I’m an Emotional Mess Today

This week has been rough. I didn’t expect it, but three days of window project turning the house upside down has messed me up in a big way. Being sick on Tuesday didn’t help. Waking up at 2:00am with a stomach ache today and not being able to get to sleep until around 4:00am certainly hasn’t helped either. After eight ounces of water and a protein bar this morning I feel a little better, but the stomach ache is still there, just milder than it was.

It got to Jen too, and both of us being on edge lead to pointless, stupid arguments and I hated it. Hate hate hate it. I can’t apologize enough for being an ass. Then today, after very little sleep last night and very little sleep every night this week and being broken in general for days, I watched the series finale of Star Trek Picard and let’s just say… I’ve been following these characters through TV shows and movies since 1987 when I was 16 years old and watched Encounter at Farpoint with my father… I’m not ashamed to admit it… but I balled my eyes out a few times. I am just an emotional train wreck right now.

Season three of The Mandalorian ended yesterday and it was wonderful. Season three of Picard ended today and it was wonderful times 10. I am just a sucker for story lines about parents loving their children that are designed to violently yank at your heartstrings and I am fine with that.

Then on top of all the other shit going on, both home improvement wise and science fiction wise, I went to punch in to work just now and realized I forgot my friggin’ laptop charger in the office yesterday. FFFFFUUUUUUUUU! Jen bailed me out with a sweet USB C charger so I can get through the day. I just hope when I go to the office after work tonight the charger is still on the desk I sat in yesterday. Cross your fingers, kids. I don’t want to have to buy another charger.

Okay. I am punched in to work now. Everything is well. I’m being added to meetings left and right so it’s starting to look like a busy day. Busy is good. Busy is better than too quiet… sometimes. I guess it depends on what kind of busyness it is, you know?

Right. Work. Post this drivel and get to work, Robert.

Doctor’s Appointment and More Stomach Fun

Nothing much came of the doctors appointment. I have to make a couple of follow ups and I’ll be getting an MRI at some point. I’ve been crazy busy at work so I haven’t had a chance to make any of the calls I need to make.

I got home with a few minutes to spare before punching into work, but as soon as I did things got crazy busy. I tried to sneak in some lunch and I ate too fast and my stomach rebelled in a big way. It took two hours to calm down but I did get through my lunch. Granted, lunch stretched out almost all the way to dinner time but what can you do.

I’m drastically behind on both my water and protein goals right now. I’ll make it for both today, but I’m annoyed with myself, especially after I had such a good start this morning before going to see the doctor.

Change of subject: I need to do car music. We’re running out of days in March and I have to finish Record Every Month. I have three songs in the pipeline but I’ll probably only get to two. I am planning to do another album in a month this spring, but it depends on guitar gear. I’ve mentioned that I am about to come to the end of the Analog Man King of Tone waiting list. The first full month after I get my mitts on one of those suckers I will do an album in a month using it on every guitar track. That’s the plan at least. Will it be April? Will it be May? Kinda hope it will be April, but that seems highly unlikely.

What else… Star Trek Picard was good today. The whole gang is back on the show. All we need now is Tasha. Good stuff. The show has been fantastic this season. I really need it to keep up the good work and stick the landing. On the other side of the Trek/Wars coin, I started re-watching The Bad Batch over the weekend. I’m still not sure why, but I will finish the first season tonight (I think) and the second season is going to end next Wednesday, I think. Am I right about that? There are two episodes left but they will both be released next week? I head that somewhere.

I’m tired. I’ve had such a stressful week health wise. Between multiple stomach issues and yet another migraine… I need a nap. A long, comfy nap.

Six minutes left until quittin’ time. I’ll make dinner after I finish work, but I will probably be too full from lunch to eat it right away. We’ll see. 16 ounces of liquid left to go. A whopping 37 grams of protein left to go. I’ll make it to both goals, and then some. It’s just going to take some extra time tonight, I think.

Okay. Signing off. I’ll likely post again later. Yesterday was the lowest page view day I’ve had on this page in over four years. I blame the migraines, but I’ll try to write something interesting that will bring the folks by… or not. Probably not.

Rewatch Bonanza

I had a tough day today. It’s going to be tough the next couple of days but that’s not relevant to this post. The tough day resulted in a lot of time in the living room vegging in front of the television. That means I was able to finish my Star Trek Picard two season rewatch with tons of time to spare before the third season premiere on Thursday.

It also means I was able to start the two-plus season rewatch of The Mandalorian with oodles of time before the third season premiere on March 1st. Hell, I may even throw in the full season of The Book of Boba Fett rather than just the three episodes with Mando and/or Grogu. We will see.

Picard Rewatch

I got shit done on the RPM Challenge today, but on the plus side we got this week’s episode of The Last of Us two days early and it was freaking incredible.

Also, I just finished season one of Star Trek Picard, and I’m 7.5 minutes into season two. Will I finish before season three starts on Thursday? We’ll see.

Once the Picard rewatch is done I need to rewatch The Mandalorian before season three launches on March 1st. There is also new South Park, and each episode of The Last of Us requires multiple viewings (the show is that good) and I’ve got a couple of seasons (I think) of Star Trek Discovery still to go, as well as the last season of The Orville, and The Flash just kicked off it’s final season.

As far as TV is concerned, there’s a lot of good stuff to take in. The 10 episodes of Picard season two come first though.

Getting Through the Prep Work

My brother and sister and I met last night to work on the planning for the funeral. We picked music and readings and started asking cousins to play the various parts. We have one reader but still need one more. We have three pall bearers but still need three more. We have offers out for the remaining parts and are just waiting to hear back.

Jen and I were a little late getting out of the house. I called my father to let him know we’d be late for the planned suit fitting and he said he was tired and asked if we could reschedule to tomorrow, which is now today. I put in for a couple of hours at the end of the day so that we can head over earlier. Jen is off today so it should all work out. That still gives us the weekend to replace anything we bought that doesn’t fit him. We’re still in good shape.

I’ve been really hungry the last couple of days. My meals have gotten significantly larger and I’ve had more between meal snacks. I have to assume it’s an emotional thing. The good news is that yesterday I had actual food with every meal. I had protein supplements along with each meal, but that was just to make sure I hit my goal. Eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch and dinner. I also had peanuts as snacks instead of protein bars. It wasn’t a lot of snack-level protein intake, but it felt pretty good to do it that way.

No music last night. Not sure if tonight will be any different. I am 2/5 of the way through Star Trek Picard season 1 episode 6 though. I’m more than 25% of the way through the two season rewatch with season three kicking off in six days. Probably not going to make it unless I do an alarmingly intense binge over the weekend. Of course The Mandalorian season three kicks off on March 1st. Can I follow the two season Picard rewatch with a 2+ season Mandalorian rewatch by 3/1? (2+ seasons due to the two episodes where The Mandalorian hijacked The Book of Boba Fett, right?)

Right then. Time to start getting ready for work. Talk to you later. Parents, tell your kids you love them. Kids, tell your parents you love them.


My mother passed away on Sunday. On Monday, my brother and sister and I met with the funeral director. He gave us a packet of homework. We need to pick readings and music and some other things related to the funeral service. I didn’t do much on Tuesday or Wednesday. We’ve had some discussions on things over text but nothing concrete from me. I am getting back into the swing of it tonight. We bought a suit for my father on Monday. We’re (Jen and I) going to him tonight to let him try it on. It’s probably not going to fit very well, but hopefully it’s close enough. After that, we’re having a meeting to go over the homework. Speaking as an Atheist, I don’t have a lot of interest in the readings that happen during the mass. I’ll give my $0.02 but I might have more input on the music. There is one song that was played at my grandmother’s funeral that brought my mother to tears. That one will be included. They played it at my Aunt’s funeral a few months ago as well, for exactly the same reason.

It might be a mildly long night tonight. We’ll see. I am working today and need to try and have actual food for dinner at some point. I’ve been so dependent on protein bars and supplements for the last few weeks that I expect my stomach to start rebelling at any moment. I just had eggs for breakfast and I hope to have some chicken for lunch. Dinner… we’ll see.

With all of this going on I am starting to think that my RPM Challenge success streak is in jeopardy. Not that that matters at all. I am, however, about to finish season one, episode three of Star Trek Picard. Maybe I should have been working on some recording instead of watching TV. Forgive me, I am a little screwed up right now. Working on Tuesday and Wednesday was a little tough but the normalcy felt pretty good after the insanity of the last couple of weeks. I’m working from home today and tomorrow and then taking three days of bereavement time on Monday through Wednesday next week. I am allowed to take five days, but I don’t want to. I was even hesitant about taking the third day, but I think it will come in handy, mental health wise.

Okay, it’s time to start getting ready for work. Wish me luck today.

Picard Season 3

Star Trek Picard season three will kick off in eight days. I really enjoyed season one. Season two was okay but not nearly as good. The trailer for season three looks outstanding. Is it a fake out? Who knows.

I have decided to prep for the new season by rewatching the first two. I’m up to the opening credits of s1e1. Think I’ll finish before the 16th?

Not a Good Look

I’m watching today’s new episode of Star Trek Picard. I’m only about halfway through, and I won’t spoil anything but…

The musical number will likely rocket this episode to the bottom of most peoples’ rank list.

Not a good look, Star Trek. Bad choice.


I watched the first episode of MoonKnight. No need to worry about spoiling me. I mean, as we all know, the internet is all about me. I’m clear.

I am not clear on Star Trek Picard though. Granted, the episode doesn’t come out for another three hours or so. Usually I’d watch it before work, but like a doofus I started going into the office on Thursdays, which means I can’t watch the episode until after work.

There is so much good TV on right now. So much nerd stuff to nerd out on. Comic book TV shows. Star Trek. It’s getting hard to keep up with everything. I haven’t watched a single episode of this run of The Flash.

Okay. The alarm is going to go off in four hours and 50 minutes. I should probably go to sleep.

In the Office

For the third time this month, I am in the office. I hit a little bit of traffic on route 93 South before I even got out of town, but after that it was mostly smooth sailing. Mostly.

I had said that the kitchen redesign was done as far as outside help was concerned, but we came in under budget and decided to do another small thing or two. We’re still waiting on the pre-fab furniture deliveries and the big stuff isn’t coming until next week. Jen and I will put together whatever we have over the weekend and try to keep our wits about us while waiting for the rest.

So far everything looks great. We are both really thrilled. I keep saying this to anyone who will listen, but when we moved into the house in 2010 I said the first thing we needed to upgrade was the walls in the dining room and the kitchen. The paneling and the wallpaper border had to go. 12 years, a redone bathroom, and a garage turned into a bedroom suite, not to mention new furniture and floor plans in literally every room in the house, and we finally get to the paneling and the wallpaper border. I gotta say, it feels great.

I managed to watch Star Trek Picard last night so you can feel free to discuss it with me in a spoiler-heavy manner. I mean, Picard is Q’s father? Who knew!?