I have nothing to write about tonight but I’m sitting here typing this drivel because I still have about 10 minutes of exercise to do and I just don’t want to.

I am watching Star Trek Discovery. Season three. Season four just ended so I am way behind. I’ll get caught up. We cancelled our Paramount+ account last year but I had to re-up in order to watch Star Trek Picard. Now I’m taking advantage of it to get caught up on everything else, Trekkie speaking.

I also started watching Dead Like Me again. I am not sure why. It just seemed like the right thing to do. It’s been 20 years since that show premiered. Back then I was in a long stretch of total ambivalence toward television. Then one night I was awake in the wee hours of the morning, just flipping through the channels, wishing there was a baseball game or a hockey game (I forget what time of year it was) to watch even though it was probably 3am. I don’t know why I stopped on Showtime, but I did and an hour or so later I was hooked on a TV show for the first time in ages. It’s all been down hill since then.

Speaking of hockey… I could go for a Bruins game. I have to wait until tomorrow. Fortunately I won’t have to wait much longer than that for baseball. The Red Sox have a spring training game on Thursday. I’ll take that over a lock out any day.

I haven’t played guitar in 16 days. What is wrong with me?

Okay. Time to exercise. Crud.