Oscars Poll

I didn’t watch the Oscars. I don’t think I’ve tortured myself that way in decades. I’d seriously rather watch Fear the Walking Dead.

I did see, via the Twitter, that there was an incident of some kind. If you saw it, even on instant replay, please answer the poll and let me know what actually happened, m’kay?

Tracking is Done – #RPM2022

Tracking is done, tracking is done, thank the flying spaghetti monster, tracking is done.

I put leads onto 10 songs today. I did the first three this morning and I was feeling pretty good. Then I came back to it after dinner and my finger tips were killing me. I couldn’t play to save my life. It was terrible. I was actually starting to panic a little for the first time all month. It was bad.

It’s RPM though so I had to push through. Fortunately after a couple of bad songs I started warming up a little and things got better. My finger tips even stopped hurting, though I wonder if that’s a sign of permanent nerve damage or something (no I don’t, just being #sarcastic).

I mixed a couple of songs today too and I was thinking to myself that there only maybe two songs that were better than mediocre, and those two weren’t better by much. Then I was plowing through leads tonight and I came to the realization that the last three songs I started off this month are the best three. I sort of expect them to be the first three songs on the final album. That made me feel a smidge better.

Okay, vote time. Which of these three pictures should I use as the album cover?



Or #3:

Also, if you’re keeping track, two of those pictures are very similar to an RPM Challenge album cover from the past (2013, to be exact). I don’t care.

Seventy-Nine Minutes

I have seventy-nine minutes to go until the long weekend. New Years is so close I can practically smell Times Square.

Two unrelated things come together in this post. First, I am curious how many of my loyal readers and only friends are planning on going out for New Years Eve. By going out I mean going someplace where more than 10 people will be present. Doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outside, I just want to know if you are going to an actual party. Second, WordPress.com has just given us access to a third party plug in/embed thing that lets us add polls and surveys and stuff like that to our posts. I add ’em and no one response to ’em, but I keep adding ’em!

I posted one of these polls the other day before I knew how to see the results without actually adding a response. Once I figured it out I found there were seven responses. Six of them were me. Wheeeee!

73 minutes to go.

What percentage of the work day is left? It’s 4:18pm. I work from 9:00am to 5:30pm. I have worked (7 * 60) + 18 = 438 minutes. There are (8 * 60) + 30 = 510 minutes in the day. I have worked ((7*60)+18)/((8*60)+30) * 100 = 85.88% of the work day. Fuck yeah, math.

Answer the poll! Polls are fun! Specifically, polls are fun when you’re a lame blog poster like me so let me have fun!