Gone Forever

It’s zombie night on the AMC network. Jen’s not a fan so I set myself up in the bedroom, watching live TV on my iPad. I’m listening through my Apple AirPods.

When Fear the Walking Dead* ended I moved from the desk to the bed. As I was putting stuff down I dropped the AirPod case. It bounced off my leg, bounced off a guitar case, and flew at great speed…

….under the bed.

Well, it was nice knowing ya AirPods case. Gone forever but never forgotten. RIP.

*Season five of Fear was the worst season of TV I’ve ever watched. How did season six episode two compare? It was better than season five, but it wasn’t good.

One Fast Down

Raise your hand if you recently completed your first 16 hour fast and have then rewarded yourself with a nice lunch and some Pringles. Yeah, I dig that isn’t really within the spirit of the thing, but one piece at a time, am I right? I’ve also done a couple of walking-in-place sessions. I’d like to do it for 30 minutes a day (which will close the exercise ring on my Apple Watch), but being as criminally out of shape as I am, I don’t see that happening. I might be able to pull off 15 minutes a day for now. We’ll see.

So the Walking Dead announced today that it is ending after the next season. There will be a couple of spin offs following so it will effectively go on in another form. One show will center on Daryl and Carol. Another will be anthology style and could fill in back story for characters we already know. Interesting, but if it were up to me I’d just follow Judith. Also, will the comic’s end come into play? They’d have to bring a certain local sheriff back for that.

Bob Woodward, of Woodward and Bernstein and Watergate fame, has a new book coming out next week. It’s called Rage and it includes direct interviews with the fascist Cheeto in chief himself. Those interviews include one from February where the American Nazi Impeached prick tells Woodward that COVID-19 is a killer and five times worse than the flu. There’s another from March where he admits to downplaying the severity of the situation. Fuck him. Fuck him right in his pasty orange goo ass.

The Worst Day of the Year

Hello, and welcome to the worst day of the year. At least from my point of view.

We just completed the best weekend of the entire year. Four days. Thanksgiving. Nothing but time spent with the family. A great time was had by all. What a fantastic weekend!!

And then today…



The worst of all bad Mondays. Today. It’s here. Yippee and all that happy crappy.

The kids disagreed with me. They feel that the first day back after Christmas vacation is the worst day of the year. If I still had a Christmas vacation I would agree, but I don’t. That leaves the return to work following the four day weekend as the worst day of the year for me.

I got caught up on The Walking Dead this morning. Now what. George Romero, the king of the zombie genre, has referred to The Walking Dead as just a soap opera that happens to have zombies in it. There was one character who you know is gone… but in soap opera terms… you never actually saw him go, although it was greatly implied. Is there a soap opera-esque resurrection in the show’s future? Maybe if the ratings dip? I don’t know. TV makes me cynical.

Now that NaSoAlMo is over, and The Walking Dead is on mid-season hiatus, I can do things like read books and watch hockey games again. It’s weird to have so much free time again! WOOHOO