August Music is Underway

336/365 - September 1st

I played some rhythm guitar today. I recorded the three songs I mentioned this morning that were ready, and I started a new song, did the whole arrangement for it, and recorded the rhythm guitar parts all before dinner. August music is officially underway.

I also did something I haven’t done in months. I messed around with different overdrive pedals. Not only that, I recorded a couple of songs without using a Klon style pedal. Two of the songs, including the new one, just used my Tube Screamer Mini. I haven’t used that pedal in years. Also, I tried my Mosky Black Rat (it’s still plugged in in the picture).

I’ve had that pedal for months and I’d never even plugged it in. I can’t remember when I bought it, January? Something like that? One day I decided I needed to have a Rat style pedal in my pedal arsenal. I bought the cheapest little Chinese made clone amazon had. When it arrived I took it out of the box, put it on my dresser and…

…today I plugged it in. I used it by itself with the gain really low and it sounded pretty sweet. Maybe it’s time to look into getting a real ProCo Rat.

Anyway, I still have three songs that don’t have an arrangement yet, and now seven that are ready for vocals.

50/90 continues, and August music is underway.

Ray Bourque

I’m listening to podcasts while working around the house. Right now The Bruins Diehards are interviewing Ray Bourque and I’m 16 all over again. Those were the days, man.

The NHL post season (or what’s passing for it in the age of COVID-19) starts today. The Bruins start tomorrow.

It’s just like baseball. I knew I was missing it, but I’m a little surprised to realize how much I was missing it.

Bring me that Stanley Cup!

50/90 One Month Check In

It’s August 1st. I cannot believe it’s already August 1st. The universe ended in March, how can it be August? What the freak?

So where are we with 50/90, because that’s what really matters to the universe, right? Ugh.

July 4-31 saw work on exactly 20 songs. 11 of them are done and done. Likely never to be listened to, or even thought of again. Three more songs have guitars but are waiting patiently for lyrics and vocals. Three more have a complete form but are waiting quite impatiently for guitars. That leaves three that are just a couple of little bass guitar noodles. One of which is only a few hours old. I snuck it in last night just before midnight.

So what does August have in store for us? No clue. I did something to my left thumb a couple of weeks ago. It hurts but I don’t think it’s broken. My range of motion is decreased a little, but not too much. It hurts to make a fist, and sometimes it hurts to lift things. It does not hurt to play guitar, but if it doesn’t get better I am going to have to have a doctor look at it. If there is something wrong and they need to immobilize it then guitar is going right out the window.

Other than that, my hope is to get up near 40 by the end of the month. I need to do at least 10 from start to finish in order to keep the album in a month streak alive, and I need to save at least 10 for the same reason in September. You know, now that I think of it… there is a shit load left to do. Ugh, I’m all intimidated now.


Rock on, bro.

Pretty Good Mom News, for a Change

It’s been a week and three days since the awful hospital experience started. Over the last couple of days there have been definite signs of improvement.

My brother and sister have been taking turns staying at my parents’ house each night just in case something happened.

Today, my mother and my father both agreed that they don’t really need anyone to stay over tonight. Oh, what a huge relief. We’ll still keep our phones on just in case they need us in the night, but this is a huge change for the better.

I’m really happy.

What is the Past Tense of Troubleshoot?

We’re about to have a quick little English language session. Bet you never thought you’d get something like that here, right? Ready for some knowledge? Ready to get your learn on for the day?

Here it comes.

I had an email come through my inbox this morning where the writer used the word “troubleshoot” in the past tense. They wrote something along the lines of, “we troubleshooted the issue.”

That both looked and sounded super wrong to me. Like, if the past tense of shoot is shot, then shouldn’t the past tense of a compound word ending in shoot end in shot as well? Troubleshot? That’s what I would have written, but is that correct? Off to The Google!

I searched for What is the Past Tense of Troubleshoot and it returned a bunch of hits. Most of the summaries said that both options were correct. Troubleshot is correct (thank you, I love being right), but troubleshooted is also correct (booooooo!!!).

There was one post from Quora that gave the best option. Shouldn’t the past tense of troubleshoot be…. wait for it…. Fixed?

Water is Weird

We have two bathrooms. The old bathroom and the new bathroom. The kids call the old bathroom their bathroom and the new bathroom our bathroom. I don’t like that. It’s not “ours” meaning Jen and me, it’s “ours” meaning anyone can use it whenever.

Anyway, both bathrooms have a shower and both have the same shower head. Last night the shower head in the new bathroom just fell off. Like. Pop. Off. What the hell?

We ordered a new one and temporarily swapped the old one into the new bathroom. I tried to put the broken one back together but I failed miserably. Like… screw you, shower head!

Then this morning when I got up, I walked into the kitchen and there was patches… sitting on the kitchen counter next to the sink staring into a pot full of water. Like… cat… if you’re gonna stand there, you might as well wash the dishes, right?