Getting Closer

The Monday work day is almost over. I took tomorrow off because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to concentrate with the election stress. I will sneak in for a meeting in the morning, but otherwise I’m planning to lock myself in my bedroom with my guitar and just strum the open strings while I cry and try not to have a heart attack or twelve.

How many presidential elections have I voted in? I turned 18 in 1989 so I missed the ’88 election by six months.

1992 I voted for Clinton
1996 I voted for Clinton
2000 I voted for Gore
2004 I voted for Kerry
2008 I voted for Obama
2012 I voted for Obama
2016 I voted for the other Clinton
2020 I voted for Biden

This is my eighth presidential election. They were all vitally important. 2016 seemed more important than the others as we had to deal with a fascist across the aisle.

2020 though… 2020 is the first time I have literally felt that the fate of the future of the nation I’ve lived in and loved for 49 years hangs in the balance. 2016 felt like a make or break. 2020 feels like a life or horrible, agonizing, miserable death.

Vote for Biden. Don’t let fascism win again.

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