Vote Them Out

We’re getting really close to election day. It’s 10:00 here in New England. I think the polls open at 7:00am. You might not hear from me again before then.

I’m stressing out like mad. I’ve got a bunch of songs that are ready for me to record guitar parts. I’m hoping to spend some time working on them tomorrow so that I can do something other than doom scroll the twitters while crying at the destruction of my country’s government.

The temptation to eat my fears is very high but I’m going to try to stick to the intermittent fasting. I need to be good. on top of all the election day stress, it’s also my weigh in day. Who is the add wizard who came up with this campaign?

I’m not freaking out yet. Okay, I am freaking out now, but only a little. Hang in there, America.

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