What Else?

I’m so hyper focused on music right now that the world is passing me by.  What am I missing?

The New Hampshire primary was last night.  The top three places were all held by people I could reasonably see myself voting for on Super Tuesday.  Sanders was my pick last time around.  Buttigieg seems fine to me.  I’d like to see a little more grass roots and a little less big money, but policy wise he’s fine.  My step son has done some volunteer work for his campaign and I am bursting with pride over it.  Klobuchar was a surprise but I’ve liked her since the day she announced her candidacy.  I have this vague image in my head of her beating the living shit (figuratively speaking) out of the people who are making a bad joke out of the Constitution. I see her as someone who could clean up the shit show.

Warren has been my main focus and I’m a little disappointed at her showing so far.  I saw this primary as a Warren vs Sanders showdown with Biden kinda peeking in from the sidelines.  There’s still time for Warren to improve relative to the others, but if we have to settle for her as our esteemed US Senator, I’m fine with that.

Realistically, whoever ends up winning the nomination is getting my vote and at least a chunk of my money.  That nazi piece of shit in the white house has to go.  Of course he won’t.  The Senate has already approved his attempts at rigging the election, so the very concept of a legitimate election has already been flushed down the toilet.  He’ll rig it and he will win it.  Our democracy is already dead, I’m just clinging to the tiny shreds that are left behind.  Mostly just out of habit.

At least the Bruins are still doing well.  That awful dip in the standings prior to the all star break is going to bite them on the ass.  Their huge lead is gone and Tampa is right on their heels.  I was very pleased with their play of late, but losing to Detroit really grinds my gears.  We get the Canadiens tonight.  There are few things that could cheer me up as my country descends into a fascist dictatorship as much as watching the Bruins beat the holy hell out of Montreal.  No pressure though, okay Bruins.  You just go out there and have fun.

A week or so ago, Larry and I were having a discussion about various Quentin Tarantino movies and he made a joke about a scene in Kill Bill and it went right over my head.  I saw both volumes in the theater and had never re-watched them.  I thought they were both fantastic and I loved every second of them… I just never revisited them again.  I fixed that error over the weekend and watched both movies.  They are just so good.  The violence is way over the top and the story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but every scene is perfect.  I forgot about so much.  In my memory the first movie is just blahblahblah Crazy 88’s and the second movie is just blahblahblah Superman’s disguise.  I forgot about all the other twistedly delightful stuff.  I kinda want to watch them both again, but instead I’ll watch the two movies I still haven’t seen: Hateful 8 and Django Unchained.

Note: I don’t think “twistedly” is actually a word.

Okay, I have to mention music again.  I can’t avoid it right now.  I did some recording this morning.  After being late to work on Monday because I stayed home a little too long, and late to work on Tuesday even though I left on time, I came up with something to try and keep me on track.  After I set up my laptop to record some voice parts, I brought up Waze on my phone.  I put in my work address as my destination and I left the phone on the table next to me.  As I worked through the two songs for today I kept an eye on the estimated time of arrival.  When it reached 8:45 I packed up and left.  It worked.  I was on time today.

Unfortunately when I was packing up I put my MacBook onto the stand on which it sits on my desk in the office (grammar, bitches), turned off the lights, and left the room.  A couple of minutes later I heard a bang.  What?  My laptop FELL OFF THE STAND!  It was still working okay, but it scared the crap out of me.  I managed to back up this morning’s work onto an external drive, but if my lappy is dead I might be in big musical trouble.  I know it’s not dead, everything was functioning within normal parameters… still… how scary is that.  BANG!

Friday is Valentine’s Day.  We don’t have any plans.  I’ll see if my beloved love wants to do anything after work.  It’s also a kid weekend so my step son will be around.  He went to a mock UN weekend last week and I can’t wait to hear about it.  Tonight will be the first time I see him since he came back.

I went to the gym last night.  I am planning on going again tonight and tomorrow night and as many days as I can between now and Disney World.  I need to build up some stamina for long walks.  I’m still stuck at the 15-minutes-before-my-back-starts-complaining point.  Every little bit helps though.

What else… I’m thinking about playing a little saxophone tonight.  If you hear crying it means I can’t pull it off anymore.  I was a music major and sax was my primary instrument of study.  I haven’t touched it in years, but normally when I start playing again a lot of the old skill is there.  What isn’t there is the muscles in my jaw.  I get a few minutes of solid playing followed by fatigue so bad I can’t play anymore.  My plan for the next week and a half is play a little, rest a little, repeat.  That’s assuming I’ve still got it.  Boy, do I hope I’ve still got it.

When you are 48 years old the phrase, “Boy, do I hope I’ve still got it” comes into play almost every day for a seemingly infinite number of topics, wouldn’t you say?

American Fascism

Donald Trump is a fascist.

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Massachusetts Primary. Never has a candidate for office, any office, lined up with my personal political beliefs as well as Senator Sanders. It wasn’t a perfect match, but it was as close as I’ve ever seen.

I’m bitterly disappointed that the Democratic National Convention will not be nominating Senator Sanders tonight. I voted for Hillary Clinton eight years ago when she ran in the primary. I was torn between Clinton and Obama and could have supported either of them, but I felt a little more optimistic about Clinton and she got my vote. I was disappointed when she lost, but I was okay with it. Now? There are too many things about her and her campaign that piss me off. Too many questions, too many potential scandals, too much money, too much questionable activity, too much sleaze. She lost all of my support going into the MA primary. All of it.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton in November. I’ll tell you why.

Donald Trump is a fascist. Listen to what he says, and then look up the definition of fascism. Ultra Nationalism? Check. Blaming a social or racial group for the countries problems and making them out to be scapegoats? Check. Hitler had the Jews. Trump’s cup runs over with both Mexicans and Muslims. What was it he said during his acceptance speech last week? Something like, I am the only one who can fix things? Does that sound like a dictator to you, because it does to me. He wants to deport Americans based on their nationality and religion. He verbally attacks anyone who disagrees with him, not with facts but with childish name calling. He is the single most Un-American candidate for office our nation has ever seen.

He’s a fascist and half the country wants him to have control over the nuclear arsenal. What happens when a nuclear armed megalomaniac perceives another world leader’s words as an insult? Not an insult to The United States, but to him personally. What happens when a nuclear armed megalomaniac fascist wants to get even? The world ends? Not that hard to imagine.

Donald Trump is a fascist and if he is elected president it will be the end of our country. Don’t doubt for a second that he will destroy The United States in his twisted, viscous, hate filled attempts to make it “great” again. Think of all of the millions of people who gave their lives to stop fascism in Europe during the second world war. Are we going to insult their sacrifice by putting a fascist into the White House? Have we learned nothing from history?

Vote for Hillary Clinton in November. That’s the easiest way to stop American fascism in it’s tracks. If you, like me, supported Bernie Sanders and you write him in come November, or pick another third party candidate in order to protest against the DNC and the Clinton campaign, then you are voting for fascism. Splitting votes on the left is death to America. We must unite behind Hillary Clinton as it is the only clear way to keep the fascist out of office.

Otherwise there might come a day, if you are among the few who survive, when you’re children or grandchildren will ask you, “why didn’t you do something to stop him when you had the chance?” Is that what you really want?