Somewhere in this cellar storage nightmare is a little, purple, cheap, vibe pedal. There’s also a foot switch for one of my amps, and an isolated 9volt plug that I can use with guitar pedals.

I went in there looking for the little, purple, vibe pedal. If I found the other two things, that would be nice, but I wanted the vibe pedal.

I found the other two things.

I didn’t find the little vibe pedal.


One week ago I gave the details on the very ugly HVAC situation in our cellar. It’s one of many ugly situations in our cellar, but for now it’s the one that’s being worked on.

They looked over the ducts in the cellar and said they needed to come back another day to actually fix things. Today is that day. They gave us an estimate and let’s just say I won’t be buying myself a guitar for my 50th birthday… and maybe not for 51-60 either. In the immortal words of Austin Powers, ouch, babie.

Jen sent me a message about an hour ago. They are there. They are working. They are loud. One them wasn’t wearing a mask. Insert very frustrated non-science denying sigh here.

This whole thing has me very nervous. Central air is one of the highlights of our house. I don’t want to de-evolve to a state where we have fans and air conditioners in the windows. I want to be snooty high society with my air conditioned house. I am also very happy that progress is being made as this has been weighing on me like you wouldn’t believe.

I just want it done and I also want it done right so that we never have to worry about it again. Specifically I want it done right so that I never have to worry about a 10 foot section of duct falling on my head again. Ouch, babie.

Lunch Time

(Marvel spoilers in the second paragraph. You have been warned)

Just wrapping up my lunch break today. The clean up this morning went well. There are two places in our side yard that used to have crap piled up to the moon that now do not. One step closer to having a presentable yard. Sigh of relief, you know?

I’ve been listening to some podcasts today. It’s reassuring to know that my favorite Walking Dead podcast (The Walking Deadcast) is also completely fed up with Fear the Walking Dead. Sometimes it’s just helpful to know you aren’t alone. More important on the news front, I’m listening to TV Podcast Industry’s review of the season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. They opened up discussing the announcement (that I completely missed) that the follow up to season one will not be season two, it will be a Captain America movie. I think that sounds like a great idea. We knew that the follow up to WandaVision was going to be a movie, the next Dr Strange movie, so it is fitting they do the same for Uncle Sam. Will the Power Broker be the villain? Will it be Elaine Benes? Is Elaine Benes a bad guy or a good guy?

Just heard that my father had a good doctors appointment today. Good news.

Okay, back to work with you.

Big Things

Two big things going on in our world today. One I will write about. The other I won’t.

I haven’t written about this before (I don’t share everything with you, oh my readers and only friends*, even if I do share WAY too much) and I don’t think I took any pictures so I can’t remember exactly when it happened. I was down cellar and for whatever reason I needed to look for something in the little closet under our stairs. Harry Potter’s bedroom, if you will. I noticed that the HVAC duct was hanging a little low at that spot. We’ve had issues with the ducts before and at some point we had someone come in and sure** it up a little. It hangs off of the ceiling in the cellar and normally the only problem is that I have to duck when I walk under it.

On this particular day though, it was hanging a little low in front of the closet under the stairs. I couldn’t quite see this before the events unfolded, but it was actually partially resting on the ever so slightly ajar closet door. When I opened the door…

A 15 foot long section of duct fell on my head. As I stood there in a mental state that was 50% shock and 50% utter panic, a second, smaller section that connected to the fallen duct also fell off the ceiling.

I don’t remember exactly when this was, but it was probably around Christmas decorating time. There are actually two ducts. Best I can tell, considering I have no idea what I’m talking about, one duct is heat and the other is air conditioning. We did some testing with the thermostat and determined that the fallen duct was on the air conditioning side. That was lucky, given that there was a pandemic and we likely wouldn’t be needing AC for months to come.

Well, here we are in April and it’s getting close to the time we’ll need air conditioning. Fortunately, the three of us are all vaccinated now, and the forth family member will be fully vaccinated by the time she comes home from college, and we can start taking care of all of the crap that has gone wrong in our house over the last year. The HVAC folks are coming this afternoon. Please please please please please let them be able to put the duct back together and secure the whole works because I can’t have this stuff falling on me again. We need our AC to work so that we don’t melt in the summer, but there are also two college tuitions to pay for and we can’t afford to be replacing the whole duct system in the cellar. That would be a nightmare.

Please please please please please let the HVAC situation be resolved today. Please please please please please.

*Yes, I paraphrase that line from A Clockwork Orange too often. You’re just going to have to deal with it.

**There is no way that “sure” is the correct spelling for this usage of the word. I totally used the wrong homonym, right?

Good Morning

Good morning, everyone. How’s your Tuesday going. Hope you’re off to a good start.

I’m at my parents house. My brother is here and he’s working at his desk. He expects to be wrapping up soon so I can hijack his monitors again. I feel like a squatter but it’s okay.

Jen just called me. She’s off work this morning and went out for some errands. One of them was getting the Kia inspected. She had to go into the shop. Pre-Covid that would have been nothing. Now? That’s a huge accomplishment. I’m very proud of her. My wife has some serious guts.

She also set something up for tomorrow that I don’t want to talk about yet that literally took the weight of the world off my shoulders. The relief is so great it’s like a physical thing. Thank you, my love.

Okay, off to work. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Double Whammy

This morning one of our smoke detectors gave us the “please change my battery, you friggin’ savage” alarm. I went through the maze of alarm locations in the house trying to figure out which one was yelling at us. I found it in the mud room. They are kinda a pain to take off the ceiling but I got it down. They are kinda a pain to open up but I got it open. They are kinda a pain to pop out the batteries but I got them out. They are kinda a pain to re-hang on the ceiling but I got it back up.

I made the mistake of pressing the test button. When you do that it doesn’t just test the one you’re holding in your hand, it tests every single alarm in the house. The noise is overwhelming, which is good when there’s a fire but really painful when you just woke up.

None of this is the actual story though.

When the shockingly loud, house-wide test was complete and the smoke detector was hung on the ceiling again……….

…………the smoke detector in Harry’s room started giving the “please change my battery, you friggin’ savage” alarm.


I’m Dumb

We bought a new washer dryer set a while ago. It was pre-Covid so it was at least a year. January 2020? December 2019? I don’t think it was that long ago. Whatever.

The set we bought were side loading. I am super tall so we bought pedestals to sit them on. We let ourselves be upsold on one of them. The washing machine pedestal has a small washing machine built into it. How cool is that? Let’s say you just finish the last load of laundry and then you spill something all over yourself. You could throw your dirty clothes into the hamper and wait until there’s enough to do a full load. You could wash them right away and have a huge amount of overkill on the water usage front. No, those aren’t good plans.

Or, you could wash them in the little pedestal washing machine thing. It only holds a few items so it’s perfect for those forgotten, last minute laundry needs. Awesome!

Did we actually need it? No. Did we buy it because it’s awesome? Oh yes, yes we did.

I don’t have a picture of it to share, but it actually slides out from under the big washing machine. It’s probably about two feet tall, max. You slide it out, fill it up, start it, slide it back in, and you’re off.

Or so I thought.

One day, back when we were still going to the office every day, I didn’t have a pair of business casual pants clean for the next day. Perfect! I’ll use the little guy! I slide the thing out, loaded it up, put some detergent into it, hit start… and got an error message. Huh? I tried again. Error message. What the hell? I put it away and forgot about it. I tried again a few weeks later, I forget why, and I had the same result. Our little upsell item is a lemon! Sonofabitch! I then proceeded to forget about it for a year or so.

Until today.

The scenario detailed above happened. I finished the laundry and then messed up some clothes. I took them downstairs to wash them and decided to give the little spud another go. This time, no error message. The timer went to 39 minutes and sat there. Okay. It was too dark to read the settings but I figured I wouldn’t look this gift horse in the mouth and went back upstairs to work.

About an hour later I checked on it. The timer was now off, but the clothes were dry. What happened? I took the clothes out and put them into the big washer and was about to start it when I figured I’d give it another chance. This time I got the error message again. Ugh. I took the clothes out and pushed it back in… and it started filling. What?

I had to hit pause in order to pull it out again, but I reloaded it, pushed it in again, hit start, and it worked! Holy Crap!

I then realized two things. The error message I was getting was because you have to push it back in before you start it. That’s it. That was my problem. You have to close it or it won’t run. Well, I feel like a tool now, don’t I? The other thing was that when I didn’t get the error the first time I tried today, I must have bumped the pause button. I never restarted it so it just shut itself off.


Well, at least I can use the little washing machine now. So I guess I’ve got that going for me. Suck it, Covid.

My Step Son is More Awesome Than Yours

With all of the pre-fab furniture assembly on this weekend’s agenda, Jen figured it would be a good idea to offer Harry some money in exchange for getting a jump on things tonight. He was up for it and as I type this he is in the dining room putting together a humongous pantry that’s bigger than he is. It might be bigger than me.

Sure there’s a little bit of a bribe involved, but that doesn’t change the fact that my step son is awesome for doing this. He pretty much rules. My step son is absolutely more awesome than yours. It’s a certifiable fact.

Replacement Replacement

The replacement to the replacement headboard was delivered yesterday along with a new set of desk drawers for my work from home nook. My back and my legs are still killing me from last weekend, with a little help from yesterday’s shoveling adventure (oh, and did I mention it’s snowing again?), but it looks like I’ve got some things to do this weekend too.

I haven’t played guitar this week. I was too sore yesterday. Maybe tonight, we’ll see.

Lots to do, lots to do.