I’m Finished! – #RPM2022

2022 marks the 11th consecutive year with a completed RPM Challenge project.

I’m all done!

Here’s a link to the final playlist on alonetone.com if that embedded playlist doesn’t work.

Also, for shits and giggles, here’s the outtake playlist as well. These were the songs that didn’t make the cut.

And again here is a link to the outtakes playlist on alonetone.com, if you’d prefer to listen to my unlistenable crap there.

In summary…


Woah, Really?

I knew this, and I was aware of it, and it wasn’t actually a surprise, but I just looked at my work calendar for next week and saw that I have the entire week off and it sort of just hit me… Wow! Really? I am off all next week? Kick ass!

I have two hours and fifteen minutes left in the work day. After that I am cooking dinner for my love. Chicken and quinoa and broccoli. Broccoli is like a special occasion thing. I just steam it, but it is so good. Maybe we should have it every day. After that, I am going to mix the last two songs. It’s a moral imperative. I’ve had enough music finished to declare RPM a success for over 24 hours now, but I’m not done until every note of every song is mixed and that means two more songs.

There are currently six songs on the A List, meaning they are definitely on the final album, and eight songs on the B List, meaning they might make the album but also might not, and four songs on the C List, meaning they suck too much to share even by my low standards. I would like to end up with 10 songs on the album and 10 songs on a not-album. A leftovers, or outtakes album if you will. I might go with more than 10 on the submission though, but I want to make sure only the better stuff gets submitted, even though in all honesty they all suck pretty bad. I should really hire a singer next year. Yeah, right.

My watch has been blowing up all afternoon. After all of these years of RPMing, I follow a lot of RPM Challenge participants on alonetone.com. They are all uploading songs in batches today and I am getting email notifications for all of them. It’s pretty funny. I would like to apologize to anyone who follows me on alonetone because of the consistent, steady bomb of notifications they got yesterday as I was uploading songs all day long. Sorry about that, folks.

Back to work now. Just get through these last two hours and you can get back to the tunes, Robert. You can do it.

The Last Day – #RPM2022

Hello and welcome to February 28, 2022, the final day of this year’s RPM Challenge! Are you excited?

When I woke up this morning I had three songs left to mix. That was then and this is now, and now I only have two left to mix!

Usually when I write something that swings a little I end up with a terrible song that’s kinda fun to play. This time I think I ended up with the best song of the bunch so far. It is possible though that I will be saying the same thing about the other two songs that still need to be mixed. I think I saved all the best songs for last this year.

Okay. Post this, go to work, finish work, get back to mixing, pick the 10 songs for the final album, sequence the songs appropriately, submit the final album. That’s my agenda for today.

Let’s go!

The Mixing Continues

I have mixed eight songs today and my brain isn’t quite working correctly anymore. I want to get through at least two more if I can. I’ve been doing laundry and helping Jen with little things here and there all day as a sort of palette cleanser to help my ears from quitting on me. It’s worked so far but for how much longer.

Let’s not forget that it’s Sunday too. That means a new Walking Dead episode. I have to save some hearing for that too. Yikes! My poor brain!

On a totally unrelated note, I just read a tweet that I really hope is true. It said that the Ukrainian government just gave the entire military a pay raise. How bad ass is that? A super power has invaded but you folks are doing such a great job that we’re going to give you a raise. Now all they have to do is win the war so that the government continues to exist and the currency they are paid in continues to have value.

Mixing Marathon Update

The marathon of mixing RPM Challenge songs continues. I’ve finished four songs. I have enough to submit a successfully completed RPM Challenge album. The rules say 10 songs or 35:00 of original music. I’m currently at 11 songs and 38:43. More than enough.

I’m not even close to finished though. I still have nine songs to go. So far I’ve been working off of a first in/first out queue. I’m finishing the songs in the same order that they were started. That’s all well and good except I’m pretty sure the best songs are the last three in the queue. Given that tomorrow is the last day, I sort of want to do them now and get them out of the way so any possible distractions won’t somehow stop them from getting onto the list.

As I finish each song I am putting it onto one of three lists. The A List is songs that are good enough to go on the final RPM album. The C List is songs that suck so bad I want to forget about them. The B List is the songs that might be good enough for the album but then again might not.

Currently there are four songs in the A bucket, four in the B bucket and three in the C bucket. Really, maybe two of the A Listers should really be B Listers, and one of the B’s should be a C. It’s hard to say. I’m keeping it like this for now. If the A List gets really long I’ll re-evaluate.

You didn’t know there was so much detailed statistical analysis involved, did you.

The Marathon is Underway

The Great RPM Challenge Mixing Marathon is officially underway.

I was thinking this song was going to be the winner this year. Unfortunately my vocal performance was less than adequate, and the lead guitars are extra lame. I feel like I let the song down.

The chorus is in 4/4 time the rest of the song is in 7/8 time though, so that’s fun. It’s also pleasantly hyperactive and you can’t beat that, right?

Tracking is Done – #RPM2022

Tracking is done, tracking is done, thank the flying spaghetti monster, tracking is done.

I put leads onto 10 songs today. I did the first three this morning and I was feeling pretty good. Then I came back to it after dinner and my finger tips were killing me. I couldn’t play to save my life. It was terrible. I was actually starting to panic a little for the first time all month. It was bad.

It’s RPM though so I had to push through. Fortunately after a couple of bad songs I started warming up a little and things got better. My finger tips even stopped hurting, though I wonder if that’s a sign of permanent nerve damage or something (no I don’t, just being #sarcastic).

I mixed a couple of songs today too and I was thinking to myself that there only maybe two songs that were better than mediocre, and those two weren’t better by much. Then I was plowing through leads tonight and I came to the realization that the last three songs I started off this month are the best three. I sort of expect them to be the first three songs on the final album. That made me feel a smidge better.

Okay, vote time. Which of these three pictures should I use as the album cover?



Or #3:

Also, if you’re keeping track, two of those pictures are very similar to an RPM Challenge album cover from the past (2013, to be exact). I don’t care.

Six Songs Complete

Here’s song number six for this year’s RPM Challenge. I seem to be finishing them off in the same order as I started them. Weird. Usually the good ones sort of bubble up to the top of the queue. I think this might mean that there aren’t any good ones this year. That’s too bad.

This one has guitarmonies and a drum solo though, so based on that alone it sort of rules.