The Last Work Day Before Vacation

It’s Friday. Tomorrow is New Years Eve. Monday is New Years Day (celebrated). Tuesday is the first day of my two week vacation. That means that I am officially on vacation at 5:30pm today. Nine hours and 13 minutes from now.

I haven’t started packing yet, but I have done some pre-pack preparations. We have a dining room table full of toiletries that are ready to pack. Last night I went to a department store and bought three pairs of jeans. I’ve been buying new clothes every 5-6 weeks or so, and it was about time anyway. The new jeans are, shockingly, TWO sizes smaller than last month’s jeans. I’m not sure, but I think my waist size is 16 inches smaller than it was a year ago? something like that. I really cannot believe it.

This morning I wrote up a packing list that (hopefully) is ridiculously thorough so that I don’t forget anything. It was so over the top that Jen actually suggested I drop a few items because they were overkill. That’s okay with me.

Plans for the weekend are mostly up in the air. The kids are with Dad for New Years Eve, but they said they would come over for a visit in the afternoon. I am so happy about that. I was thinking maybe we could sneak out to the city after they leave and pretend we are not afraid of Covid and stuff like that. The temperature is supposed to be super warm, but it’s also supposed to rain all day and night. So much for that plan. I want to visit both of my parents before we leave. I need to do a little more travel supply shopping, but mostly just for protein supplement stuff. The kids are coming to our house on Monday before we leave. Actually, when we leave sort of depends on when they get here. We want to spend a little time with them at home before the chaos commences. There’s also a little NHL Winter Classic game happening at 2:00pm that includes the Boston Bruins and Fenway Park. If we’re home, I’m watching. If we’re on the road, I’m listening on the radio.

Jen and I just added our Disney passes to our Apple Wallets so that we can use our phones and watches in place of the Magic Bands we used on the last couple of Disney trips. That’s pretty cool. We’re both hoping we can leave all of our various cards behind and do anything we need to do through Apple Wallet via Apple Pay and what not. It’s time to embrace the future!

I punched into work a smidge early today, just to get a jump on stuff on my last day. At this point I am eight hours and 35 minutes away from my two week, epic vacation. May today be a quiet day at work while still managing to not drag. Fingers crossed on that. Happy Last Work Day Before Vacation, everyone!

YouTube is Helpful

I’ve watched at least 10 videos on YouTube that walk through Nikon Z5 settings and menus. There was one question I had that none of them answered. How do you set the camera so that you can use the little joystick to set your focus point. While doing today’s faux-jog (pronounced faux-yog, with a soft “J”) I watched this one, which I think answered the question. I’ll check once my legs start working again.

Ever since the camera obsession was reborn back in June, YouTube has been a huge help to me, a source of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (what is this medium format of which you speak?), and it’s more or less replaced my constant television streaming. 95% of what I’ve watched is film related, but there are a bunch of digital folks that I have obsessed over too.

Of course January will bring us a new Star Wars show (The Bad Batch season two) and a new HBO show that I can already tell is going to be appointment viewing (The Last of Us), and there is more Star Wars and Marvel (I think?) and Walking Dead not too far behind that. TV will take back a lot of my time during faux-jog (pronounced faux-yog, with a soft “J”), but I think photography YouTube might be here to stay for a while.

For now though, let’s go see if the autofocus joy stick thingie can be switched on via the back display screen.

ADDENDUM: Okay, so I can’t embed the video. Sigh. You get the idea anyway, right? Here’s a link.

In the Office

Today is our work Xmas party. I got a coffee mug in the yankee swap. It was a pretty cut throat game. One of my staff members lives in Minnesota. I just ordered lunch for him via DoorDash. The app kept yelling at me for being in Massachusetts and placing an order in Minnesota. Come on, app. I know what I’m doing.


I mentioned yesterday that I signed up to be a beta tester for Bluesky social. I also said I was pretty much done with social networks but I forgot about Instagram, which I use pretty regularly these days. I guess it just doesn’t register that way for me. I guess.

Today I Googled “twitter alternatives” because I feel kinda gross using an Elon Musk owned product. I signed up for two of them. Mastodon and I haven’t really connected yet. Counter Social and I pretty much have. Like the twit-ter, my user name is RobJ_. Maybe I will be able to automagically cross post from here to there? We’ll have to see.

One more item of note from this evening… I am trying Buffalo Wings for dinner. Well… one Buffalo Wing. The one piece weighs three ounces, and that’s all I can handle tonight. So far so good. I had to Google whether there is sugar in Buffalo sauce or not. According to the couple of links I checked, the answer is no. I should be safe. I just need to take my time.

I probably shouldn’t write a blog post while eating something new… oh well.

Enjoy your dinner, folks!

Saturday Morning

I slept late today. I didn’t get up until almost 8:00am. The temperature outside at that time? 31 degrees. Shit. Winter is here.

I did my morning exercise before breakfast today. Over the last couple of weeks I have been walking in place for a bit then running in place for a bit and alternating until I hit about 5k in simulated distance. Yesterday I just ran the whole thing About 32 minutes, I think. Today I did the same except I actually used the indoor run workout in the workout app instead of the indoor walk setting. I went a little over my distance goal so that I could get up to 700 calories. I ended up at four miles (simulated). My feet and my calves are hurting, but I feel like I accomplished something.

The plan for today is another small kitchen improvement project, a visit to my mother, and a visit to my father. Beyond that, I don’t know for sure. Guitar, I hope. Bond movies, I assume. I want to watch yesterday’s That Pedal Show but the topic is a Boss pedal and I don’t really like Boss pedals, generally speaking.

I just stumbled over the new clock app in the new MacOS. I opened the clock on my phone and it came up on the laptop as a handoff. Sweet. Now I can track my time between bites on my computer instead of my phone.

I started a Bond movie while doing my faux running today. A View to a Kill. The last Roger Moore. It’s better than I remembered it, but it’s not very good. Christopher Walken as the bad guy. Can he play the bad guy in every Bond movie going forward? That would be fun.

I haven’t done my pick for the World Series post yet. Game one was last night. No spoilers on my pick, but the Phillies won and I am happy. I’ll do the real post later today. The UMass Lowell Riverhawks won too, and the Bruins are off to their best start in 10000 years at 8-1-0 after another win last night. I failed to watch/listen to either game, but I followed the scores as best I could. It was the first time I didn’t listen to at least a few minutes of either team’s game. Oh well.

Last night Jen and I both threw our names into the hat to be beta testers for Jack Dorsey’s new social network, Bluesky Social. Over the last year or so this page has been the only sort of social networking service that I’ve really been using. Actually, that isn’t entirely accurate. I stopped using Facebook and I’ve nearly stopped using Twitter, but I still use Flickr and lately I’ve been using the Flickr Groups more than normal and all of that counts as a social network. I have no idea what Bluesky Social is going to entail, but if it lets me thumb my nose at Musk and Twitter a little then sign me up.

Okay, time to wrap this post up. Bond and Tanya Roberts just stole a fire engine and jumped a draw bridge and that’s not cartoonish at all, right?

Happy Apple Update Day

I updated my iPhone earlier this morning. I updated my iPad at about the same time. Now I am updating my Apple Watch and my MacBook Pro. MacOS Ventura, babie. Here’s hoping whatever is wrong with my audio interfaces is addressed by Mr Ventura. Fingers crossed.

It’s Apple Update Day! Enjoy, fangirls and fanboys!


iPhone 14 Pro Max

I gots me a new iPhone. Yeah, I know my last post said the next post would be pics from Lowell, but instead it’s going to be me bitching about my new iPhone.

Setting this guy up has been a kick in the balls. I mean, seriously. The whole eSim thing just didn’t want to work. It said to hold your new phone near your old phone and let it do it all for you via bluetooth or NFC or whatever the hell it uses and it didn’t do anything. I was starting to get nervous about having to go back to the store, but then Jen found a bar code we could scan and that took care of it.

Then I tried to load a backup of my 12 Pro Max and it wouldn’t do it without redoing all of the setup. Okay then, we’re starting from scratch with this guy. Bring it on! Now where the hell is that dark mode parameter?

Happy New iPhone 14 Pro Max Day! WOOOHOOO

Note: I’m not mad, I’m just bitchie. I am super happy with my new phone. I’ve already sent the kids texts because that’s what ol’ Robbie does when he gets a new phone, dig?

Happy Update Day

My iPhone has been updated to iOS 16.0. My watch is currently updating to watchOS 9.0. macOS Ventura doesn’t come out until next month (I think). I haven’t checked my iPad to see if there’s an update available there yet, but I will after the watch is done. The watch update is downloading slowwwwwly.

My stomach issues from yesterday appear to have resolved, thank goodness. I’m still waiting to see when our couch is going to arrive. The window at the moment is something like 2:00pm-5:00. I have to double check that with Jen. I have meetings at 2:00 and 3:00 soooo… yeah. Hopefully it all works out.

Update: The delivery window is 3:20-3:50. That’ll do.

Okay, back to work with me. 24 minutes remaining on the watchOS 9.0 download. Just the download, not the actual update itself. Someday.