NHL Thanksgiving

The traditional belief around the NHL is if your team is in a playoff spot on US Thanksgiving then there is a very good chance they will still be holding a playoff spot when the regular season ends.

Thanksgiving day (US) is therefore thought of as a sort of magical day.

At this moment, with Thanksgiving mere minutes (90, to be exact) away, the Boston Bruins are two points out of the second wild card spot in the East.


A Weird Day So Far

My prediction of this being the slowest work day of the year hasn’t really come true, though there is still half a work day to get through. Lots of customer stuff has come in today. Nothing really involving my application directly, but we’re involved in a sort of tangential way. Lots of questions, lots of updates, lots of discussions. It’s enough to keep the perception of the day moving, and some of it has been a tad annoying, but these are good things compared to staring at the clock and watching it not move.

Two odd health-type things to note for future reference. First, my back hurts. Usually my back pain flares up when I’m moving around or being somewhat active (as active as my gargantuan fat-assed self gets at least) but today it’s pretty much constant. That’s annoying. The second thing is more sporadic, but equally annoying. I sort of feel like my left calf is constantly on the verge of a charlie horse. If I’m walking around and I put my left foot down in just the right way, bang – charlie horse. If I am standing in just the right way, bang – charlie horse. It only lasts a few seconds at most and then I correct whatever I did and it’s gone… but it’s always there. Stupid charlie horse.

As I mentioned in a post last night, I came up with a really simple musical idea to add to the November music thing, now that we’re down to less than a week and still miles away from finishing. Today I came up with another one. Now I just have to wait for my MacBook Pro to get home from that fact finding mission to Guyana. I’m sure everything there is fine and it will be home soon. I hope to spend some quality recording time this weekend.

Okay, folks. We’re half a work day away from a four day weekend. Let’s get to it and get through it and at around 5:30 tonight the sigh of relief you hear will be me.

The Annual “Slowest Work Day of the Year” Post

Hello there, and welcome to the 2021 edition of the “The Day Before Thanksgiving is the Slowest Moving Work Day of the Year” post!

As (I think) I alluded to in a post yesterday, the four day Thanksgiving weekend is my favorite weekend of the year. Better than Christmas, better than New Year, better than all of them. Memorial Day falls super close to my wedding anniversary so that holiday is really a close second, but Thanksgiving? That’s the tits, bro. Christmas sucks the big one next to Thanksgiving.

As a result, the anticipation of the four day weekend makes the last day at work feel like it lasts 800 hours instead of just eight. It’s a slooooow day, dig? This year is subtly worse than most. My company is changing it’s holiday/personal time off process and replacing the day after Thanksgiving with a floating holiday. I will still be able to put in for the day off, but I might not actually get it.

Whatever, that’s irrelevant to today’s discussion. For now we just have to worry about how the eight hour work day is going to feel like 8000 hours. At least the kids will be here tonight. That helps straighten out any distorted reality.

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving, everyone. May your work day be quiet and free of surprise issues.


I just decided that the November music project thing is going to include an instrumental that is just two guitars taking turns soloing over a really simple bass/drum groove and it’s going to be about seven minutes long.

You heard it here first. The bass and drum parts are already down. It’s going to happen and it is going to bore you to tears.

Pointless jamming is life!