still can’t really bend it at the knuckle without that weird getting stuck feeling, but the general, constant pain seemed to have passed. Progress, right? Then I put together an exercise bike. Oh, there you are, constant pain. Welcome home, my constant friend.

A Streak is in Jeopardy

An epic streak might come to an end today. For 16 days now I have been able to exercise for at least 30 minutes. I don’t know if I’ve ever pulled anything off in that scope. All I’m doing is walking in place at a quick pace. I work up a sweat, my heart rate rises, my legs burn. It’s not much at all, but for someone as painfully out of shape as I am, it’s something and something is better than nothing.

It was tough yesterday. My legs were killing me. I had to do it in five minute chunks because I couldn’t keep going any longer than that. Wuss. I haven’t done anything today, but already my legs feel like lead. I’m a little nervous I won’t be able to keep the streak alive.

Come on, fat boy. Git’er done.

Also, I looked at all of my past blog posts from September 24ths (yesterday) in history. Last year on 9/24 I finally saw Steve Hackett in concert. Awesome. On 9/24/14 I finished 50/90. Wait… what? The last time I finished 50/90 I did it with six days to spare? Why didn’t I pull that off this year? I’m behind schedule! Yikes!

Anyway. Hopefully I can get my 30 minutes of walking in. Ouch.

Intermittent Fasting Update

I have about an hour and a half left in my 14th consecutive intermittent fast. Two weeks seems like a huge deal for some reason. I figured I’d try it for a week and then I lost a bunch of weight on the first week. Cool! The second week’s weight loss would be better described as tiny, but there was weight loss. Every bit helps.

Two weeks. Jen tried it for a couple of days and stopped. She didn’t feel good. I hadn’t had that problem until yesterday. By hour 14 or 15 yesterday I wasn’t feeling all that great. By 15.5 I was actually feeling a little foggy. I was really hungry and it was messing with my head. So far today I don’t feel bad at all. I’m not sure what happened yesterday, but if that becomes a regular thing I’m going to stop all together. I didn’t like the way I felt yesterday.

We’re also keeping up with the daily exercise. It’s just walking in place, but it definitely helps. When I started this two weeks ago I would go for five minutes and then have to sit down. Today I did 12 minutes before it hurt my back too much to go on. That was great, but let’s see how I feel when I have to do another round during lunch. I might be down to five minutes (or less) again. We’ll see.

Did I Screw Up?

Last night Jen, Harry, and I were completely wrapped up in Cobra Kai season 2. We were watching, discussing, laughing, and snacking. Later, as I was getting ready for bed, I realized I forgot to set the timer for my fast. It was after 11:00. The fast was supposed to start at 9:00.

That’s when I asked myself, were you munching on those peanuts after 9:00? I can’t say one way or the other. I set today’s fast at 10-2 instead of 9-1. If I had an extra hour yesterday, I’ll short myself an hour today.

It’s been 10 days. You’d think it would be routine by now. Apparently not.

Intermittent Fasting is Suddenly Difficult

I am freakin’ starving. Today is my eighth day playing around with this little weight loss gimmick. I have been 100% on board with no cheating at all. Fast periods start at 9:00pm and end at 1:00pm the next day. In the first week I had really good results. It hasn’t exactly been easy to stop myself from eating during the fast periods, but it hasn’t been too difficult.

Today though, holy crap. There have been four times since last night when I walked through the kitchen and actually picked up some snack food before realizing that I was in a fast. Crap. The current fast ends in 13 minutes, so I’m almost there. Still… damn it has been tough today.

I Missed an Important Date

Today is September 14th. I missed an important anniversary yesterday.

September 13th marked six months since the start of the lock down.

No end in site.

I am still keeping track of the daily numbers for both Massachusetts and the United States. I added the Rt number as well. There was a time when Massachusetts was becoming the envy of the nation as our Rt number dropped to the lowest in the country. No more. It was 1.16 yesterday. I don’t have a number for today yet.

Schools are opening and the numbers are spiking. Some schools in MA are already switching to remote. They should all just stop screwing around and switch. New Hampshire should too. My step son is at home this week, but next week? Who knows.

Six months. We were originally expecting two weeks. This is insane. 194,000 corpses in the US and counting. I am so tired of this. It’s just exhausting.