Today’s lunch time photography experiment involved using my DSLR in bulb mode. I went outside, put on the ND filter, pointed the camera at some clouds, plugged in the wired remote shutter, put the shutter into bulb mode, Clicked the remote and walked away for five minutes, then walked back and released the shutter.

Technically everything worked just as planned except that I ended up with a solid white image. So… Yeah. I want to try that at night and see if I can get some star trails. Hopefully the problem was the sunshine and not anything mechanical or code or anything. The next clear night I am going to try it. If it works digital I will try it with film too.

The good news though, there were birds.


Sleep Apnea Thoughts

I was tested for Sleep Apnea because I couldn’t get a good nights sleep to save my life and I was snoring so loud that I couldn’t stay in the room with Jen anymore.

When I started looking into Gastric Bypass I was told that the surgery would result in enough weight loss to cure my apnea. That sounded good to me.

101 pounds later I’m trying to decide how I’ll know when my apnea is cured if I never stop using the CPAP machine. It seems the only course of action is to just stop using it and see what happens.

But when? I asked Jen what she thought, given that my snoring keeps her awake even more than it keeps me awake. We were both on the same page. If I lose 30 more pounds I’ll do an experiment where I don’t use the machine for a night and see what happens. I’ll be curious how it affects Jen’s sleep, and what the sleep numbers my AppleWatch records look like.

At this rate that will be 4-5 weeks from now. Until then I’ll keep sticking that mask over my face.

Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility

I mentioned last night that I played around with the Wi-Fi setting on my little Nikon Coolpix camera. I took a picture and then used the Wireless Mobile Utility to transfer it to my iPhone. Brilliant.

There is another function in the app. You can use your phone as the viewfinder and shutter button. I took that for a test drive this morning before work (and also before the frog incident) and it worked.

I stood the camera up on my desk and used my phone to take this artistic masterpiece. It also stored the photo on my phone. Cool.

Just for schnitzengiggles, I also took a picture of Patches…

…and I also took a picture of a flower. I was playing with the macro setting for this one. Not sure it made much difference.

All of this plus the frogger incident equals my Tuesday morning.

Amphibious Visitor

Well that was weird. Doubly weird because it’s the second time it’s happened.

We’ve been in this house for almost 12 years. Once, maybe 5-6 years ago, we had this weird episode where a toad hopped out of the fireplace. The fireplace hadn’t been lit in years, so Mr Toad was not on fire, but somehow or other he got into the house through the chimney. We had all sorts of weird theories. Maybe a hawk picked him up from the ground then flew over the house and dropped him? Maybe? Whatever, we had a frogger in the house and we had to get rid of it.

Well, it happened again today. Jen was in her office upstairs, I was in my office downstairs. She was actually conducting a job interview for some lucky person who might get the chance to be her co-worker when Mr Toad’s Wild Ride hopped into the room. It was covered in dirt and dust and clearly scared shitless. She texted me asking for help. I thought she was referring to a blood sugar monitor update Harry was sleeping through so I went to Harry’s room first and made sure all was well. It was. Then I walked back to the office to give a thumbs up and I happened to look down and there was a small amphibian on the floor.

I scooped it up into a Tupperware container and took it outside to let it go. Granted, before I took it outside I went back to the cellar and grabbed a camera. I mean, it’s still me. I let our Frogger friend out of the container near the bird feeders. It is now free. At least until a bird comes and takes another crack at it. Assuming it was a bird that got it up onto the roof. Assuming that’s how it got into the house. Assuming assuming assuming.

ADDENDUM: Google solved the mystery! I searched for toad and chimney and got a whole bunch of hits for stories of the same thing happening. Turns out it wasn’t a toad, it was a Grey Tree Frog! No one carried it to the roof, it climbed up a tree and jumped in itself! You go, Mr Frog! You’re a little amphibious superstar!

Tupperware Toad
In the immortal words of Mork from Ork: Fly, be free!

That’s Interesting

Turns out my little Nikon point and shoot has a built in Wi-Fi. You can connect it to your phone and use a Nikon app to transfer images from the memory card to the phone’s camera roll.

I just took this and uploaded it to my phone while sitting up in bed watching The Sandman (episode one) on my iPad.

We live in a thoroughly groovy world.