I logged into World of Warcraft for the first time in a while today and played as whatever the last character I created. I died almost instantly. Then immediately died again. That’s when I decided to create a new character. I try to come up with clever character names when I play. Lately I’ve been trying to use names similar to cartoon characters. Not today though.

Today I used a name that may or may not be a mild terms of service violation. I’m not sure.

I used PutzMcDouche.

Am I in for a stern talking to from the powers that be? I’ll let ya know.

The Bruins are losing to Tampa Bay. 2-0 in the second period. It is making me sad. I will rise above it though. Also, earlier today I finished the final season of Supergirl. I made it all the way through. Six season. The last couple… not so great. Still glad I made it through though. I’m up to date on the current season of The Flash, but that’s it for my DC on CW viewing. Oh well. They were fun while they lasted.

8:22 left in the second period and the Bruins are still down 2-0. Crud.

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