The Water is Off

21st century life, in a house where the water is shut off while the plumbers install a kick ass tankless water heater.

If it’s yellow, let it mellow
If it’s brown….


If it’s brown… hold on, I’ll come up with something.

If it’s brown… hmmmmm

Oh! If it’s brown, Drive in to town!

Just call it what it is: Poetry, babie.

Ready for Tomorrow

Remember a few months ago when I moved everything worth saving in the cellar into the storage areas? That was because one side of the cellar was flooded and there was water damage everywhere. Well, now there is water damage on the other side of the cellar and I have to move all of the shit from the storage area back into the cellar proper so that they can install the new water heater in the morning.

Two items of note. First, those shelves are likely going to have to go. I don’t know how much room a tankless system needs.

Second, I expect to have super powers by morning because I’m pretty sure I got bit by a spider and isn’t that what happens when you get bit by a spider?

Fresh Leak Hell

We have an appointment to have a new tankless water heater installed tomorrow morning. I still have a bucket under the leaky pipe in the current water heater and it’s kept the floor dry for a week now.

Or has it.

(insert ominous music here)

My wetvac is falling apart. Whole chunks of it have fallen off. It still works, and I could probably change the filter and all would be well, but now…

I emptied the drip bucket by stickin’ the wetvac hose into the bucket and sucking it all up. I’ve been doing that for a week now. Today, a few hours after emptying the bucket, I went downstairs for laundry reasons and saw water on the floor. WHAT THE HELL?

A little investigating has lead me to believe that the wetvac is actually leaking now. The water this time was next to the wetvac but a little down hill. I cleaned it up, knowing how goofy it is to use the source as it’s own fix, which clearly will have to be done again later tonight.

Oh well. I will be spending some time down there tonight to clean out the storage area where the folks will be working tomorrow and while I’m there I will empty the bucket and the wetvac and hopefully that will be the end of it. When the bucket gets emptied some time tomorrow, the water heater will have been replaced.

Fingers eternally crossed. I am so sick of having water issues in my cellar. It’s enough to make me want to move into a house that doesn’t have a basement. Houses in San Diego generally don’t have cellars, do they? If that’s the case, let’s go!


Just had a plumber looking at our water heater. It’s time to go. I think there is a tankless water heater in our future.

Things I learned today. Tankless water heaters are mounted to the wall. We might be losing some of our shelving in the cellar storage area. I’ll take that in trade for not having water on my floor anymore. Another thing I learned today. Apparently our current water heater (and our furnace too? Maybe?) vents out of the chimney. That’s what the guy said. Who knew? Is he referring to the fireplace chimney or is there another vent out of the roof that is just called a chimney? I don’t know.

All I do know is that tankless water heaters are supposed to produce fewer carbon emissions which, along with driving a hybrid car, makes me feel better about my place in the universe. Not a lot better, maybe 0.01% better as I do expect I’ll be making use of air travel again at some post-Covid-19 point, but better.

Also, I am really really sick of Lake Asshole, so the sooner we get that thing installed the better.

Tropical Storm Remnant

It’s been raining all day. I went to the cellar an hour ago to check on the water status. Lake Asshole is confined to the storage area, which is where I think the water is coming in though I can’t tell exactly where, and it was not out in the cellar proper. It’s there, but the water level is low enough to downgrade Lake Asshole to Pond Asshole.

I emptied the dehumidifier (in the tub upstairs. I can do that with the little dehumidifier, but not with the huge-ish wetvac) and started vacuuming up some of the pond. I stopped when the wetvac reached full. I was in the middle of the work day so I let the dehumidifier run and figured I’d dump the wetvac outside during lunch.

That’s when the tropical storm remnant that drown the state of North Carolina hit for real. It is pouring like the end of the world out there. I’m positive the dehumidifier won’t be able to keep up, and I am going to get drenched when I empty the vacuum because irony is clearly dead.

The upside here is that I don’t go to my parents until tomorrow night, so I can keep up with this after work and all day tomorrow. I’m optimistic that it won’t get too bad. I’m also convinced that this whole water in the basement thing is just the universe kicking me when I’m down and trying to bring me to new “heights” of massive depression.

Fuck you, rain.

Stop Raining!

Last night when I got home from work I checked the cellar. There was a little water, but the amount was small enough that I was feeling optimistic. Then as we were getting ready to go to bed it started to pour like the world was ending.

This morning there was definitely more water down there then last night. I cleaned it up. I’ve checked on it a couple of times and things were looking okay. Then about five minutes ago it started to pour like the world was ending.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I give up. I can’t take this anymore. I’m just going to steal a row boat and row out to the middle of the harbor and live there from now on. If I am going to be swimming in my home I might as well do it in the ocean.

To hell with this bullshit.

Smoke Alarm

I went to sleep at 11:00. At 1:00 the smoke alarm in the hall outside of our room went off. It blared about three times and then it stopped. I spent 10 minutes wandering the house trying to see if there was anything going on and then it went off again. 3-4 beeps and then it stopped. I took it down, blew some air into it to try and dislodge any dust or whatever, and sat up until 2:00 to see if it would go off again. It didn’t. It’s 8:24 and it still hasn’t.

What’s up, smoke alarm? You just messing with us?

Litter box changed
Trash taken out to the street
Lake Asshole in the cellar vacuumed up
The dehumidifier in the cellar emptied
The wet vac that cleared up Lake Asshole emptied
The first of probably two loads of laundry started

30 minutes until I punch in to work. It’s a nana sitting night so I need to get all my shit together before the work day ends. I’m still super sweaty from the Lake Asshole experience. I should have taken a vacation day today. Then again, I kinda wish I could take a vacation day everyday but what can you do, right?

8:51 AM

I’m up and ready to punch into work. I filled the cat’s food and water bowls. I changed the battery in the door lock. I took out the trash, twice. I woke Harry up to tell him his blood sugar was low (his glucose monitor alarm wasn’t loud enough to wake him). I vacuumed up the latest water in the cellar. I emptied and restarted the dehumidifier. I started a load of laundry. I showered.

Now that it’s time to start work I think I need a nap. Still have to make the bed before my 10:00 meeting.

Happy Thursday, folks.

My Hands are Killing Me

Let’s review the task list for today…

Cut the front grass, including plugging a hole in the gas tank and running the weed wacker.
Cleaned up the current cellar water crap.
Put away six megatons of groceries.
Did two loads of laundry.
Started a new character in World of Warcraft and made it to level six and died a lot.
Broke the shit out of a fingernail while taking my guitar out of its case.
Started a new song, put rhythm guitars onto it and one other song, then put leads onto three songs.
Surprised myself by how tired and sore my hands got after playing the guitar for about an hour.
Finished the binge watch of Community (well, it will be done in three and a half minutes).
Started thinking about cooking dinner.
Stood up from my desk to walk into the kitchen to start making dinner.

I am pretty sure I’m forgetting something. I don’t mean that I am forgetting to put the lawn mower away, I know it’s still sitting outside waiting for me to put it back under the tarp, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I mean I am forgetting to list something that I actually did today. Shit.

Oh well, I took the obligatory I’m-done-playing-guitar-so-here’s-a-pic pics.

Here you go.

Have I mentioned I hate’s block editor? I think I have. If I haven’t, I hate’s block editor.

Frustrating Home Owner Morning

You’ve seen the problem with the lawn mower. I saw a mouse hanging out under the tarp with the mower when I brought it out today. I’m going to assume it’s the cause of the hole in the gas tank.

That’s actually the second problem. The first is the wet vac. I think it’s going to need replacing soon. The filter is completely falling apart. It looks like it’s rotting off. Lovely.

The third problem just revealed itself. I have one spot in the front yard that the lawn mower can’t get to. It is a little rock garden spot. I use the weed-wacker to clear it. I got about 95% of the way through today when I ran out of thread. Gee, I hope I can find a new spool. Sonofabitch.

At least I got the entire front yard (minus the 5% of the rock garden) clear before the rain comes. Oh yeah, rain. The water in the cellar is still trickling in, but it’s not as bad as it was a couple of days ago. Two days of rain this weekend should bring it right back to where it was at its worst. Sonofabitch.