How to Spend Election Day

So how have you been spending your election day? In lock down, I hope.

I rewatched The new Mandalorian episode and a few recent Archers and a South Park. I popped into work for an 11:00 meeting. I played quite a bit of electric guitar. I used my new bluesbreaker clone paired up with the Klon Centaur klone I bought back in May. With both pedals set to really low gain, they add up to a pretty freaking wonderful mid-gain tone. With the Klone gain off and the Blooze Maker set very high it’s… not as wonderful, but still pretty cool. I put guitars on two new November songs and three old re-recording songs. My fingers are screwy now so I’m taking a break in case I need to blow off stress steam later.

I’ve done a little doom scrolling on twitter. Not much. I’ve managed to stay away. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay away for long. The draw of rumor and speculation is strong. Very strong.

Vote out the nazis.

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