Bathroom Work: The End May Be In Sight

I spoke to the contractor who is fixing the bathroom in our primary bedroom suite. He said the plan for today is to paint in the morning and start putting things back together again in the afternoon. Sounds like the end might be in sight. Probably another day, maybe two? It’s going to be nice to have two bathrooms again. We haven’t been a two bathroom house for too terribly long, but boy did I get super spoiled, super fast.

Fingers crossed.

Self Raking

The leaves in our backyard essentially rake themselves. If only the wind would blow them away from the house and into the woods instead of blowing them all right up against the house. Oh well.


There are still more leaves to come too. I don’t think I am going to have time to get to much of it this weekend, so they are going to be hanging out for a while. Ugh.


In other news, Candle.


I took this with my DSLR through Dad’s old zoom lens, Gemini 1:4.5 80-200mm. Aren’t they nice?

The Dryer is Running

The dryer is running. I disconnected the exhaust hose from both ends, expecting to replace it. I realized quickly that the hose we bought yesterday isn’t going to be long enough. I found out shortly after that the hose we bought yesterday doesn’t fit through the hole in the wall. M’kay.

So I used the cleaning snake kit thing we bought yesterday to clean the SHIT out of the hose. There was so much lint. So. Much. Lint. It’s as clean as I can get it now though so that’s good. I collapsed the hose as much as I could and ran it directly from the dryer to the vent, rather than having it snake up the wall, across the ceiling and out. I was just trying to eliminate as many angles as I could.

I hooked the old hose up to the new hose we bought yesterday and then hooked the new hose up to the dryer itself. Then I hooked the other end of the old hose to the vent in the wall. Finally, I taped the shit out of every connection. I turned the dryer on for a 50 minute timed run. The last couple of times I tried that it stopped with an error message after a few minutes. It’s been running for over 20 minutes now without issue. I threw a load of laundry into the washing machine so I could run a second load through the dryer to make sure we’re good, assuming the first continues and doesn’t halt itself.

Fingers crossed.

The duct tape is just for luck.

Also, on a totally unrelated note…


I think I am ready for Disney in January. Film, babie! Film is not dead! At least not in my little idiotic, ass backwards world.


I had to step outside today to take out the trash and I saw this hideous monster. How can we live in a world where an evil like this exists?


Also, you’d think that living in the woods in New England would mean we’d have some cool fall colors. Not really. In our back yard the leaves go from green to ugly yellow to dead on the ground. Oh well.


Jen and I talked about going leaf peeping up on the Kanc this weekend. It’s probably a smidgen too early, but it will be a fun day if we go.

RIP Mouse… Jerk

Well that was fun.

I logged into a video conference call at 10:00am. At 10:02am a mouse tried to climb the floor lamp next to my desk. It almost got to the top before falling off. It was equal parts startling and freakin’ adorable.

A mouse. I mean, it is that time of year, right? The weather is getting colder and the critters are looking for warmth. I get it. It’s not surprising.

This mouse was either an arrogant asshole, or supremely stupid. Why? Because when I first saw it I made some noise and moved around. I was on video in a meeting so I couldn’t get up and chase it. I made my very large presence known and that should have scared it off, right? Nope. The little shit hung around. It tried going up the light a few times, and it was running in and out of the pile of stuff in the corner next to the desk, and it came strolling out from under my desk a couple of times. It didn’t get the hint.

When my string of three consecutive video meetings ended I got up and kicked some stuff and made a lot of noise. I had a minute or two where I thought I was in the clear. Then I heard it behind me. It was standing next to my amplifier. Yeah, my Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue that costs over a grand. It was curled up next to the power cable. Oh no, you little shit. I got up and it ran. It went under my desk and hid behind my little foot rest. I kicked it… hard. It dashed to the other side of the room. I went after it. Eventually I lost it in the closet. I hoped that would be the end, but somehow knew it would be dumb enough to come back.

I logged onto Lowes’ website and started shopping for mouse traps. I was thinking of capture traps because I don’t want open traps that Patches the Wonder Cat could accidently trip and mangle herself on. That’s when I heard it again. It was next to the amplifier again. I got up, walked over, and kicked it. It smooshed between my foot and the wall.

The end.

Fucking mouse.


It’s 93 degrees out. My city has declared a heat advisory and setup cooling off stations all around town.

My office is in the cellar. Every time the air conditioner (central air) kicks in the temperature in here plummets. I have a jacket in here with me for when I can’t take it anymore.

It’s roasting hot outside, it’s freezing at my desk. It’s getting uncomfortably hot upstairs where Jen and Harry are because I keep fudging with the thermostat to keep it from getting too cold down here. I can’t do that anymore. I just lowered the temp so that the central air will kick on…

…and I turned on the space heater next to my desk. Yeah. Heatwave, babie.

Here’s a double exposure I took at lunchtime for no reason at all.


The temperature outside is about to drop, I think, because there is a very noisy, very active thunderstorm rolling in. Also, Harry is no longer at risk of heat-discomfort upstairs because he just left for work.

Transparency, thou art my middle name, babie.