The Playlist Didn’t Work

Okay, so yesterday when I posted the playlist from that had all of my May music project songs on it, it embedded into the post okay, but it only played the first song. Jerk.

So here are links to the 2020 music projects so far. I don’t do this because I expect anyone to click on them, I just do it so I can look at it and say, “awwww.”

I’ve already made a trello board for June. Starting in July the tracking gets weird because July through September fall under the 50/90 FAWM challenge. I still want to try to have at least 10 songs started and finished during each calendar month while slaving my way toward a total of 50. Like ya do.

I still have one song from April that is unfinished. It just needs a guitar solo and a mix. I might complete that today and tomorrow and then be ready for June. I don’t want to declare any gear restrictions but I am thinking it’s just going to be my ES-335 and my RYRA Klone pedal. I’m a little worried about the buzzing on the first string of the 335 though. I might try to raise the action a smidge but that will probably screw up the intonation… though the intonation might already be screwy. The guitar did sit in the cellar for almost two years.

Who knows. Well see.

The year of music projects will continue, starting on Monday.

Happy Anniversary, Jen!

11 years ago today, my beautiful bride and I finally tied the knot. We said our vows, we gave each other our rings, we smooched for all to see. Bellana was an eight year old bridesmaid, Harry was a six year old groomsman who also helped walk the bride down the aisle.

Best day ever.

I still love you more with each new day, Jen. Happy anniversary.

Now for the goofy, sarcastic portion of the blog post:

I once told Jen (well… probably more than once) that there was nothing the universe could throw at us that we couldn’t handle together. Given the last few years, especially the last few months, I think maybe I should have whispered that to her rather than say it out loud. It feels like the universe heard me and said, “hold my beer.” HarHar. Maybe I should have written it on a little slip of paper, folded it up into a tiny little square, and slipped it into her hand while the teacher had her back turned. I still stand by the statement though.

Thank you, sweetie, for making me the happiest, proudest, luckiest husband and step father the world has ever known.

May Music: Finished

Well, February, March, April, and May all have 10 song RPM Challenge style recording projects (February and April actually are officially RPM Challenges) that were all finished on the 29th day of the month.

May has 11 songs. I just finished mixing the last two.

Is it good?


Do I care?


White House Lockdown

I am trying to find live video coverage of this but I can’t (other than the typical trump cult youtube channels). Apparently a crowd of people protesting the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis gathered outside of The White House tonight. The reports were that the Secret Service instituted the lockdown. I saw a tweet a minute ago from a reporter who was stuck inside The White House grounds stating the lockdown has actually been lifted.

Yesterday… or this morning… whenever it was, the fascist in chief, cheetolini tweeted that the military was ready to stand with Minnesota, and “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

The fucking president of the fucking united fucking states said that. The nazi in chief. The racist fuck in chief. The fascist in chief. He said that the military was ready to start shooting US citizens.

Of course he’s trying to spin that tonight because he’s a liar and is incapable of speaking (or tweeting) words that aren’t either evil bile or flat out lies.

I don’t condone violence. Ever. But you people out in the streets. I get it. Just be safe. Don’t forget about COVID-19. Don’t be like those fucking trump cultists and ignore the pandemic.

COVID-19 Progress? Or Not

Massachusetts had a count of new infections that was less than 700 for the fifth day in a row. The last time we had a streak like that it ended on March 26th.

Methuen hasn’t had any news like that but our infection count has gone down every day this week and today is the lowest single day total since May 4th.

The United States though had it’s highest single day infection count of the week. It was the highest since May 22nd when we had a huge one day spike. Today we were up by 23,155.

So maybe the news isn’t as good as I thought it was.