The Boys

A couple of weeks ago, while convalescing, I got tired of waiting for season three of The Boys on Amazon to launch so I started watching season one. I figured I’d watch the first two seasons in time for the third season to start.

Unfortunately I got my dates mixed up. I thought the third season would start in mid-June, but it started yesterday. I was only one episode into season two. What was I to do?

I’ve been ready for season three since the minute I finished season two, back whenever that was. Should I just start season three without finishing rewatching season two?

Does it matter? Does anyone care? Do I care?

Okay, nerd-boy. Let’s finish season two. Nerd.


I am so hyped about the Obi-Wan Kenobi series that I can barely focus on anything else. The first two episodes came out yesterday and they were so good that I can’t even process it. When Disney first bought Lucasfilm they immediately started talking about a Kenobi movie and I was super excited. Then they scrapped the Story movies and I was disappointed, like everyone else. Then Disney+ was announced and the scrapped Kenobi movie became a Kenobi series and my hype level skyrocketed.

And now it’s here. The first third of it at least. I will not spoil anything for anyone as I want the entire Earth to hang on every second the way that I did. The first episode establishes the current situation and the second episode throws the whole thing into overdrive. It is so well done. I cannot wait until the third episode to come out on Wednesday. It’s a safe bet I will watch the first two at least one more time before then. They are both so good, I can’t stand it.


The Obi-wan Kenobi series on Disney+ debuts tomorrow. Tonight, at the Star Wars Celebration convention thing (I think) they gave us a trailer for the next live action show.

Andor, which is a Rogue One prequel, will debut at the end of August, I think. I can see myself getting majorly hyped for this one at some point. I actually watched Rogue One today without even knowing this was coming.

Three More Days

Obi-Wan Kenobi comes to Disney+ in three days. To prepare, we watched Episode III and the companion piece that is the last four episodes of The Clone Wars series.

This afternoon I decided to continue the prep by binging the holy hell out of Rebels. I won’t even come remotely close to finishing. Hell, I might not even get as far as season 2. It’s the thought that counts. If I’m here in convalescent mode then I might as well dig in, right?

Star Wars, babie. Gimme them Star Wars.

Just Checking In

I haven’t posted anything about weight loss surgery today, what the hell is going on, Robert?

Everything continues to go okay. If I drink too much or eat too fast I get gassy. That’s the only issue I’m having. If I try to be too active I get worn out super fast. I’m often tired, but never really tired enough to want to take a nap.

I told myself I was going to play some guitar today. When the time came I got scared. Just a little. The idea of a nearly 10 pound guitar resting against my belly where the incisions are gave me pause. Let’s wait a couple of days on that one, okay?

I’m reaching the point where I am seriously sick of Gatorade G Free, and I am also pretty sick of protein shakes. I did the laundry over the last two days and I put the last of our bird seed supply into the bird feeders today and I have watched about half of season three of Breaking Bad. I haven’t watched any Star Trek over the last couple of days, and I’ve only watched a couple of episodes of Kids in the Hall and I found out that show From isn’t on Amazon, it’s just the first three episodes as a trial. I don’t want to subscribe to another app. I’ve also missed enough of The Flash that I can’t use the CW app to catch up. They’ve already purged the next episode I need. Oh well. I will finish season three of Breaking Bad before dinner and that leaves me with 29 more episodes to go. Can I blow through them before my leave of absence is through? If so, do I then start with Better Call Saul? Because Bob Odenkirk is probably my favorite part of the show so far.

I don’t know. I don’t feel stir crazy or anything. I just want to keep feeling better. I want things to continue progressing as they are. Then when I am up to speed it’s time to get Lizardfish back up and running. It is going to happen. I have a new pedal board and everything.

Kids in the Hall

The Kids in the Hall are back with the first new season since 1995 and it’s glorious. Instead of writing skits where they pretend to be old people, they actually are old people and it’s amazing.

The Headcrusher comes back in episode four and it’s incredible.

The old naked men part… that’s not so great, but everything else is phenomenal.

Thank you, Kids in the Hall. Thank you for coming back to us, especially when you’re not naked.