Good Morning

Good morning, everyone. How’s your Tuesday going. Hope you’re off to a good start.

I’m at my parents house. My brother is here and he’s working at his desk. He expects to be wrapping up soon so I can hijack his monitors again. I feel like a squatter but it’s okay.

Jen just called me. She’s off work this morning and went out for some errands. One of them was getting the Kia inspected. She had to go into the shop. Pre-Covid that would have been nothing. Now? That’s a huge accomplishment. I’m very proud of her. My wife has some serious guts.

She also set something up for tomorrow that I don’t want to talk about yet that literally took the weight of the world off my shoulders. The relief is so great it’s like a physical thing. Thank you, my love.

Okay, off to work. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Trade Ins

Just before the pandemic hit I was planning on taking my 2000 Fender Stratocaster to a local music store and trading it in. It’s a great guitar and it deserves to be owned by someone who will play the crap out of it rather than me who will always unfavorably compare it to every other guitar I own.

Now here we are 13 months later and I’m starting to revisit those plans. I’m also thinking of trying to trade in my Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 as well. My Fender Deluxe Reverb is patiently waiting for me to return to our bass player’s house for practice. Assuming it hasn’t died over the last year it will immediately go back to being my #1 amp. The Vox AC15 can fill the #2 amp role better than the unbelievably loud 18/30 can.

Trade in both items… for a used Gibson Les Paul Jr? Maybe. Unless maybe a used Gibson Firebird is available? I’m fantasizing here. No store is going to give me enough value for the guitar and the amp to be able to equal a Junior or a Firebird, right?

Gear Acquisition Syndrome plus an active imagination equals unrealistic expectations.

Patriots Day

Today is Patriots Day. It’s a state holiday in Massachusetts and Maine*. It’s the day we remember how this dude (and at least one other dude)…

Image came from here

went for a ride one night, which lead to some farmers and other dudes getting into a shooting fight with a bunch of foreign dudes in red coats at this spot…


*At the time Paul Revere went for his ride the area now known as the state of Maine was part of Massachusetts. It wasn’t until 1820 that Maine became a state on it’s own. Massachusetts has spent the last 201 years lamenting the loss of Old Orchard Beach and Bar Harbor and (eventually) Stephen King.

Half Day

I’m at my parents’ house in Tewksbury. About a 17 minute drive from my house. I logged into work about 30 minutes early and now I’m on my lunch break, roughly halfway through the business day.

Any thoughts?

I have a mask that includes a neck strap. I love it. It’s always there. I never have to stop and think about where I put it the last time I took it off. It was around my neck but not on my face when I logged in to my group’s daily meeting. My staff thought it was a bib. It kinda looks like a bib.

I’ve decided that a three monitor setup might be too much for me. I’m not sold on that yet, but I think that might be the case. At home I have a single monitor but it is gigantic. Hijacking my brother’s workspace, his three monitors definitely have more screen real estate than my single monitor, but not nearly as much as you’d think. I initially put my schedule on the left monitor, my email on the right monitor, and then worked on the middle. In theory that is perfect, but in practice I was missing emails because the screen requires me to actually move my head to see it. I moved the email back to the middle and adjusted the windows I was working on so that I could do it in front. Basically reproducing my single monitor from home. I like this.

My mother came over and talked to me as I was waiting for a meeting to start. I was on Zoom with about 10 other people. They asked me if I was trying to talk to them while I was on mute. Nope, just talking to Mom. I don’t know if she gets the telecommuting concept. She seems to, but maybe she just forgot when I told her I was on a meeting. Later, when I wasn’t on a meeting, she walked over and passed me a note. Okay, maybe she does get it. Cool. Thanks, Mom!

There is one thing that I need that I don’t have today and that is a haircut. Soon, my long, flowing red locks. Soon.


I am about to head to my parents’ house for the work day. I’m still telecommuting but I also sort of have a commute for the next week. I sort of forget how that works.

A morning commute? In Covid-Land? Does not compute.

Anyway, here’s hoping the traffic is okay.

GarageBand to the Rescue

Harry needed to record a piano piece for school. He was going to put his headphones up against his iPhone’s mic.

Oh no, my good sir. No.

I hooked him up to a two channel USB interface and got him up and running in GarageBand on his Mac.

He’s recording tracks like a pro* now.

*Okay, maybe not a pro. More like an avid amateur, like his step father.



I went to my parents house before noon on Friday and stayed until Sunday evening. I’m going to spend my work days there for the next week but I won’t be staying over. That will probably happen a few days a week starting in two weeks or so.

For now though… I’m home.

Clever Phisher

I saw a pretty clever phishing scam today. It went a little something like this…

I got a text saying that the USPS had to reschedule a delivery that was supposed to happen tomorrow. I’m not waiting for anything right now so I clicked the link in the text to get more info. Hint: that was a mistake.

The page the link took me to was not a post office page as my quick glance had implied. Instead it was an Amazon page. At least it looked like an Amazon page. It was asking me to login. As it turns out, I have a lot of experience trying to view my order history while not being logged in, and it wasn’t the page I’m used to seeing.

Pretty sure if I had logged in they would have had my user name and password. In the immortal words of the game keeper from Jurassic Park, clever girl.

Next time I need to be more careful before clicking the link in the text. As it is they’ve likely marked me as a sucker and will target me again.

In the immortal words of Madeye Moody, constant vigilance!

Another Sort of New Song

I mixed another re-recording today. I don’t think I like it. It’s originally from the 2016 RPM Challenge when I wrote a bunch of songs about people dumb enough to believe the Earth is flat. This one was supposed to be part of an argument between a flat earther and a person with a brain. Five years ago it was the idiot point of view. When it came to re-recordings I couldn’t really use it out of context so I wrote new lyrics. Can you guess what they are about? I wish they were better. They really suck. The vocals suck too. The guitars are okay, I guess.