Ad Fail

Ted Lasso is not my favorite TV show right now but it is clearly the best show.

Jen sent me a video of what looked like an early version of the show. A little 4.5 minute thing. Same premise, same actors, same character name. I thought it would be cool to see where the idea started from

I watched the whole video.

It was a commercial for NBC coverage of UK soccer.

Im so disappointed. The best show on TV started out as a fucking commercial. Fuck.

Morning and Night

I spent the morning before work recording guitar solos, and then I spent the evening after work recording more guitar solos. What a world.

Once again we were able to schedule a watch party so we could watch the new episode of What If? with Harry. No spoilers, but it was a nice change of pace to not have a super gloomy, dark, evil story and instead have some goofy fun. Jen and I kept the Burgers and Marvel tradition in tact, but they were turkey burgers and it wasn’t take out, so it was a little different. I liked it.

50/90: 42 songs finished and another seven have all of the parts tracked and are ready to mix. Three more are still waiting on lead guitars… and that’s it. Assuming I don’t get the overwhelming urge to do more in the final week, I am going to end on 52 this year and assuming an asteroid doesn’t hit the Earth and obliterate New England (or some similar catastrophic shit) I think I am going to finish on time. I want that little trophy image next to my name on the 50/90 site.

As Troh once said, Huzzah.*

*No spoilers, okay?

iOS 15 is Out?

I am just losing my Apple fanboy cred left and right. I haven’t watched the video of the event they had last week where they announced the latest iPhones. That’s bad. What’s worse? Apparently iOS 15 and the associated WatchOS and iPadOS versions all came out on September 20th… two days ago.

I haven’t installed any of them.

I’m sorry, Apple. I promise to do better in the future. I’m updating my iPhone right now.

Morning Music

Stuff going on here in chez OurHouse but I am not going to mention it because it’s nunya. So here’s a music update instead.

When I woke up, very early, today I had 42 songs finished, one ready to mix, two ready for leads, and five ready to sing. I finished the vocals on all five of them, and added leads to three. I think all three were sung today, so the two from yesterday are still ready. Woah! 50/90 is almost done!

Here you can see the last vocal being tracked:

Here you can see that I am back upstairs with the Fender amp, and I put the Keeley D&M Drive onto the board. I used it a lot this morning. This little rig is pretty damn sweet.

Still a lot to do before 50/90 is finished, but with eight days left it’s starting to feel pretty good.

Now if only the songs didn’t suck.

Ripped Myself Off

I hate it when I write a song that rips off a song that I already wrote… and it’s happening A LOT these days.

I mentioned the other day that it happened again. The two songs don’t exactly sound a like, but the structures involved were practically identical. Let’s see how they sound back to back.

Here’s the second song, which I mixed tonight… poorly. This might be the shoddiest recording/mixing job of the year. Whatever, it’s done.

Now here is the song I posted the other night, reposted here for your listening torture.

Can you hear what I’m talking about? From my point of view this is shameful, but to a listener who wasn’t there when the self robbery happened? I don’t know if it’s quite as clear.

Whatever, I’m up to 42 completed songs with nine days left.

ADDENDUM: Holy shit! It’s worse than I thought! They are so similar they are almost identical in every way imaginable. Good lord, I SUCK!!!!!


The universe is safe. My hair has been cut. There is no longer a risk of it collapsing in on itself and forming a black hole that destroys the solar system.

Bullet dodged.

Also, I drove past the clock again so here’s another pic…

Car Music

Car music today! Success even though I SUCK AT SINGING.

I finished five songs. I have three more that are ready to go and I am hoping to add two more to the list. That means there will likely be another car music tomorrow and maybe one more after that. 10 days left including today. Yikes!

When I got home I moved the MacBook and all that come with it from Harry’s room back into our room. I now have a Mac desk in one room and a Windows desk in another. Am I out of my mind? Yupper. Affirmative.

Now I have to go get my haircut before its mass reaches the point of hydrostatic equilibrium and it crushes my entire body into a spherical shape and small objects start orbiting me. Granted, my gut is already at this stage, I just mean that my hair will be at that stage too, right? I’ll be sort of like a binary planetary system or some shit.

Oh, and here’s the clock downtown!