I have nothing to write about tonight but I’m sitting here typing this drivel because I still have about 10 minutes of exercise to do and I just don’t want to.

I am watching Star Trek Discovery. Season three. Season four just ended so I am way behind. I’ll get caught up. We cancelled our Paramount+ account last year but I had to re-up in order to watch Star Trek Picard. Now I’m taking advantage of it to get caught up on everything else, Trekkie speaking.

I also started watching Dead Like Me again. I am not sure why. It just seemed like the right thing to do. It’s been 20 years since that show premiered. Back then I was in a long stretch of total ambivalence toward television. Then one night I was awake in the wee hours of the morning, just flipping through the channels, wishing there was a baseball game or a hockey game (I forget what time of year it was) to watch even though it was probably 3am. I don’t know why I stopped on Showtime, but I did and an hour or so later I was hooked on a TV show for the first time in ages. It’s all been down hill since then.

Speaking of hockey… I could go for a Bruins game. I have to wait until tomorrow. Fortunately I won’t have to wait much longer than that for baseball. The Red Sox have a spring training game on Thursday. I’ll take that over a lock out any day.

I haven’t played guitar in 16 days. What is wrong with me?

Okay. Time to exercise. Crud.

One Last Morning Commute Post

On Monday I drove to Canton and it took more than two hours.  On Tuesday I drove to Westwood and it took a smidge under two hours.  On Wednesday I drove to Westwood and it took 90 minutes on the nose.  On Thursday I worked from home and breathed a massive sigh of relief.  Today I am in Foxoborough* and it took an hour and 10 minutes.


Why oh why can’t our Boston area traffic just be a little bit predictable?  Why??

*When did the spelling stop being Foxboro and start being Foxborough?  I passed a sign on route 95 this morning that said, “Entering Foxboro” but if you Google Foxboro it sends you to Foxborough.  Also, all of our company documentation on this building (it’s brand new and quite swanky) says Foxborough.  What is wrong with this world?  What is happening?  I mean, I knew things were going to start falling apart after the cancelled Dead Like Me without giving us a third season.  I saw this coming miles away.