Tracking is Done – #RPM2022

Tracking is done, tracking is done, thank the flying spaghetti monster, tracking is done.

I put leads onto 10 songs today. I did the first three this morning and I was feeling pretty good. Then I came back to it after dinner and my finger tips were killing me. I couldn’t play to save my life. It was terrible. I was actually starting to panic a little for the first time all month. It was bad.

It’s RPM though so I had to push through. Fortunately after a couple of bad songs I started warming up a little and things got better. My finger tips even stopped hurting, though I wonder if that’s a sign of permanent nerve damage or something (no I don’t, just being #sarcastic).

I mixed a couple of songs today too and I was thinking to myself that there only maybe two songs that were better than mediocre, and those two weren’t better by much. Then I was plowing through leads tonight and I came to the realization that the last three songs I started off this month are the best three. I sort of expect them to be the first three songs on the final album. That made me feel a smidge better.

Okay, vote time. Which of these three pictures should I use as the album cover?



Or #3:

Also, if you’re keeping track, two of those pictures are very similar to an RPM Challenge album cover from the past (2013, to be exact). I don’t care.

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