Make Up Your Mind, Stomach

By mid-afternoon I was feeling quite a bit better. Jen finished work a few minutes before 5:00 and asked me to take a ride with her. We got home by about 5:20 and as we were approaching the house my stomach started hurting again. Insert the frustrated sigh here.

It’s starting to feel better again and I think I might try to eat something dinner-ish in another 10 minutes or so and see how that goes. I should probably drink something first as I am feeling pretty dehydrated again. That’s what I was doing when the discomfort started coming back again though so… who the fuck knows.

On a totally unrelated note, I worked on the Great Re-Recording Project of 2015 today. Just a little. I edited one song from a past RPM Challenge and redid the bass and drums. That was nice. I still have eight songs from November to work on, but I figured it would be fun to get back into the re-recording stuff too. Fun, right?

On another unrelated note, the contractors did some painting in the bathroom today and the smell is a bit overpowering, even in the bedroom. I think we’re sleeping in the living room tonight. Jen will get the couch, I’ll get the chair. I plan to think of it like a camping trip. Fun, right?

On a final unrelated note, cat:


There and Back

We got into the car at around noon and headed North to Burlington, VT. We were about 20 miles away when the stomach bug hit for reals and we had to turn around. We are home now and everything is okay. Just taking it easy on the ol’ tummy.

In all of that time I took two pictures with the DSLR and two pictures on film. Wanna see ’em? We were stopped at a gas station.

This one used a little exposure compensation as if I knew what I was doing (I don’t, not even close).

That was Fun

I drove to Cambridge and back tonight. Three hours. I lost count of how many accidents I got stuck behind. Two of them temporarily closed the road I was on. One of those roads was Storrow Drive. Another was route 93. Hooray.

I took pictures from the car while I was stopped. They are kinda funny.


There were more, but they were even more awfuller. Oh well. At least I’m home. It’s 9:23 and now I can eat dinner. Hooray.

Feeling Okay

My stomach is okay today. No issues at all. I am almost willing to declare that whatever started going wrong two days ago, and then went really seriously wrong yesterday, has passed. It’s 3:13pm and I’m an hour passed lunch. I have taken in 40 ounces of liquid and 56.86 grams of protein. Everything is on pace for a successful day.

So the question left to me is, did I do something wrong to cause my problems over the last two days, or was it a bug that I possibly caught from Harry as he was sick to his stomach all weekend. I was going to assume it was something I did wrong until Jen told me that she’s feeling sick to her stomach today. I think it might have been a bug after all. That almost makes me feel better about the whole thing, other than the fact Jen is feeling sick today, which sucks completely.

I am feeling well enough tonight to go out and run an errand for Jen, even though it bums me out on an unrelated level. She bought something from her favorite computer/electronics store recently but it needs to be returned. I am going to return it for her. The bummer part is that the store is in Cambridge, right down the street from Harvard Square, and right across the river from Boston’s Back Bay. I have been wanting to take a camera to both of those places for months now but haven’t had a chance. I could do it tonight but it will be dark and I won’t have time to stop and that makes it a two strikes and you’re out situation. Maybe I’ll be able to take some pics from stop lights. I’ll bring my DSLR and put it in auto mode, just in case. I won’t bring film though.

Speaking of pictures, the weather is going to be crappy tomorrow. No sunrise pics this time. It’s not supposed to rain until mid-morning though, so maybe I’ll take the film camera out to a couple of places around town. We’ll see. The DSLR will go to Vermont with me on Sunday but I don’t think the film camera will. We’re not planning on spending much time in Burlington so there won’t be many opportunities for picture taking.

On a final, also unrelated note, our bathroom has a floor again:



I just finished eating 2.8 ounces of scrambled eggs. I feel okay. My stomach is a little funny, but I think that might be due to hunger more than anything else. I only managed about 11 grams of protein and that’s not enough so I will supplement later. We’ll see how that goes.

In honor of going back to soft food/puree stage, for breakfast at least, I also brought out this old friend.


Ah, the stopwatch. I remember you, old friend.

Various Updates

We just got off the call with Dad’s rehab facility. Good news all around. There are a couple of things they will follow up on and get back to us. He’s not ready to go home yet, but he is at a point where they can bring his assisted living facility staff into the discussion to see if they can handle his needs.

My stomach still feels like sh-sh-sh-shite. I haven’t eaten anything today and it’s not the kind of thing where I am wondering if I am sick or just hungry. Nope, I’m just sick. Harry had a stomach bug on Sunday. I’m wondering if that’s what I have now. Not so much a couple of meals gone wrong, but just a bug.

I left work at 2:00pm. I wanted to try to stick it out for the day but my boss let me off the hook. I probably should have left earlier. I was no good to anyone. I’m already questioning whether I will be able to pull off work tomorrow. It’s starting to look like a good thing we cancelled the New York plans. I need to be over this before Sunday when we go to Bellana’s concert in Vermont.

I would say I am starting to get into the first season of Pennyworth. I am still not sure though. The whole Aleister Crowley storyline… Crowley died in 1947 so if this takes place in some weird version of 60’s London, then he would have been in his 90’s. There’s a new episode of Titans today that I haven’t watched yet. That’s the better show, I think, but I’m having trouble getting into the new season. Oh, DC on HBO… how you vex me.

In closing, Penguins: