We had a video conference tonight with my family, my sister and her family, and my brother and his family. Everyone is okay. Going a tiny bit stir crazy maybe, but otherwise okay. It made me very happy.

The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 9

I mentioned in one of my psychotic, depressed rants yesterday that we are trying to give ourselves the illusion that we have control over at least some parts of the current situation.  Deluded?  Yeah, probably.

One thing we are doing to exert control over the universe is making the bed every morning.  Neither Jen nor I are the kind of people who worry about making the bed every day.  In the current circumstance though?  Yeah, we’re making the bed every morning.  Control what you can.  Forget about all the rest.



Fight the Urge to Stress Shop

One of the slew of guitar orientated BookFayce groups I belong to had a post a few minutes ago where one of my fellow members confessed to stress-buying a guitar pedal.

Fulltone is a company that manufactures pedals.  I own three of them.  Well… more like two and a half.  Two different versions of one pedal, and then a second pedal.  Whatever.  Suffice to say they make good stuff and I am a happy repeat customer.  I am also on their email list.  I got an email from them a few minutes ago.  I read some updates on things they are working on and I think I literally salivated a little.

Unlike my fellow BookFayce sufferer, I have managed to stop myself from stress-buying… anything.  Not just guitar gear, but anything.  The only thing I’ve spent money on since the quarantini kicked off is food and one tank of gas in the Kia.  That’s it.

My thinking is simple.  If we don’t spend any money during the quarantininess, I should be able to afford a new Les Paul once it’s all over.  If it lasts another month or so I’ll be able to afford one of those sweet 2019 Les Paul Standards (with the gold finish because I’ve always wanted a gold top).  If it lasts through the Spring, like many people believe it will, I’ll be able to afford a nice late 60’s Les Paul Custom, in black, of course.  If it lasts into next year… well… with that much money saved we can start looking at something from the late ’50’s.  Probably not a Burst (capital B) but maybe a ’56 or a ’57?  Maybe a ’59 junior?  Sky’s the limit, kids!


Risky Behavior

I did two crazy things this morning and it’s still not even time to punch in to work.

  1. I left the house
  2. I recorded myself singing

It was risky behavior, not because I left the house.  Sure, I left the house but I never left the car.  I never even cracked the windows.  No, it was risky behavior because the security guard working at the strip mall whose parking lot I was hiding in buzzed me twice in his mall security mobile.  If he had come over to me I would have had to explain what I was doing and boy would that have been embarrassing.  I’m glad I avoided that hassle.

My mobile studio:




My wife and I just took a 15 minute walk around the block.

I’m not going to say I feel all better.  I don’t feel all better, but I do feel better.  My back is aching a bit, but at least I got some fresh air.  If it were 10 degrees warmer we’d open all the windows in the house too.  You take what you can get though.