Weekend Work Live Blog

Should I live blog my Saturday evening work experience?

No. No, I shouldn’t.

I logged in and did about an hour and a half worth of prep. I’ve been waiting for the go ahead to actually start for almost two hours, and it’s probably going to be another good chunk of time before I can actually start.

I just watched this week’s episode of What We Do in the Shadows and it was freakin’ hysterical. Now I’ve said before that I am willing to consider the idea of naming Matt Berry the funniest man in the universe. That’s still true. (he was so freakin’ funny on The IT Crowd that it is hard to describe) However, I am starting to think that Colin Robinson is the best character on that show, and maybe on all of television. He’s a vampire but he isn’t a normal vampire. He’s an energy vampire. He doesn’t drink blood like the rest of the gang, he feeds off of other peoples’ life force. Basically he feeds by boring the crap out of everyone. Just watch the show, you’ll understand.

What else, what else, what else……..

I just queued up a bunch of podcasts to listen to on my iPad. I have a couple of songs for 50/90 ready to mix. I didn’t do any car singing today even though I should have. I had a shitty night sleep last night and I just couldn’t get out of my own way when I got up. If things continue as they are right now I will probably be oversleeping tomorrow too. Not sure, of course. Should I try to mix one of those songs while I wait? Should I try to wait until I sign out of work? Oh boy, the questions.

Oh yeah, and I still have to do all 30 minutes of today’s activity app exercise. Yay!

Okay. I am going to post this now. I am not Live Blogging my work night, but I am likely going to get pretty bored while I wait and when I’m bored I tend to blog… or something.

Hooray, babie.


I’m really tired right now and it might be my CPAP machine’s fault. Well… my fault, but related to my CPAP machine.

I turned in around 11:30 last night… I think. (We’re using lots of ellipses in this post already. We might be shooting for a… world record) My watch told me I was asleep around midnight, which seems a bit later than I remember, but whatever. I woke up at about 1:30am (the watch didn’t catch that though) and realized I didn’t have my mask on. I laid down on the couch, expecting to spend some time reading before I went to sleep, and next thing I know it’s like two hours later.

Now if I fell asleep while reading, I would expect my iPad would have fallen out of my hands, right? Given how I was laying on my back and holding it in front of me, I could reasonably expect that it would have actually bashed me in the face. Nope. It was actually laying down next to me with the alarm clock app open and the alarm set for 6:30am. Did I set the iPad up the way I always do when I sleep on the couch (thanks to the CPAP machine that is a super rare occurrence now) in my sleep? Because I don’t remember doing it. I remember setting the alarm, but not putting it down with the clock app having focus and the screen turned off.

So I realized what was going on and put the mask on and switched on the CPAP machine and had a decent night’s sleep for the remainder of the night… but that whole experience was just… weird.

I mean… weird.

Now it’s 2:00pm and I am wrapping up my lunch break and I am seriously ready to go back to bed. Go figure.

Two Therapy Sessions

I was able to sneak into the cellar and play the guitar twice today.

I got a lot done for 50/90, which was nice, but I reached the point on the second go-round where my hands just wouldn’t do it anymore. That’s actually not a bad thing. I really need to build up more stamina, but I’ll get there.

On a gear note, I have my little recording nook in the master bedroom that has my current recording pedal board and my little 15 watt Fender amp. My big use-with-the-band pedal board and my Vox 15 watt amp (and my 30 watt Fender amp) are all in the cellar because Covid was slowing down and I thought they would be traveling to Mike the Bass Player’s house soon… and of course that hasn’t happened because the universe has intervened. The upside is I could set all of that stuff up in the cellar to keep working on 50/90 while I’m locked out of my bedroom. I bring my new Les Paul and my MacBook Pro up and down with me, as there is no way in hell those puppies are staying down there in the humidity. I set everything up far away from the flood zone, but you may note from the previous pictures that none of the electrical stuff is actually on the floor. The pedal board is, but the pedals themselves are not. That’s for flood damage prevention reasons.

So that is what I am doing to keep 50/90 going this week.

I also wanted to start with the exercising again. I started a couple of weeks ago and then fell off the wagon. I wanted to start up again today, what with it being a Monday and the iPhone Activity app starting its week on Monday. Jen wanted to do the same thing and she totally kicked ass all day today. Me? I was at two minutes of exercise as of 7:00pm tonight. Looked like I was going to fail for the day. Well, screw that folks. I’m up to 17 minutes now with 3.5 hours left in the day. I’ll get to 30 minutes, you betcha.

Okay. I need to go get a bottle of water and do another few minutes of exercise.

Looking for the bright side of self isolation. It’s tough to find, but it might be out there. Probably not, but maybe I might be able to pretend.

Season 11

I had a moment just now where I thought I missed the premier of The Walking Dead’s 11th season, but that doesn’t actually happen until next week. Whew, eh?

I closed all three rings in my activity app tonight. That means I closed all three rings every day for a week. The app calls that a perfect week. I’d be much more excited about it if my legs weren’t in so much pain.

This has been a really good weekend for the three of us. The only thing missing was my step daughter. She’s coming down next weekend and we are going to get to spend some quality time with her. This weekend though was all about Harry and it was wonderful. I’m so excited for the next chapter in his life to start in two weeks but I’m also crushed that he has to leave us. I want to make the most of the time we have left.

For now though, let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow’s a work day.

Sweet dreams, internet.

Probably Jinxing Myself

It’s been quiet here tonight. Dad has been okay. He hasn’t gotten out of bed which is good for my stress level but not so good for his recovery. He needs to get some strength back in his legs and staying in bed is not going to get him there. I’ll see if I can coax him up during the odd coffee break tomorrow.

My mother was in a lot of pain when I got here, but after her last round of meds she went to bed and has been sleeping soundly ever since.

I got a jump on the work day by setting up my computer and everything I need for tomorrow tonight. The last blog post was written on my MacBook while sitting in the living room. This one is being written on my work issued HP while sitting at the workspace in the dining room. That cheap little USB fan is running and as always it is glorious.

I still need to set up my CPAP machine in the living room. I will have to do it in the dark as dad is in there sleeping. I’ve heard the odd snore, so he’s definitely asleep. Mostly I am sitting here writing this because I am waiting for my iPhone and my Apple Watch to charge before I turn in. On previous trips here I would setup a power strip near the couch I sleep on and plug everything in there. It’s not easy to do now as we had a hospital bed setup in that room yesterday and all of the places I would sit things on while they charged have been replaced with piles and piles of stuff. I don’t want to sit a power strip or a laptop on top of that stuff as I’m not sure if any of it might be a fire hazard or not. Shoot me for being extra cautions. So now I’ll just use one plug for the CPAP machine and keep my phone next to the machine with an alarm set. Of all the times I’ve been here over the last couple of months, I have never actually needed the alarm. I’ve always managed to be up long before it goes off. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

I thought about trying to write a little music while I sit here waiting. I have the MacBook and GarageBand with me after all. No… I can’t get into it. I feel too uncomfortable with headphones on.

Okay. I am going to start the turning in process now. Wish me luck.

Yesterday Was a Day

Most of you won’t get this. However, if you have an Apple Watch and you use the Activity app then this will be a little behind the scenes peek into the kind of day I had yesterday…..

Sure this is a smidge too “inside baseball” for the average web surfer, but I thought it was interesting. Whatevs, right?

Monday Night Nana Sitting

I am staying at my parents house every third night. Last night was one of those nights. I’m sort of seeing a trend. I can’t sleep well here. I know I would sleep better if I brought my CPAP machine, and I am going to have to start doing that, but that’s not the issue.

The issue is falling asleep. Another issue is staying asleep. There have been a few nights now where my watch tells me I got less than four hours. Sometimes it’s because I go to bed at a decent hour, wake up a couple hours later, and then can’t get back to sleep. Other times I just can’t fall asleep to begin with.

The last time I was here was Friday night and it definitely fell into the latter category. I was trying to sleep around midnight but I was still awake around 3:00am. Then I was up before 7:00. Saturday and Sunday nights I slept great, at home, but all day Monday I was still really tired. Last night I did okay. I fell asleep around 10:00pm, my mother was already asleep which helps, but I woke up again around midnight. I eventually fell asleep but I woke up again a few more times and finally stopped trying to sleep around 5:00am. My watch tells me I got six hours. My body tells me that’s about right.

I should be bringing the CPAP machine. The only reason I don’t is because it’s a pain in the ass to break down and set up and the idea of doing that two out of every three days just pisses me right off. It’s probably worth it. I just don’t wanna.

On a mostly unrelated note, last night I decided to explore the Netflix looking for something to watch. Somehow I hit on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Not the original show, note the Comedy Central show, not the SciFi channel show, but the recent Netflix show. I had only watched a couple of episodes. They were good. I just never got around to watching more. Something on the list of episodes grabbed me though.


In the long history of MST3K there are a few movies that stand out as being so much worse than the norm that they become legendary. One of my personal favorites is a little classic called Cave Dwellers. Back in the old days my MST3K watching friends and I learned that Cave Dwellers was a sequel. The first movie was called Ator, the Fighting Eagle. You don’t actually need to watch the first movie to follow the second because there is a flashback in the second movie that literally shows every noteworthy “plot” point from the first.

I had never seen Ator, the Fighting Eagle and I always wondered why MST3K didn’t do an episode on it. Well now I know they actually have, and I watched it, and it was TERRIBLE. Our heroes tore that turkey to shreds in glorious fashion. I was sitting in the living room watching it on my computer with headphones on all by my lonesome and there were a bunch of moments when I literally laughed out loud.

Tip of the hat for the self referential riff where they made a joke out of the “how much keeffe is in this film? Miles O’Keeffe” line from Cave Dwellers. While the episode was wonderful, it was still nowhere near the original. Cave Dwellers is worth it for things like, “stupid rock. Stupid, stupid rock” and Joel singing “Ator, Ator my sweet friend.”

As I get older I sometimes forget how much fun terrible, awful, what-were-they-thinking, movies can be.

Birthday Surprises

Jen made a nice steak dinner for my birthday dinner. Harry got me a new band for my Apple Watch. Bellana called to wish me a happy birthday. Apparently there’s a Zoom call coming up soon. Also, Jen bought my a present that was WAY too big and expensive, also super awesome. There will be pictures later. Very exciting. There was also a video with my family and friends all wishing me a happy birthday. It was pretty freakin’ wonderful.

Turning 50 may be a existential kick in the nards, but my family and my friends have done a really great job of making it feel good. I’m feeling pretty loved right now.

It’s been a really good day.

Exercise and Sleep

Exercise helps me sleep. I have irrefutable anecdotal proof, or something.

The SleepWatch app for ages used to tell me that the closer I got to the goal on the Apple Watch Activities calorie counter (the Move goal) the better my sleep numbers would be. When I started the 30 minutes a day exercise thing last September I saw that my sleep numbers improved quite a bit.

A few months ago, late January I think, I stopped getting even the minuscule amount of exercise I was getting and saw that my sleep numbers got pretty bad. The restful sleep count went down. So did the sleeping heart rate dip. Everything that seemed to correspond to me feeling better the next day was worse which meant I felt much crappier than I had when I was exercising.

On April 1st I started getting my 30 minutes in again. After only seven days I can already see the sleep numbers getting better again. Especially the heart rate. The last few days have been excellent. Now I’m not really feeling any better rest-wise yet but here’s hoping that comes along eventually. There’s a lot of bad shit going on in life right now. I need all the help I can get.