There is something delightfully therapeutic about bashing the holy hell out of an electric guitar when you’re in a state of near permanent near panic over a global pandemic. The plague might get me, but until it does I’m going to vent all of my frustrations through bad music and mediocre guitar playing.

Amen and all that.

Panic Level: Rising



Here’s a bit of symbolism to demonstrate how I feel right now:

Yesterday I ordered some packs of guitar strings from Amazon.  I also ordered a little musician’s exercise tool.  It’s kind of like one of those things that you squeeze with your hand but instead of squeezing one thing you have four, one for each finger.  I was planning to spend the last week or so before the gig working out like a mad man in the hopes of not having the same problems I had back in November.

When I placed the order the estimated delivery date was 1/27.  When the order was processed the delivery date was changed to between 1/27 and 2/3… two days after the gig.  Yup, that sums up my current state perfectly.

Now that I’ve vented about that, let’s get back to Picard.  I found out this morning that there are a couple of prequel sort of things out there.  Tie in’s might be a better term.  The first is a three issue comic series called Star Trek Picard – Countdown.  I started my lunch break by reading it… well, reading 2/3 of it because issue #3 doesn’t come out until next week.  Admiral Picard, Romulans, and a predicted super nova.  Enough said.

There is another tie in too.  On CBS All Access there is a series called Star Trek Short Treks (I think… that’s the name, isn’t it?).  I was looking at it yesterday but I didn’t watch any of them.  Turns out the most recent episode, titled Children of Mars (again, I think) is somehow related to the new series.  It’s 8-9 minutes long so I watched that too.  Two school aged girls, both of whose parents work on Mars, are having a really crappy day at school and they really don’t like each other.  No spoilers, but it telegraphs the ending pretty clearly and it still hit Mr Overly Emotional in the feels.  I should also state that this clip proves that Peter Gabriel is literally timeless.  David Bowie too, but mostly Peter Gabriel.  If I were the director I probably would have passed on Gabriel’s cover of Bowie’s Heroes in favor of Genesis’ Return of the Giant Hogweed, but that’s just me.  Heroes made more sense in terms of the story but it doesn’t have an awesome riff like Hogweed does.  Again, just me.

Speaking of Genesis, apparently Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, and Phil Collins were seen together at a NY Knicks game the other day.  80’s Genesis reunion confirmed?  What else could it mean?  I’m sure Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett were around too.  Were the Islanders playing that night?  Maybe they were there instead?  I’m sure we can count on a full reunion any day now.  The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway rides again?

Damn… I need to practice.

How Exciting


I am so excited about the prospect of going to the super market tonight!  WOOHOO!  I did some grocery shopping on Friday instead of my usual Saturday or Sunday so our cupboard is a littler barer than it usually is on a Monday.  So the plan is for me to go to Market Basket and get something for dinner for the next few days.

While that is exciting enough, low and behold we are about to get decked by a blizzard of historic proportions!  (according to the national weather service, of course)  That means I can expect a glorious evening of cramming my way through the overcrowded super market. dodging people buying mass quantities of break and milk while I try and get some supper for the wife and kids.  It will be like an olympic level obstacle course.  I can’t wait!


I plan on ducking my head down and just plowing my cart through the panicking throngs.  I don’t need to buy four gallons of milk or seven loaves of bread*.  I just need some chicken and maybe a jar of peanuts.  We already have plenty of quinoa.

Happy Blizzard Eve!

*The four gallons of milk and seven loaves of bread were not chosen randomly.  I have seen reports on Facebook today of people seeing other shoppers stock up on exactly those quantities of those items.

Pre-Game Six: I am Scared

I can’t help being from Boston. I can’t help being a Boston sports fan. It’s just the way I am. I was born this way, you know?

Game six starts in a touch more than six hours and damn it if I ain’t terrified. I was too young to know what was happening in 1975. I know I watched the Bucky Bleeping Dent game in ’78, but it wasn’t until a year later that I was fully engrossed in what would be a lifetime of baseball fandom.

I remember 1986, although I wasn’t watching when it fell apart in game six. I couldn’t quite get why everyone was just assuming that game seven was lost even before it started, even though deep down I felt the same way. I watched the start of the game. I got excited when the Sox took the lead against the Mets. Still, I wasn’t surprised when the Mets came back and won the game. I didn’t see the end. I was 15 and had to go to school the next day. I remember the pain though. I clearly do.

Back in 2004 there were questions being asked. Even after the Red Sox won their first World Series title in 86 years, there were still questions. Would it ever be the same? Now that the eons of suffering were over, would we ever really feel the same way about baseball? The answer is no. Think about it. If you are a Red Sox fan, is there anything about the 2007 World Series that sticks out in your mind? I remember those idiotic Tacoby commercials, but that’s about it. 2004? Even thought he World Series paled in comparison to the ALCS win against the Yankees, I still can clearly see Suppan rounding third. I can still clearly see Wakefield and Schilling and Lowe on the mound. (not Pedro Martinez though. I wonder why?) So would it ever be the same? No. Not really. Two championships in four years removed all of the pain and suffering we’d gone through over the previous 86 years.

Then we got to 2011 and all of that crap came flooding back. The September collapse was a harsh reminder of our not so distant past. When we lost on the last game of the season, and then listened to the end of the Yankees game as they blew a huge lead and we lost our post season spot, it was devastating. It shouldn’t have been. 2004 cured us, didn’t it? Not completely, I guess. There was the same 1,000 yard stare we’d felt in 2003, and 1999, and 1995, and 1990, and 1988, and 1986, and 1978, and 1975, and 1967, and so on, and so on. Last season’s last place finish was just salt in the wound. It just hammered home that Boston was once again a place where we felt the pain of defeat. I don’t want to say we feel it more than other places, but somehow it’s not hard to believe that the sting is at least different here. I know Chicago is dealing with a much longer string of futility, but as was the case during our 86 years, we can always argue that it was worse for us because we consistently came close where the Cubs pretty much always blew.

I’m getting off topic. I’m afraid of tonight’s game. The Cardinals are an awesome baseball team. So are the Red Sox, but we can’t just assume victory is ours. Overconfidence is a killer in a game like this, and if we need a game seven tomorrow then another epic collapse is right on the door step.

The absolutely positively without questions MUST win tonight’s game. I’m going to be chewing my nails and shivering with fear and hiding my head every time anything happens. Even if we jump out to an 86 run first inning lead, I am still going to be on the verge of panic right up until the moment it ends in our favor.

Despite 2004 and 2007, I am still far too accustomed to disappointment at the hands of the Red Sox to ever truly feel confident. Please don’t let us down again, Red Sox. Win tonight.

Go Red Sox!

Pussy Cat

My beautiful wife and our cat were hanging out together. Into this scene walked a spider. Jen is trying to tell me it was about two inches in diameter, but I was thinking it was half an inch or so. Maybe I’m just taller and therefore further away from it so the perspective is screwy or something.

Anyway, they are sitting there and in crawls this tiny little spider. What does our vicious, savage, killer of a cat do? She runs for the hills. She gets while the getting is good. She gets the hell out of dodge.

What a pussy………………cat.

I came into the room, shoe in hand, to dispatch the interloper and there is Patches. Sitting pretty just outside the door, looking all sad and pathetic. Wow. Some big scary cousin-of-lions-and-tigers you turned out to be.

The Blizzard of ’13

Today has a high potential of a tremendous amount of sucking from a meteorological perspective.

The forecasts are calling for one to two feet of snow today into tomorrow.  Some are even saying it could be more than two feet.  The initial estimates were for the crap to start falling from the sky this morning and continue all night.  Now they are saying it won’t start until the afternoon.  The local media hype is on super ultra mega overload.  Supermarkets have been picked clean.  Panic is everywhere.

Every year New England seems to go through this at least once.  A storm is predicted and the news networks blow it up into some sort of world ending event, everyone freaks out, and then the storm fizzles.  I’m not saying the storm today is going to fizzle, but it’s a blizzard.  It’s going to suck.  All of this is true, but it’s not worth the panic people are displaying.

Jen and I are both working from home today, and the kids had school canceled.  All of this before a single flake fell.  Again, I’m not saying the preparations are unnecessary, and I for one am going to be seriously thankful come 5:30 tonight when I don’t have to drive home.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… This is New England.  We get snow.  We get blizzards.  Every single one of us has been through this a million times before.  Get a grip, people.  Stop acting like rookies and man up.

Here we see our front yard… nothing yet.Untitled