Now What?

After a day’s worth of celebrating Biden’s win we need to start gearing ourselves up for the cheeto’s backlash. He’s never going to admit he lost. His narcissism cannot understand the concept of people not loving him. He’s going to sue everyone under the sun, he’s going to lie and rant and rave like the lunatic he is. He’s going to do everything he can to convince his base that he was robbed. He’s slime and he’s going to get slimier.

The inauguration is 73 days away.
The electoral college vote is 36 days away.

Still Waiting

Pennsylvania and Georgia are still seeing a slow increase in the lead for Biden. Arizona’s lead is still shrinking. Nevada is… Nevada.

Am I still freaking out on Tuesday Take Five? You bet your sweet red white and blue ass I am.

We are getting to distraction time. We watched a Harry Potter movie last night while trying not to watch the news. Today there are some chores to do, there are guitar parts to record (I’ve decided that the rest of November will be played on my SG, you heard it here first), I’ve started binge re-watching The Flash because… I don’t know why, and there are still more Harry Potter movies to see.

All while we wait for the last few states to count the last few ballots. Please let it end today.


Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania continues to grow, slowly but steadily.

The lead in Georgia is small and getting minutely smaller at a snail’s pace.

The lead in Arizona is still small but substantial though it too is shrinking very slowly.

The lead in Nevada jumped up in a big way and then bounced up and down from there.

All four states are getting closer and closer to finishing their counts. I desperately want all four states to end with Biden on top. That won’t give me the landslide I was hoping for, but it will be a pretty convincing win.

I don’t know how much longer I can keep myself together. At least it’s Friday and I can vegetate tomorrow if I need to.


This is Killing Me

Last night Biden went ahead in Georgia. This morning he went ahead in Pennsylvania.

Sweet Christmas, this is killing me. I need this to end with Biden as the President Elect, and I need it to end today. I don’t think I can survive with my sanity intact if this stretches into the weekend.

Keep counting, America. Let’s wrap this puppy up.


The trends on the vote counts in Georgia and Pennsylvania look good but I can’t let myself get excited.

If I let myself get excited the home plate umpire is going to bounce Roger Clemens in the first inning.

If I let myself get excited Aaron fucking Boone is going to homer in extra innings.

If I let myself get excited Bucky fucking Dent is going to put one into the screen over the Monster.

If I let myself get excited the ball is going to go through Bill Buckner’s legs.

I can’t let myself get excited.

Beautiful Brutal Day

It’s 70 degrees here in Methuen, Massachusetts. I have the windows open in the bedroom/office and the wind is blowing like crazy outside and it’s making a cross breeze in here that is just delightful. It’s just a gorgeous day out here.

However, there has been barely any movement announced for any of the states that are still counting votes. Biden is still ahead in Arizona and Nevada. He’s still behind in North Carolina and Alaska, and he’s still gaining ground in Pennsylvania and Georgia. If it stays this way it will put Biden up to 270 electoral votes and he will win.

I am, of course, more interested in accuracy than speed but… come on guys, get to the counting. We need the info! This is brutal!

What the Hell is Wrong With Us Continued

The current count, according to the Johns Hopkins dashboard, is 233,734 Americans citizens dead.

The current count, according to ABC News, is 68,360,149 American citizens voted for donald trump.

There is still no logical justification for those two numbers happening at the same time.

What the hell is wrong with us?


Much like American Democracy, my Christmas Cookie scented Yankee Candle is about to die.

If you are wondering, the Christmas Cookie candles from Yankee Candle are the best. Period. End of discussion.