Straight In

I played a little today. Nothing serious. I just plugged straight into an amp and noodled. I did do a small experiment. I am thinking of taking my Vox AC15 to the next Lizardfish practice (whenever that might be) but I have never really pushed the volume. Is it loud enough to compete with the rest of the band? More importantly, if I get it up to band practice volume, is the tone still clean?

I dimed the master volume and then brought the channel volume up a little at a time. I got up to 92 decibels (according to my AppleWatch) and it was still clean as a bell. The band does get louder than that, but my channel volume (I was using the amp’s Normal channel, not the Top Boost) was only on about four, so there is still some room available. I don’t know when that channel starts breaking up, but I wasn’t even close. I think my band practice plans are good to go.

The question then is, do I use the Normal channel or the Top Boost channel? That’s still undecided.


I did something tonight that I haven’t done since I started wearing bifocals.

I sat down, put on some music, and read a book.

Weird, huh? I guess my new glasses, which are a year old, play nicely with reading on my iPad. Who knew?

Two Points

I wore a baseball hat today. When I got into bed I planned to sit up for a while surfing the nets and listening to some rock and roll (Nirvana’s In Utero, first listen in ages and it very much holds up).

I forgot that I had the hat on so I took it off and flipped it toward the bureau. it crashed into my little prescription meds stash and knocked one off. It landed in one of my shoes.

Boom, right in the shoe.

I felt the need to document this epic bank shot for posterity.

That’s all.


So I’m driving from my weight loss surgery class to the Supercuts in Tewksbury and I’m listening to the Envy of None record.

Spy House is playing and it gets to that moment when the guitar launches out from under the mix and Alex Lifeson reminds us that he’s the greatest guitarist ever. That moment.

I may be in a fragile state right now and that might explain why I got super emotional and a smile lit my face and my eyes grew damp and I literally asked myself who would I even be without Alex Lifeson?

Yeah. That moment. Let’s all give thanks that Alex keeps blessing us with his presence.