Something Going On

Today is trash day. I brought the barrels out to the street before 7:00am. They came in the early afternoon. They picked up my stuff, then moved down the street. I happened to look out the window and saw them 2-3 houses away. They appeared to run the compactor but a couple of things fell out. I figured they would pick them up and put them back. The last I saw, the guy who rides on the back of the truck called the driver out to take a look. Weird, but oh well.

At some later point, I have no idea how much time went by, I was in a meeting at work and something outside caught my eye. It was another truck, covered in emergency lights driving up the street.

This guy, to be precise:

Or maybe not precise. The original truck was facing the other way. This guy, to me, looked like a tow truck. The truck in the picture, however, is not a tow truck so maybe there were three trucks? I was busy with work so may have missed some events.

Anyway, I figured the first truck, the one with my garbage in the back, broke down and needed to get towed away. Why then were there two guys putting sand all over the road? They looked almost like a haz-mat team cleaning up a chemical spill, except that there were no haz-mat suits. What the hell?

They spread sand on the road (you can see where in the picture) and then shoveled it all up. The second truck then backed up against the first truck, furthering my suspicion that the second truck was a tow truck. Then work got interesting and I took the one eye I had out the window back to my monitor. When my meeting was over, all that was left was what you see in the picture. After another few minutes, this guy drove away.

So… what the hell was going on?

I Guess I’m a Plumber Now

The drain in our bathroom sink clogged. I put some drain-o in yesterday and it helped a little, but it was still really slow. Jen ordered a drain snake. It was just a little plastic thing you stick into the drain from the top and it’s supposed to help you yank out clogs.

The only experience I had with snaking a drain was at my parents house in Tewksbury where we had to go into the bathroom tub drain from below. It was this crazy long wire with a snag at the end of it. I don’t think I am exaggerating by saying it was the nastiest, grossest experience of my life.

I tried the thing Jen bought today. I don’t think it was long enough to reach the bend in the pipe where you would expect the real nastiness to live. I put it into the drain, twisted it around, and brought it out. There was definitely some gunk stuck on it. That was nice. No hair though. Nothing that looked like an obvious clog source. I didn’t think there would be. I didn’t feel anything blocking the line. I tried a second time. I put it in past the drain stopper and immediately some gunk popped out.

Wait a tic… I ran the thing around the drain stopper itself, pulled it back out, lots of gunk. Was the clog stuck to the stopper itself? I ran some water into the sink. It drained out perfectly.

Hot damn! Look at me being all plumber and shit! I tried it in the other bathroom too…

Nope… that puppy is still good and clogged.

Oh well.

Ark Time

It is raining so hard right now that it sounds like someone is playing drums against the side of the house. Wow.

Is it too late to start building that ark thing?

Also, it’s 57 degrees out at 11:52 pm on December 11th. Just FYI.

Kinda Bummed Out

I wasn’t going to talk about this until it happened but now it’s not happening so I guess I’m in the clear.

Over the last few months we had been saving money to get our cellar re-finished. We need new floor tiles, new wall board, new dropped ceiling frame and tiles, new ceiling lights, and some electrical upgrades. There was also hopes of walling off the laundry nook and adding a new closet.

We had a dollar figure in mind and we started talking to a contractor about an estimate. The guy was super psyched and his attitude was a little infectious. I was getting a good feeling about the whole thing.

He sent his estimate tonight. It was our dollar figure times three. That hissing sound you hear is the air escaping my balloon.


40 Hours and Counting

I took the trash out to the street this morning. It hasn’t been picked up yet. Last week I took it to the street on Tuesday morning and it didn’t get picked up until Thursday. I’m curious to find out when they will come for it this time, but that’s not the point of this message.

When I took the trash to the street I took a minute to inspect the new shed-like-thingie that I put together on Sunday. At the time I set the over under for the squirrels gnawing their way into it at 12 hours. How is it holding up?

Well, kids, I hope you all picked the over because we’re into the second day and it is still completely free of holes! Wow! Now I have to admit that I only inspected the inside and the roof. There may be places on the side where invasion work has started but the rodents just haven’t made it through yet. That’s a possibility. Still, the furry little pricks have yet to make it inside. Give a tip of the hat to the Tupperware-like structure for holding up against the assault! Good on ya, bro!

Today’s Project: Complete

The job is done! We have a little shed-like contraption to store our trash barrels in. Well… two of our trash barrels at least. I was hoping this would be a tad bigger than it is, but it’s perfect for the two barrels we actually use.

I’m going to set the over/under for how long it takes the squirrels to gnaw their way into it at 12 hours.

Another Reason to Hate Autumn

It’s Autumn. Fall. I really don’t like Fall. I kinda hate it. Here’s one reason.

We caved in and had a landscaping team clean up our yard today. The main reason they were here was to fix and clean the rain gutters on our roof, but they also cleared the yard. Awesome.

Less than an hour after they left I looked out the window and it was literally raining leaves. It was the front of the house. We don’t have any trees in the front of the house. Two doors down from us they have a huge oak tree. The leaves were falling off that tree and the wind was blowing them all the way to our yard. At this rate, within a day or two you won’t be able to tell that our lawn was clear today.

Fall sucks.

One slightly related note. In our back yard the leaves fall off the trees in the woods and the wind blows them all right against the house. The yard itself is usually not too bad, but the base of the house is a leafy mountain. There are some windows along the foundation of the house but only one of them can actually be seen from the living space in the cellar, the rest are in the storage areas. After the landscape folks left, and at the start of my lunch break, I went down stairs to put some laundry on. I couldn’t believe how much light there was down there. Turns out that one window was free of leaves for the first time in a year and you could actually see through it. It was kinda cool. Of course, by the end of the week the window will be blocked again. Yippee.

Over-sharer Fail

What’s a clinical over-sharer to do?

I have four things going on that the clinical over-sharer in me wants to talk about but I can’t. Well… I can, but I just don’t want to… even though I want to. Ugh.

Three of the four things are related to being a home owner. The fourth is a personal healthcare thing. One of the home things is pretty huge, another is kind of huge but dependent on the first thing and after the first thing is squared away there are two other things that have to happen before we get to it… confused? Me too. The third is pretty minor but still nice. The healthcare thing has the potential to become utterly gigantic, in a really positive way, but at the moment is just a teeny tiny thing.

The huge thing will never be discussed directly, the big thing will be, but not until it happens and maybe not until after it happens. The small thing probably won’t be, but in oversharing other things you might get a clue. The healthcare thing is probably going to be discussed in excruciating detail, but not until the process advances quite a bit further than the baby step I’ve taken thus far.

I want to talk about all of it! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

On a completely unrelated and unimportant note, I just asked a HomePod to play a specific podcast episode and it worked. Nice! Hey Siri, play the newest episode of The Walking Dead ‘Cast. It worked!