Meaningless Stuff

I know this is completely meaningless given the shit state of everything else happening in my personal hell of a universe but I’m trying to finish season seven of The Flash and I have a question for the Berlantiverse.

Is Flash season seven episode 16 supposed to be a back door pilot for a Green Lantern show? I’d be down with that.

Okay, back to our regularly schedule shit show.

Friday Dinner on Thursday

We have a little thing going on in 2021. Friday dinner with Jen and Harry is burgers and fries with a side of super hero tv shows.

Unfortunately this week Friday is a nana sitting night and I won’t be here for dinner. Harry suggested we do burgers and fries and super hero tv today instead.

If I haven’t said this before let me say it now. My step son is really good people.

Prep for a Binge Watch

I’m Nana sitting at my parents’ house tonight. I just gave her dinner and her evening pills and we had a quick phone call with my dad. Dad seems okay tonight but Mom is having a rough day. I left my house at a couple of minutes past 6:00 tonight and I will be here until around dinner time tomorrow night. I’m trying to think of what I am going to do with my time while I’m here. The Red Sox are on right now and they just coughed up a lead to the Rangers in the third inning.

I’m thinking about some May music ideas. I’m doing the RPM Challenge record one song each month thing. In March I started five or six songs and then waited until the last minute to finish anything and as a result I only finished one. I have four more ready to mix but I haven’t gotten around to them. In April I started one song early in the month and then waited until the last week to do anything. I started a second song and that’s the only one of the two I finished. In May I am thinking of getting back onto the album-in-a-month bandwagon and seeing if I can crank out 10. No promises, but here we are on May 1st and I’ve already got one underway.

I could work on music while I’m here, but let’s be realistic. I’m probably going to watch TV on my iPad. I have one episode of The Flash to watch but I’ll wait on that one and watch it with Harry, if he wants. There are a couple of Supergirls to watch but I’m kinda not feeling it. (note: The Red Sox just tied the game at three in the top of the fourth inning) The fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale just started on Hulu and they released a few episodes on the first day, I need to watch those. I’m into the third season of a rewatch of Community so I could try some of those. There’s one other idea that popped into my head earlier today.

Harry was humming the theme from the second episode of WandaVision. Hmm… If I’m going to be here all day tomorrow, and the chances of me sleeping much tonight are somewhere between slim and none… might I be able to watch the entire season of WandaVision in one extended sitting? Nine episodes, roughly 30 minutes each… I might do it. If for no other reason then to hear the Agatha All Along song in context one more time.

It might happen.

Super Friends

Harry is binging The Flash. Last night we saw the musical episode. Now I have the Barry/Kara duet, “I’m Your Super Friend” stuck in my head and I’m afraid it’s curtains for me.

Here’s the clip that erased my brain.

And here’s some Super Friends, just for fun.


I have nothing to say tonight. The cat isn’t even around for a photo shoot. Jen and Harry and I are just hanging out, watching The Flash. Killer Frost is kicking ass, the Bruins lost, the Red Sox are tied, my father is sick, and I’m still basically helpless.

The usual.

What Supergirl Does in the Shadows

Now that I read that title out loud it sounds like this post is going to be naughty, but it’s not. I promise.

On the show What We Do in the Shadows Matt Berry’s vampire character says the word bat out loud every time he turns into a bat. When he turns back into a human, the bat says “human form” out loud. It’s possibly the dumbest thing in the entire history of fiction and yet it’s really freaking funny every time he does it.

Side note, I think Matt Berry might be the funniest human alive. Absolute worst case puts him on the short list.

Anyway, I’m sitting here at my desk watching this week’s episode of Supergirl and there is a scene where a bunch of our heroes are trying to apprehend an alien who is basically a vampire. I swear the show gets more cartoony by the second, but whatever. They circle around the not-vampire as he is laying on the ground and much to my surprise and delight he yells, “bat!” and turns into a bat and flies away.

There is no way that wasn’t on purpose. There is no way imaginable that whoever wrote that scene wasn’t watching What We Do in the Shadows just before sitting down to write this episode. It’s the single goofiest cross over/tip of the hat in television history.

It’s even better than the line from a recent episode of The Flash where Cisco talks about the show This is Us and says the cast is too precious for this world.


Sexism on TV

Harry has been rewatching The Flash. I rewatched the whole series this fall too. Something popped out at me today that I didn’t connect in previous viewings.

There is a sexist hypocrisy playing out in the first two seasons. Allow me to explain.

In season one, Detective Joe West finds out that his daughter is dating his partner and he is not happy about it. He talks about how worrying about his daughter’s relationship is going to get in the way of his reactions during dangerous situations in the line of duty.

In season two he has a new, female partner. When he finds out that she is dating his son he’s fine with it. No trouble at all.

Hypocrisy: Partner dating daughter = bad. Partner dating son = good.

Think about it, won’t you.

Dream or Nightmare

I had a dream that we went on vacation to some unnamed beach hotel. The cast of the show The Flash was there. I was trying to impress them by telling them I was in a cover band and we played a Genesis song. They were polite, but they were also not impressed.

Was it a dream or was it a nightmare?

You decide.


Between watching The Flash and playing guitar and writing a few songs worth of lyrics and watching 30 Rock with Jen and Harry I have successfully managed to avoid stressing out of the coup trump is attempting. Mostly.

So Georgia is going to do a hand recount. What is cheeto going to do when the results come back for Biden again? Is he going to want a second recount?

Oh so there I go paying attention again.

Fucking nazis.