Am I Bad Luck?

I’m watching the Red Sox on an actual TV for the first time this year instead of listening to the radio or streaming the NESN broadcast on a computer.

They’ve won nine of their last 10 games, but here we are in the top of the first against Chicago and we are losing 2-0.

Is it me? Am I bad luck?

Stop Lights

This used to be the chain you pulled to turn on the lights at my father’s aunt and uncle’s place in Brighton. It was my second favorite part of that apartment. My favorite part was Uncle Jimmy’s little model trollies (he drove the trollies on the Green Line in Boston). Those are on the mantle in my living room.

Music: MIA

I haven’t done any music this month. Well, I put new strings on my SG but that’s it. I still plan to contribute to the Record Every Month thing the RPM Challenge folks are doing. I just haven’t done anything for it yet. Have I been too busy? Am I burned out? Am I kind of in a rut? The answers are probably yes, yes, and yes. I don’t know.

I have a bunch of things that are ready to mix. Two from the last round of re-recordings, and a few leftover from last month. I could do those this weekend, but I’m at my parent’s house keeping an eye on my mother and I get nervous when I put the noise canceling headphones on. Is she going to call for me for something and I won’t hear it?

I’d like to get the ball rolling again this weekend, but it’s more likely I will just doom scroll twitter all day. You know, like you do.

Zombie Double Feature

Why did I watch two zombie movies today? I don’t know. I’m staying at my parent’s house for a couple of days and I’ve had some time to spend with ye olde streaming services.

First choice was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I don’t know why. No idea. It was really stupid and I am never getting that hour and a half of my life back again.

Second choice was The Girl With All the Gifts. I read the book a while ago. The movie was very faithful and very good. The kids were creepy AF, but any zombie movie with kid zombies is going to be creepy AF.

Now I have to decide what to watch next. It probably won’t be until tomorrow, but there will be time. Tarantino movies? Marvel movies? Star Wars movies?

On an unrelated note, Taylor Hall had two goals with Buffalo this season. In three games with the Bruins he has… two goals. Now we’re talking, Taylor.

Important Question: Answered

I’m not sure what possessed me to do this, maybe some alien virus or something, but I have learned the answer to one of life’s more important questions.

Are the zombies in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies fast zombies or slow zombies?

Fast. The answer is, fast zombies.

You’re welcome. Now you don’t have to watch the movie yourself.