Insurance Company Freak Out

I’ve been talking about the cellar disaster for months now and someday I will explain it all, but not today. For now let me just stress about dealing with insurance companies for a second.

All of our cellar plans hinge on our home owners insurance. Our case was being handled by someone who was making life very difficult for us, mostly through what felt like inaction. Lots of phone calls and emails where responses were few and far between. Progress was made, but it was a little like pulling teeth. Jen called her last week and was told she was no longer with the company. Was she let go because she was incompetent, or was she incompetent because she knew she was leaving and was perfectly unmotivated? We don’t know.

I called the new adjuster today and he didn’t have a clue about our claim. He spent a few minutes on the phone with me reviewing, then said he needed to hang up and look into a couple of things. A short time later we hear that he talked to the contractor and he called Jen. The ball is rolling. All it took was a tiny push and a competent (hopefully) insurance adjuster.

Who woulda thunk, right? We may be happy. Fingers crossed.

No “Now What” This Year

Every year when March comes around and RPM ends I feel compelled to ask myself (publicly, via blog), “now what?”

Not this year.

Musically speaking, of course. This year I am not really in that space. Maybe having to rush the RPM Challenge process at the end has taken the air out of my sails. I don’t know. I have started messing with one new song idea this month. The idea is to write a song that the band can play, but every time I do that it falls apart and none of the guys show a lot of interest.

It doesn’t matter.

As of tonight the RPM process is officially complete. I uploaded my project to the RPM website’s jukebox, and I also uploaded it to

Posting to bandcamp is always the last thing I do. It marks February as officially over.

Musically speaking, of course.