Finished Another Song

This song makes nine finished songs for the month. It also puts me over 35:00 for the full run time. That means I can declare it complete by RPM rules. I still have two more to mix though.

If this audio player keeps working it’s going to make me a happy blogging nerd.


As expected, today has been a bit on the crummy side. Bellana got some lucky good news, which was nice. Jen came to visit me in my office exile a couple of times. Harry came and hung out with me for a while too. All of that helped.

Patches came for a visit too, but all she did was meow a lot. At least she didn’t jump on my desk (she did that before work, but not during).


My post-work goal tonight is to cook some pork chops on the grill, maybe watch some tube with the family, and mix a May tune or two. I need to calm down tonight because tomorrow is going to suck too. You heard it here first.

May Guitars are Done

I managed to sneak in the last two songs worth of guitars for the May Music. Now all of the tracking is done and I am down to three mixes to go. That’s it. Could we be finishing an album in a month project by the 29th for the fourth month in a row?

May Music Vocals are Done

I thought for a minute about going to a different parking lot this morning. I knew the Tenney Castle park would be closed but I figured I’d take a look. Yup, it was closed.

I finished the vocals for the last two May songs, and as a bonus I finally got around to the one unfinished April song too. Done, done, and done.

There were some people walking laps around The Loop sidewalk. This one dude showed up after me and with the entire movie theater parking lot to chose from he parked in the next row.

Sure, he was nowhere close to me at all but come on bro… There were 30 rows to choose from and all but one was empty, and you chose that one?

Bad Bad Bad

I put lead guitar onto the three songs I put vocals on this morning. I played bad. Three songs, three bads, hence the title of the post.

I got tired really fast too. It was odd. I did play the 335 and found a spot on the neck where the buzz makes it nearly unplayable. So I guess I have another reason to get it worked over.

Let’s get through COVID-19 first, shall we?