Three Months

Today’s a big day for me. Three months ago today I had my Gastric Bypass surgery. Three months. One quarter of a year. Let’s check in, shall we?

When I left the hospital on May 5th I was given four prescriptions. One was a pain killer and I never even opened the bottle. Another was a pain killer that I took for the first few days but (with the doctor’s approval) I stopped taking because it was making me really light headed. Another was an anti-nausea med and I never opened the bottle. The fourth and final med was an antacid. I took that one. They gave me two refills and I filled them both. This morning, I took the last pill from the last refill. I am officially done with post-surgical medication. From now on I will just be taking vitamins by the fist full. Happy no more prescriptions day!

I weighed myself this morning and I am a little ticked off about it. Wednesday is my “official” weigh in day, but I waited one extra day this week so that I could celebrate the monthiversary. Last week I weighed in a day early, so it has been nine days since I stepped on the scale. I lost 7.4 pounds. That is awesome. Seven and four tenths pounds. Epic. I was actually a little nervous that the number was going to be lower than normal. Since my last nutritionist appointment I have been eating more with each meal, and I have been having occasional snacks. I figured with the intake increasing a little, the weight loss would be down. Nope. This week’s results are really great.

If the numbers looked good, why am I a little ticked off? Well I’ll tell you. My total weight lost since the first check in is up to a gigantic 119.6 pounds. Wow. Just… Wow. My total weight lost since (four days before) the surgery is… ugh… 99 pounds on the nose. Ninety-nine. So close. So very close to 100 pounds. Ugh. You know what this means? It means I am going to have to weigh myself every day until I hit 100. Maybe every other day. I don’t know. I am definitely not going to be able to wait until next Wednesday to weigh in again. I am going to need to have that third digit.

Overall, the update is about the same as last time. I feel great. My back is starting to act up a little. I need to do some back strengthening exercises to combat that. My legs are feeling tired more often these days too. I need to do some more exercise there as well. My arms are looking flabby. It is definitely time to start lifting weights. I have a weight set and a weight bench and all that goes with it, but I haven’t set any of it up yet and I am still not sure what to do with it when it is set up. Google and YouTube will point me toward something, I am sure. I just have to do it.

Here’s hoping that month four feels as good as month three. I am really looking forward to it. Happy days, folks. Happy days.

Bed Time Thoughts

I tried to watch Sunday night’s episode of Westworld before work this morning but HBO Max wouldn’t play the video for some reason. It’s playing now. Once it’s done I’m going to sleep.

My Apple Watch is charging. Once it’s done I’ll go to sleep, assuming the above item is complete. I actually just kicked off an update. Who knows how long that will take.

Speaking of my Apple Watch, the activity app’s calorie goal wasn’t reached until almost 10pm tonight. Not sure why it took so long this time. I’ll keep an eye on it.

I was looking at a Nikon D90 group on Flickr tonight. The newest discussion topic was two years old but I found a thread discussing shutter counts. Now I’m paranoid that my camera has too much mileage to be reliable. That’s bullshit, of course. I’m going to use it until it disintegrates, and probably keep using it after that.

Speaking of cameras, I really want to take another stroll around Boston. There is talk of the Aquarium this weekend. We’ll see.

That cat was laying down on Jen’s pillow a few minutes ago. It’s was as adorable as can be.

Okay, my watch is updated and Westworld is 2/3 finished. I think I’ll post this now. I hope you enjoyed it for it’s random stupidness.

Spider Hunt

Spiders in the cellar: 0
Robert: 3

Our cellar is, traditionally, the spider kingdom of North America. This isn’t our house, it’s theirs and they just let us stay.

Yesterday, while doing my morning walking-in-place-thing, I started to fight back. There were some serious webs in the ceiling in between the joists. I grabbed a towel and removed them. Forced relocation, if you will. Today, while doing my morning walking-in-place-thing, I found three spiders trying to rebuild along the wall next to one of the floor lamps. I went on the spider hunt, without breaking my walking-in-place-thing stride (though my watch did register it as a drastic slowing of the pace) I grabbed some Kleenex and terminated the arachnids with extreme prejudice. I went all Rambo on their eight legged asses.

Good night, sweet spiders. May you rest in creepy, squished, peace.

Thoughts on this week’s weigh in. Hmmm…

Two weeks ago I weighed in two days early, on Monday instead of Wednesday. Last week I weighed in one day early, on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. This week I am on track to weigh in on Wednesday, the way the universe wants me to.


I think I might wait until Thursday and weigh in one day late. Why? Because Thursday is August 4th, the third monthiversary* of the surgery. I think it would make sense to wait an extra day and celebrate the month rather than go on Wednesday and celebrate the week (the 13th week, to be exact).

Now while that does seem like a good idea, I don’t know if the curiosity is going to let me wait an extra day. We will have to see what tomorrow morning brings. As of right now though, the weigh in will be on Thursday.

*I just want to acknowledge that my browser’s spell check no longer views monthiversary as a spelling error. I have taught you well, young spell checking Padawan.

Huh… it doesn’t flag Padawan as a spelling error either. Oh how the Star Wars have taken over our popular culture. Finally!

Workout Streak

I think it was June 1st. That was the day I went nuts on my walking in place exercise and did the full 30 minutes in one shot. Every day since then I did the same. On 3-4 days I even pushed it to 45 minutes, but prior to today I was on a streak of 59 days doing a single workout of at least 30 minutes.

Today the streak was in jeopardy. I closed my 30 minute exercise ring without doing any specific workout at all. Most of it came from walking around Boston, but there were a few minutes from walking up and down the cellar stairs and from following my mother around the nursing home while wearing a mask.

The exercise ring was closed. I didn’t need to do any more. I could call it a day and consider it a win, right?

Wrong. Jen fell asleep around 10:00pm tonight. Harry got home from work at about the same time and camped himself in front of the tele to come down after a stressed out shift. I took the opportunity to go down to the cellar, pop on this week’s episode of That Pedal Show, and do my 30 minutes of walking in place.

Sure my 30 minute exercise ring is at 60 minutes. That’s cool and all, but the important thing is that the single 30 minute workout streak continues. 60 days down, effectively infinity to go! WOOHOO!

Rough Visit

My father got to see my mother today for the first time in a long time. Mom recognized him but wasn’t in a good way. I suppose it could have been worse. When I got there she was in a rough place. It’s difficult, but I’d feel worse if I couldn’t get there.

Back at the house, Jen has introduced Harry to Arrested Development. We are burning through it at breakneck pace.

We are also planning to go for a walk in Boston tomorrow. Both film cameras are coming. When the Nikon runs out of film the Pentax will take over.

Until then, we are about 90 minutes away from winning Mega Millions. 1.1 Billion US dollars? I’ll take it.

55 Years

Today is my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. On this day in the summer of love, 1967, those two crazy kids got hitched. They are not currently living in the same facility. Dad is in an assisted living place in Billerica and Mom is in a nursing facility in Andover. It’s devastating. Any time I visit Mom I try to call Dad so they can connect a little, but my Mother mostly doesn’t get what’s going on and it fails. Dad was insistent that he see her today, rightly so, and my brother is taking him. My brother saw Mom yesterday and it sounds like it was a pretty rough day for her. The fear is that the same thing will happen today and it will some how make things worse for both parents. When I try to pretend I am an optimist, I try to envision something in Mom’s head snapping into focus when she sees Dad. Fingers crossed. Really hoping something like that happens. Seriously.

Anyway, 55 years is a huge number. Do me a favor and take a second to wish my folks a happy anniversary. Maybe some happy vibes from the electronic universe will help them connect today. Wouldn’t that be great?

Nutritionist Day

I have an appointment with the Nutritionist today. Not exactly sure what we’re going to talk about. Can I eat green veggies at will now? Can I eat bread yet? Should I change up my meal planning? Are there any more restrictions to think about? How’s my exercise routine working out? Should I start counting calories? All sorts of things like that.

I am working a half day. If the appointment ends early I might have some time for errands. I need to pick up a small order at the store I call Tall and Fat, I need to drop off a bag full of clothes for donation, I need to stop at the post office, stuff like that.

(Pause while I remove a small spider from the ecosystem)

I still have to put together the weight bench we bought a couple of weeks ago, along with a box of free weights. I’ve never been into lifting weights before so I am not sure what I should do with all of this stuff. Youtube will probably help me out.

Last night we watched the first episode of Stranger Things 4. I got some real Evil Dead 2 vibes and I am all for it. We also saw Thor: Love and Thunder in our first trip to a movie theater since the pandemic started. There were only four or five groups in the theater and we were all spread out. The only health issue we had was with Harry’s insulin pump, but that worked out fine and wasn’t really a problem.

The movie was good. It wasn’t as good as Thor: Ragnarok, but it was good. The laughs were genuine, the action was cool. My only beef was that it moved too fast. They cut it down to two hours, but it felt like another 30-40 minutes would have improved the story.

Okay then. Wish me luck on the Nutritionist appointment. Fingers crossed for low-fat Ritz crackers and quinoa, though not at the same time.