8:51 AM

I’m up and ready to punch into work. I filled the cat’s food and water bowls. I changed the battery in the door lock. I took out the trash, twice. I woke Harry up to tell him his blood sugar was low (his glucose monitor alarm wasn’t loud enough to wake him). I vacuumed up the latest water in the cellar. I emptied and restarted the dehumidifier. I started a load of laundry. I showered.

Now that it’s time to start work I think I need a nap. Still have to make the bed before my 10:00 meeting.

Happy Thursday, folks.

My Hands are Killing Me

Let’s review the task list for today…

Cut the front grass, including plugging a hole in the gas tank and running the weed wacker.
Cleaned up the current cellar water crap.
Put away six megatons of groceries.
Did two loads of laundry.
Started a new character in World of Warcraft and made it to level six and died a lot.
Broke the shit out of a fingernail while taking my guitar out of its case.
Started a new song, put rhythm guitars onto it and one other song, then put leads onto three songs.
Surprised myself by how tired and sore my hands got after playing the guitar for about an hour.
Finished the binge watch of Community (well, it will be done in three and a half minutes).
Started thinking about cooking dinner.
Stood up from my desk to walk into the kitchen to start making dinner.

I am pretty sure I’m forgetting something. I don’t mean that I am forgetting to put the lawn mower away, I know it’s still sitting outside waiting for me to put it back under the tarp, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I mean I am forgetting to list something that I actually did today. Shit.

Oh well, I took the obligatory I’m-done-playing-guitar-so-here’s-a-pic pics.

Here you go.

Have I mentioned I hate wordpress.com’s block editor? I think I have. If I haven’t, I hate wordpress.com’s block editor.

Frustrating Home Owner Morning

You’ve seen the problem with the lawn mower. I saw a mouse hanging out under the tarp with the mower when I brought it out today. I’m going to assume it’s the cause of the hole in the gas tank.

That’s actually the second problem. The first is the wet vac. I think it’s going to need replacing soon. The filter is completely falling apart. It looks like it’s rotting off. Lovely.

The third problem just revealed itself. I have one spot in the front yard that the lawn mower can’t get to. It is a little rock garden spot. I use the weed-wacker to clear it. I got about 95% of the way through today when I ran out of thread. Gee, I hope I can find a new spool. Sonofabitch.

At least I got the entire front yard (minus the 5% of the rock garden) clear before the rain comes. Oh yeah, rain. The water in the cellar is still trickling in, but it’s not as bad as it was a couple of days ago. Two days of rain this weekend should bring it right back to where it was at its worst. Sonofabitch.

Damn You, Rodents!

I’m covering a day shift at my mother’s house today as I slowly get back into the swing of that thing. Today is trash day, so I put the barrels out on the street last night so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them this morning.

The squirrels get into my trash barrels all the time, but they have never staged an attack while they were on the street. Until today that is.

The damage wasn’t bad, but one barrel was open and there was a small amount of trash scattered across the front yard. When I went outside to fix things I found two squirrels, three chipmunks and a handful of various birds checking out the wreckage.

Oh good, now the squirrels are cluing the rest of the wild kingdom into the buffet that is the crap we throw away. It’s like some perverse Disney cartoon.

Damn you, rodents. Fuck you, squirrels. We have foxes, bobcats, hawks, owls, and on one occasion a coyote living in the woods behind our house. None of those super predators eat squirrels? Come on, assholes. Control our rodent infestation!

Saturday Recap

What did I accomplish today?

I mowed the front yard, the side yard, and about 20% of the back yard. I had dinner and a movie with Harry and Jen which included Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I swapped out the five gallon Poland Springs cooler bottle. I successfully did not forget to put the patio furniture away (I almost did but then I didn’t). I carried a gigantic desk into the office. I cleaned up a surprising amount of cat vomit.

It doesn’t look like much on paper but my back is killing me which makes it feel like a lot. I’m going to sneak some laundry in before bed too which is kinda like icing on the Saturday cake.

Cool. Bring on Sunday.

Stuff Going On

We made an appointment with an air conditioning maintenance company a few months ago as part of the still unshared cellar disaster story. They had to cancel the first appointment and today is the day they rescheduled too. They didn’t give us a window of time until early this morning. At 6:30 I was still in bed and Jen let me know the window was opening at 7:00. Yikes! It’s 7:30 and they aren’t here yet. Now I am just hoping that they don’t ring the doorbell while both Jen and I are in meetings. That would suck. Also, there’s an AC built into the bedroom wall. I am going to get kicked out of my bedroom/office for a while. That hasn’t happened in about a year.

I have a few short meetings today and it’s possible one might line up with the visit. I was thinking, I have mentioned things at work a couple of times recently and I think I am going to stop doing that. Like the cellar shit show, work should be exempt from the oversharing. Good.

There’s a new Loki today. Episode one was kind of a clip show but it did a great job of setting up the story. It was excellent. I am really interested to see where it goes. We need to figure out how we’re going to get everyone into the same room to watch it. There’s also the season finale of The Handmaids Tale. This show is so good it’s hard to explain. I haven’t a clue how they are going to wrap it up without having our hero just take a machine gun and go all Mikey Corleone on all of her enemies. We’ll see.

It’s 7:45. Still no sign of the AC folks. I’ve got my mask at the ready for whenever they get here.

Sorry, Birds

I took the trash out this morning. When I opened the door I scared the shit out of two birds who were sitting on the steps.

Sorry, birds.

I walked down the steps and across the driveway to get to the barrels and I scared the shit out of a rabbit that was hiding between the cars.

Sorry, bunny.

I didn’t see any squirrels when I got to the barrels but I flipped them off in general, purely out of spite.

Fuck you, squirrels.

Back inside, I changed the cat’s litter box. When I took that bag out to the trash I scared the shit out of a chipmunk that was sitting on the step.

Sorry, chipmunk.

I dropped the bag full of discarded litter box contents into the trash barrel. The same barrel that the squirrels gnawed their way into so they can eat everything.

Eat cat shit, squirrels.

Dirty Water

As I was wrapping up in the shower this morning the water pressure dropped way down. Huh? Then the water turned brown. Ugh. Every tap in the house was giving dirty, ugly brown water. I sent a tweet to the city’s twitter account, but it was still not even 8:00am yet so I didn’t expect anything. I checked the taps in the kitchen and the bathrooms every 15 minutes or so for about an hour and now they are looking back to normal. I figured that would happen. Someone somewhere near here was having work done and something minor happened and it just took a while to clear out all the dirt.

I just re-read that paragraph and I think it does a good job of making me look like I know what I am talking about when I honestly haven’t a clue. Good work, Robbie.

What the hell is up with my work computer? Everything I need for work is running 100% perfectly. Everything else is running 100% perfectly too with the exception of the very page I am typing this post on. The WordPress.com post editor page comes up blank when I access it from the Vivaldi browser. Not always, only when I am logged in through a non-private window. I tried another tab. Nope. I tried another window. Nope. I tried logging out and logging back in again. Nope. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Vivaldi (without deleting my browsing data). Nope. If I log in through a private window it’s fine. That’s how I am bringing this life saving post to you right now, through the glory of the private window which still works. Now c’mon guys, I don’t want to have to uninstall again and delete all of my browser data and start from scratch. I can never remember my sync password. Don’t be a jerk like that.

I wonder if it’s a cache thing… can I clear the cache? How do you clear your cache in Vivaldi? To the Google I go! (Later. It’s 9:00. I have to work now. I’ll ask Mr Google later.)

Insurance Company Freak Out

I’ve been talking about the cellar disaster for months now and someday I will explain it all, but not today. For now let me just stress about dealing with insurance companies for a second.

All of our cellar plans hinge on our home owners insurance. Our case was being handled by someone who was making life very difficult for us, mostly through what felt like inaction. Lots of phone calls and emails where responses were few and far between. Progress was made, but it was a little like pulling teeth. Jen called her last week and was told she was no longer with the company. Was she let go because she was incompetent, or was she incompetent because she knew she was leaving and was perfectly unmotivated? We don’t know.

I called the new adjuster today and he didn’t have a clue about our claim. He spent a few minutes on the phone with me reviewing, then said he needed to hang up and look into a couple of things. A short time later we hear that he talked to the contractor and he called Jen. The ball is rolling. All it took was a tiny push and a competent (hopefully) insurance adjuster.

Who woulda thunk, right? We may be happy. Fingers crossed.