12 < 15


I took a swig of lemonade at 11:42am, just as my last meeting in Foxborough was wrapping up. I left the building, went to the car, and started driving to my next meeting in Westwood. I took a little protein snack out of the package and took a bite at 11:54am.

What’s wrong with this picture?

I am supposed to wait 15 minutes after drinking something before eating something. 11:54 – 11:42 = 12 minutes. 12 is less than 15. Like our elementary school teachers taught us, 12<15.

Idiot. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t wait the full 15 minutes. Stupid. I won’t have anything more until after 1:00pm, so my stomach should be good and empty by then. Still… it’s called a clock, moron. Use it.


I knew this was coming but it’s been a long time since it’s happened…

I am so sore today. From head to toe, but especially my right shoulder.

Jen joked that I’ll probably recover from helping Bellana move just in time to help Harry move. Truth! Not that it will slow me down. I’m happy to help. It’s not overstating things to say I’m honored to help. I’m weird like that, I guess.

For now though… ouch.

That was a Day


Her old apartment was on the second floor. Her new apartment is on the third floor. So many stairs.

If today’s events had happened a year ago, pre gastric bypass, I probably would have died of a massive heart attack by lunch time. I was very pleased that I got to help Bellana in a time of need. I’m also very pleased that I was physically able to pull it off without dropping dead. That felt good, though I’m in tons of pain tonight and I’ll probably sleep until dinner time tomorrow and tonight’s very late dinner gave me the foamies and I’ll probably need another hour to recover.

I wish Jen had been with me, but outside of that it was a really good day.

Scan Complete

I’m home and punching in to work. My CT scan is complete. All appears to be well. I read the Radiologist’s report and even though it’s sort of like trying to read ancient Greek, from what I gather it agrees with the second MRI in that whatever that thing in the middle of my brain is, it’s not anything to worry about. Sigh of releif.

To celebrate, here’s Lily.


CT Scan

I’ve never had a CT scan before. I never had an MRI either prior to last month. I guess we’ll get to check both of them off the bucket list after this morning. A CT scan of my brain. About an hour and a quarter from now.

I know it’s safe and harmless but… I’m kinda nervous. I guess I’m just a chicken. A big wuss of a chicken.

Wish me and my defective brain luck? Or don’t, it’s okay. I’ll be fine. It’s just a souped up x-ray after all. Safe and harmless. Stop being a chicken, chicken. It’s only your brain, after all.

Kinda Bummed

I just e-checked in for my doctors appointment tomorrow morning. I also e-checked in for my doctors appointment on Thursday morning. They are both at 8:15am. What the fuck was I thinking? The Thursday appointment notes say I can drink clear liquids before the appointment but I can’t eat anything.


Two doctors appointments this week. Two doctors appointments next week too. Again, what the fuck was I thinking?

In an unrelated note, Lily is showing a tremendous amount of affection toward my beloved bride, Jennifer right now and and I am very happy about it. So is she. No bummer there, no sir.

The Headache’s Revenge

I have a Google calendar I use to keep track of some health related stuff. I have been logging all of my migraine headaches on it. The idea being I can track the frequency and see if there are any patterns developing. There aren’t. Yesterday, near the end of the work day, I opened up that calendar to see when the last migraine happened. It was April 22nd. It had been 25 days since the last occurrence and that is one of the longest gaps since all of this started. If I didn’t know any better I would say things were clearing up.

Five minutes later… can you guess what happened?

Yup. Migraine. Damn it. I was hoping I could make it to a month without any headaches. No such luck. I punched out of work and sat in the car with my eyes closed until my vision cleared up enough for me to not be afraid to drive. Jen and Harry both offered to come to the office and drive me home. I was very much appreciative of that offer. Thank you to both of them.

As my primary care doctor suggested, I took some Tylenol when the symptoms started and the result was probably the most minor headache yet. That was the good news. The bad news of course was that my migraine-free streak is over. Here’s hoping for another good run.

Courteous Bad Stomach Fun

I’m having another unhappy stomach day today. It’s not bad. I won’t have any problem working or anything like that. The stomach pain feels like bad gas so far so maybe I will try to take a Gas-X pill and see if it clears it up.

The pain is nothing but courteous this time as it waited until morning to start bothering me. I didn’t wake up with it at 1:30am or anything like that. I woke up with it at 5:30am, which was when my alarm went off. Nice of my stomach, eh?

Change of subject, I think I just did something I’ve never been able to pull off before. I think I just saved an external hard drive. Sort of, at least. The drive I had been using for my Time Machine backups corrupted itself somehow recently and went into read only mode. I tried fixing it with Mac Disk Utility but didn’t have any luck.

I replaced the drive with a new 2tb drive over the weekend and yesterday I had my first successful backups. This morning, in between powerful burps and even more powerful farts (sorry) I tried fixing the first drive again but it wasn’t happening. I reformatted the drive instead and remounted it and whatdayaknow, I can write to it again. It’s now my music files backup disc and maybe it might be my Flickr backup disc too if I ever get the energy to back up the zillion photos I have stored there. Yeah, I should do that soon. There’s so much to lose on that account. Now is the time.

My stomach has made me late to get started for work. It’s 8:21 now and I still need to take a shower and get dressed and all, so I will do that now. Happy burping, everyone.