…And Again

I’m getting tired of posting this. The Bruins are down 2-0 after one period.

In each of the last two games I had to formally request (via blog post) that they step it up and take care of business.

Come on, Bruins. Get it together. Again.

In unrelated news, the Red Sox are up 6-0 in the second inning. Should they lose tonight there record will calm to 10-20. That would be suckitude of epic proportions. I’d be okay with it though if I got a Bruins win in return.

Go Bruins… and Red Sox.


The Bruins won. There will be no first round sweep elimination this year.

The Red Sox are losing. I think we are just going to have to get used to that.

I watched the first episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and I really enjoyed it. It feels like a return to form. Fingers crossed that feeling holds up.

I’m having a bit of gas pain tonight, but that’s expected. I’m going to walk around for a few minutes and then go to bed. I slept in a recliner last night so this will be my first night in my own bed. Sort of. I took a nap in the bed this afternoon, but you know what I mean.

Sweet dream, gentle readers.

Win and Winning

The Bruins beat the Panthers tonight. Woah! Sure FLA is the best team in the East by a mile and have nothing to really play for in the last days of the regular season, but still… cool! We beat the Panthers!

I checked the Red Sox score too, expecting some karmic balancing, but the Red Sox are leading the Blue Jays in the eighth. Wow! I probably jinxed them, of course, but cool!

April’s #WordPrompt

WordPress.com’s WordPrompt for April is:


How about some green in the woods behind our back yard.

Also, how about a green monster.


Speaking of the Green Monster, yesterday was the Red Sox home opener. It was also my father’s 80th birthday. Happy birthday, dad!

When I called him to wish him a happy birthday I was hoping the Sox would have had a comfortable lead over the Minnesota Twinkies. Instead, the Twinkies were kicking their ass. I complained to him that the team was letting him down on his day. He said he figured they were just shooting for a dramatic comeback, but they were overdoing it a little.

After we hung up and I went back to work the Red Sox did indeed mount a bit of a comeback. They scored a few runs in the 8th inning to at least make it a game… then the bullpen gave those runs back in the top of the 9th.

Stupid Red Sox.

Anyway. #WordPrompt

Bed Time-ish

I’d like to be going to sleep right now but I want to let my watch charge to 100% before I do. It’s at 83% right now, but it did just take a WatchOS update so that’s cool.

An unrelated aside: did you know that on the show How I Met Your Mother, nearly every time Barney spews out some ridiculous made up statistic it’s 83%? Sometimes it’s 8.3, but usually 83. Sorry, my watch battery made me think of that, and Jen and I are binging the holy hell out of that show right now.

Sorry, what was I talking about?

The Bruins lossed again tonight. I’m afraid to read a recap and find which players will be out injured next. It seems like every game costs us another player or two.

The Red Sox won at least. We are 2-3 right now, but at least we have a better record than Baltimore. That’s pretty sweet.

I’m watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. I’m not going to be able to finish it tonight. It’s quarter to 11:00 and I still have an hour to go. The question in the morning will be finish Guardians or watch the new episode of MoonKnight.

It’s going to be a tough call, man.

Opening Day

It’s the bottom of the third inning on Red Sox opening day and the Sox have a 3-2 lead over the fucking Yankees.

I put the game on the radio just as it was starting and before I could even blink the Red Sox had scored three times. I thought about writing up a quick post about how scoring three in the top of the first inning of the first game of the season against the fucking Yankees basically guaranteed us a World Series win. I stopped myself though. What if I jinxed it and the fucking Yankees came back in the bottom of the first and scored a bunch of runs?

I am glad I waited. They scored their two runs right off the bat too. We still have the lead though so I figured a calmer blog post was still appropriate.

The fucking Yankees failed to score in the bottom of the third. So now we’re 3/9ths of the way through the game and 3/1,458ths through the season and we’re still in the lead.

I’ll take it. Go Red Sox.

Thursday Lunch Thoughts

I am writing this in the final few minutes of my lunch break. Today has not been fun. Neither was yesterday or the day before or much of last week. I am going to be needing the universe to lighten up and I am going to need it soon.

Apparently today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Hooray! The Red Sox are in New York to face the Fucking Yankees and wouldn’t you know it the game has been called off due to bad weather. If that isn’t a bad omen for the season I don’t know what is. Hopefully it’s more of a bad omen for the Fucking Yankees than it is for the Red Sox. We will see.

What? New Pink Floyd? Read this article. It sounds like Mr David G. once played a show with a Ukrainian artist who is now fighting against the Russian invasion. That guy posted a video of himself singing to Instagram, and the Floyd has worked it into a new song. The release will raise money for Ukraine. That sounds pretty sweet to me. Now we just have to hope it’s a good song. We’ll find out tomorrow, I think.

Okay, Robert. This work day ain’t gonna finish itself. Get to it!

Busy Sunday

Jen and I spent our Sunday morning prepping the kitchen and the dining room both for the next week’s worth of contractors and for what comes after the contractors are done. Mostly we just talked about redesigning things and cleaning up some of the places that require changes. We also built the first piece of pre-fab kitchen furniture. The ball is rolling and it is out of control.

The Bruins traded for a new defenseman and the Red Sox signed a new infielder (I think). I don’t know either of them because I am completely out of touch, but they both received long term contracts so maybe they’re both pretty good? I hope so. I missed the last couple of Bruins games so I didn’t hear that Bergeron is injured. Shit.

I may have made a decision about music last night and it may result in more annoying blog posts. Duck and cover kids. It was well after midnight and I should have been asleep but I was wide awake. I started poking through my Alonetone account. I listened to a few things from the last couple of re-recording projects. I thought to myself… do I want to do another one? I have six “albums”, do I want to do a seventh? There are two or three songs from last month’s RPM Challenge that might be worth another look. There’s also a couple of songs from the previous RPM that might be worthwhile too. Shit… I think I am starting to put together Quarantine Tunes Volume Seven. Just when you thought it was safe to listen to music again.

Spring officially began about an hour and 10 minutes ago. We survived another Winter. Now we just need to avoid any unscheduled Spring snow. That would be nice, right?

Okay. I need to do some laundry. I’ll talk to you later.


I have nothing to write about tonight but I’m sitting here typing this drivel because I still have about 10 minutes of exercise to do and I just don’t want to.

I am watching Star Trek Discovery. Season three. Season four just ended so I am way behind. I’ll get caught up. We cancelled our Paramount+ account last year but I had to re-up in order to watch Star Trek Picard. Now I’m taking advantage of it to get caught up on everything else, Trekkie speaking.

I also started watching Dead Like Me again. I am not sure why. It just seemed like the right thing to do. It’s been 20 years since that show premiered. Back then I was in a long stretch of total ambivalence toward television. Then one night I was awake in the wee hours of the morning, just flipping through the channels, wishing there was a baseball game or a hockey game (I forget what time of year it was) to watch even though it was probably 3am. I don’t know why I stopped on Showtime, but I did and an hour or so later I was hooked on a TV show for the first time in ages. It’s all been down hill since then.

Speaking of hockey… I could go for a Bruins game. I have to wait until tomorrow. Fortunately I won’t have to wait much longer than that for baseball. The Red Sox have a spring training game on Thursday. I’ll take that over a lock out any day.

I haven’t played guitar in 16 days. What is wrong with me?

Okay. Time to exercise. Crud.