January Music is Kind of Happening

Prior to tonight the January music project (10 songs or 35 minutes, all written and recorded in January) consisted of four little 4-8 bar long bass riffs. That’s it. In other words, nuttin’.

Now there are three songs with the rhythm section complete and five little 4-8 bar bass riffs.


Two Songs

I mixed two songs today. Let’s enjoy them together (or not, whatever).

My thought for the first song is, what am I going to write about after the cheeto leaves office on Wednesday?

My thought on the second song is six years ago I could sing a little higher than I can now.

Apple Nerds

Our Apple TV Siri remote has gone missing. It was there last night, it’s gone today. I think the cat ate it.

I was sitting at my work desk messing with my MacBook Pro and watching some hockey so I popped on over to apple.com and ordered a new remote. As I was starting the check out process Jen walked into the room to tell me that she just ordered a new remote.

Nerd love. It’s a beautiful thing.

But Why?

I tried using my MacBook in the office with the new setup. It didn’t work. Display port into USB-C through an adapter and every time the monitor kicked on it would shut itself off a few seconds later. I am annoyed. The mouse worked, the keyboard worked, the monitor worked, but only for a few seconds. I’m thinking I’ll try again, but I just brought up an episode of The Flash (season five, episode three) and I don’t want to stop until it’s over. I mean this is the episode where we meet master detective Harrison Sherloque Wells.

I need a vacation.

We’re about 90 minutes away from another Bruins game. I could go for another Bruins game.

Want some good news? It’s the weekend. That’s not the good news I’m talking about, though it’s pretty good news on its own. The real good news is that it’s trump’s last weekend in office. This is it. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… and then on Wednesday we get a real president.

I mixed another song today. Four out of nine are done for volume four. I still have barely anything done for January songs. Am I ending my album in a month streak at 11? Could be.

What else. It’s the last cheeto weekend but it’s also our last weekend with Bellana before she goes back to school. It’s the usual feeling. I don’t want her to go, but I also am really happy for her.

Want to hear something terrifying? Like zombie apocalypse/godzilla stepping on your house level terrifying:
In 112 days… I turn 50. (gasp!)

I thought this post was going to have a point, but now I think I am just going to hide under my bed for a while. 50… crud.

ADDENDUM: The MacBook is working on my work desk, but only when it’s opened. It’s not working in clamshell mode. I wonder why?

ADDENDUM ADDENDUM: Problem solved. Apparently you need to be plugged in to run your MacBook Pro in clamshell mode. It’s plugged in and working fine now. Cool.

An Agonizing Wait

The wait is killing me slowly. Like, the five day wait for the end of the twice impeached one termer’s first and only term is just too much to handle. The end is so close, yet so far away. So desperately far away. Cheeto can do so much damage in five days.

Biden gave a speech about Covid-19 plans today and it reminded me of what it used to be like when we had a president who was presidential and not a vindictive, petty, buffoon, toddler man. Remember? Remember what it was like to have a real human being as president and not a spray tanned cheeto with a blob of steel wool stapled to his head?

Five days. January 16, 17, 18, 19, and then the day it happens, January 20th. It’s going to feel so good to have a grown up in charge again.