The Bruins won tonight. So did the Red Sox. Harry and I spent a little quality time watching The Flash and sharing AppleWatch watch face design preferences (more complications, please!). Jen took some big steps toward a post-vaccine world including one that hopefully will lead to good things tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it will be two weeks after my second vaccine shot… meaning I’ll be fully vaccinated.

I wonder what that’s going to feel like?

Brain Candy

Apparently today is the 25th anniversary of the release of the Kids in the Hall movie, Brain Candy. Enjoy my favorite quote from this cinematic masterpiece of a cinematic masterpiece:

Now, because that was only 18 seconds long, here’s a classic from the TV show. Girl Drink Drunk.

Advertising Space

I’m watching last night’s mid-season premier of Fear the Walking Dead on the AMC website. It is one of those things where they have the commercial breaks built into the stream. Was it Hulu that did that first? I always think of it as Hulu but I don’t have a clue really. It’s not a big deal really, but today the commercial breaks are pretty painful. On two of the breaks it ran the same AT&T commercial four times in a row. The same commercial, eight times in less than 10 minutes. What the hell, bro?

As for the episode, I saw what was coming a mile away. Oh well.

Super Friends

Harry is binging The Flash. Last night we saw the musical episode. Now I have the Barry/Kara duet, “I’m Your Super Friend” stuck in my head and I’m afraid it’s curtains for me.

Here’s the clip that erased my brain.

And here’s some Super Friends, just for fun.


I have nothing to say tonight. The cat isn’t even around for a photo shoot. Jen and Harry and I are just hanging out, watching The Flash. Killer Frost is kicking ass, the Bruins lost, the Red Sox are tied, my father is sick, and I’m still basically helpless.

The usual.

What Supergirl Does in the Shadows

Now that I read that title out loud it sounds like this post is going to be naughty, but it’s not. I promise.

On the show What We Do in the Shadows Matt Berry’s vampire character says the word bat out loud every time he turns into a bat. When he turns back into a human, the bat says “human form” out loud. It’s possibly the dumbest thing in the entire history of fiction and yet it’s really freaking funny every time he does it.

Side note, I think Matt Berry might be the funniest human alive. Absolute worst case puts him on the short list.

Anyway, I’m sitting here at my desk watching this week’s episode of Supergirl and there is a scene where a bunch of our heroes are trying to apprehend an alien who is basically a vampire. I swear the show gets more cartoony by the second, but whatever. They circle around the not-vampire as he is laying on the ground and much to my surprise and delight he yells, “bat!” and turns into a bat and flies away.

There is no way that wasn’t on purpose. There is no way imaginable that whoever wrote that scene wasn’t watching What We Do in the Shadows just before sitting down to write this episode. It’s the single goofiest cross over/tip of the hat in television history.

It’s even better than the line from a recent episode of The Flash where Cisco talks about the show This is Us and says the cast is too precious for this world.


First Contact Day

Did I know about this? I must have known about this. I don’t think I knew this, but it’s freakin’ nerd-vana whether I knew it or not.

As mentioned previously today is the anniversary of the first date my wife and I went on. Dinner in Lowell next door to the movie theater, and then a drive across town to the old Brew House where we just hung out for a long time.

April 5, 2007. A landmark day in my life.

In Star Trek world, April 5th is also the anniversary of the first human traveling faster than light AND the first human contact with an alien race. They made a movie about it. It was one of the really good ones.

In Star Trek fandom day is referred to as First Contact Day.

Our First Dateiversary is on First Contact Day. Holy shit snacks that is fitting! Granted, it was our first contact in person. We’d been chatting on line for a few months prior to actually going on a date, but let’s not worry about the semantics, our First Contact was on First Contact Day and oh my goodness gracious that it all kinds of awesome!